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we are looking for a Bauer breathing air compressor.

Please offer everything

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Phone: 015115538007

Sell unused Bauer final safety valve 330 bar, can be easily converted to 225 bar. only 199,00 EUR

Also have a P41 filter housing and chrome steel separator suitable for conversion

with P 41. They have very few cycls because they come from the fire brigade.

At half price or bid.

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Phone: 015115538007

I sell a Bauer compressor from 1980. The compressor has an air delivery volume of 75 l/min and a maximum pressure of 330 bar. The compressor is powered by mine a gasoline Moter. Maintenance is recommended because the compressor has been unused for some time.

Price: 950EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

After 45 years, it's over....

Complete respiratory protection workshop against bid.

  • Testing bench Junge & Warncke
  • Test bench Airscan Digital
  • Breathing air compressor Bauer U10b electric and petrol drive
  • Buffer bottles 3x50
  • Various spare parts also for oldies
  • And so on....

Sale against bid


A BAUER Mini Verticus MV5.5 (3-stage) with a MAVOTEC Nitrox filling system (constant flow) is sold here. The compressor is in top condition and has 1,940 operating hours and is fully functional and without defects. Electric three-phase motor 380V, switchable for bottle fillings 300bar and bottle fillings 200bar. With the MAVOTEC Diffuser, nitrox mixtures up to 40% O2 can be produced directly. The compressor has an air liter output of almost 200 liters/min. Filter cartridge P41 for long service life always guarantee perfect air conditions in the diving bottle. The system is first-time owned and has always been serviced with original BAUER maintenance accessories. The compressor is ideal for the use of a small to medium diving school/dive center/diving club. Here are numerous pictures that document the condition of the plant. The retail price incl. the MVOTEC Nitrox system, incl. 3 filling hoses (without oxygen bottles) VB 6.000,- EUR.

-automatic condensate automatic
-automatic pressure shutdown
-P41 filter system without securus monitoring
-Oil pressure monitoring
-380V/16A three-phase motor
-MAVOTEC Nitrox filling diffuser
-3 filling hoses (230bar/300bar)
-Operating hour counter (as of 1,939 hours)
-Original price 13.000,- Euro (VB 6.000,- EUR)

The system is not shipped by forwarding company (only self-pick-up near Kempten / Allg├Ąu) IMPORTANT: Since I am usually not reachable by phone, please send a message with your telephone number if you are interested. I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, warranty, return or exchange possible."


Moin Moin, I sell my Bauer compressor from 1999 with Securus monitoring for new purchase. Volume is pleasant for residential or garage. I bought it myself used and used it for 2 years. Air delivery capacity would have to be around 130 litres

Visit and pick-up in Spenge near Bielefeld.

I imagine 1800 EUR VHB.




Phone: 01774660390

Hello, we are looking for Bauer compressors with at least 320l/min



Bauer Verticus Compressor

including filling bar 200 and 300bar.

The facility is very clean from the outside and inside and has always been maintained. It has just 1298 operating hours.

The compressor runs cleanly and reliably. It fills either through the changeover valve 200 or 300bar

The compressor has electronic breathing air/filter monitoring.

With a saturated filter, the compressor switches off automatically. So that this does not come as a surprise, he has a pre-warning level.
The compressor also has automatic dewatering.

The pipe connection from the compressor to the filling strip is also dispensed.

Of course, this includes the maintenance book and the folder with the compressor instructions.

The system was once used by a fire brigade, was rarely used there and regularly maintained by Bauer / Dr├Ąger. Now I have the system as a private person and unfortunately use it much less. Hence the sale.

Best to self-collectors. Shipping via a forwarding agency is of course also possible after consultation and assumption of costs (prepayment).

46149 Oberhausen

Phone: 015904881442

I am looking for a four-stage breathing air compressor from the brands Bauer or Dr├Ąger from 300 l per minute. Defective devices also

I hereby sell my breathing air compressor of the brand KA15
The copressor is fully functional (has been inspected by the company Bauer)
Plate capacitor automatic works perfectly
Year of construction 1983
Operating hours: 414h
Departures: 4x200Bar 2x300Bar
Air rate: 500l/min
#Automatische shutdown
# Automatic plate capacitor
# including chassis
#Zus├Ątzliche pressure indicator (cylinder)
# Filter cartridge monitoring (sensor needs to be replaced)

The compressor has slight traces of OIL in the air according to Bauer this can be remedied by a service (oil change, seal and filter change + service of the freewheel piston)

Price Negotiable/ Otherwise you are welcome to make me an offer

"Since I am a private seller, I exclude any return, warranty, liability or guarantee.


Bauer Mariner 320-B Only 80h run

Breathing air compressor Mariner 320 B - 320 l/min

Very high delivery performance, low space requirement: The top seller of the PROFI-LINE II

One of the world's most powerful mobile compressors: At 320 l/min

Extremely robust and corrosion-resistant: For use under the toughest conditions

Comprehensively expandable: Thanks to the BAUER range of accessories

Maximum delivery performance with a small footprint makes the MARINER 320 the top unit of the PROFI-LINE II.

Professional quality, tailor-made for every application: with 320 l/min, the MARINER 320 is one of the most powerful portable compressors in the world!

The extremely robust block and corrosion-resistant components allow use even under the harshest climatic conditions.

Thanks to the comprehensive BAUER range of accessories, the MARINER 320 can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements and operating conditions.

Outlet pressure:

225 bar

with driving set



Filter monitoring:

with B-TIMER

Additional filling device:

+ 2 filling devices. so 4 fillers

VB 5800,-- EUR


Phone: 0172 4437661

We sell a Bauer Capitano installed in a lintel frame with 576 hours Upgraded from P-21 to P-41 filter system with Securus system, ( over 2000.-EUR ) the filter is already dismantled in the picture for transport. automatic dewatering and a Bauer filling strip with 4 outlets, ( NP over 2000EUR ) filling pressure gauge, emergency stop and built-in remote control panel. Filling strip can be mounted up to approx. 8 meters from the compressor. Of course also directly on the compressor. All cables and wires are included and neatly marked for assembly. Last maintenance was in January before dismantling. Not hours since. Shipping possible. Private sale without guarantee and return

Only 3150,00EUR

0151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

P-41 housing with Securus connection + valid T├ťV 599.- EUR without T├ťV 399.-EUR Chrome steel Separator with T├ťV 300-EUR .without T├ťV- 150.-EUR Securus detector new 299.- Filling strip with 6 connections / rocker arm, built-in pressure gauge 499.- ( if interested I still have to take pictures of the strip ) Final pressure Safety valve 330 bar, new, 199.- Used 225 bar, sealed with T├ťV SV. 98.693 0151 155 38007 Private sale without guarantee and return


Phone: 015115538007

Completely no retail sale.

I don't have the time and clue for that.

Value about 7000 euros.

Ideal for club school or resseller

35423 Lich

Sell a Silent Dr├Ąger Breathing Air Photocopressor for 200 and 300 Bar. The Compressor brings 420 Liters per minute At just 1050 Revolutions per minute, the Compressor stood by a Fire Brigade and was serviced until 07 2018, the Compression sor has a Farmer Filter Cartridge and a Moisture Monitoring, the Compressor has 1750 operation Hours, unfortunately we don't get the Compressor into our Compressor room so we have to sell it again.
The Price is 22250 EUROS, a Farmer'S filling Bar can also be added for 350EUR.

Bauer Oceanos compressor for sale for 2800EUR.
Private sale, therefore no guarantee or return.
For further information you can contact me at the telephone number 0157 51161410.

M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

Offer pressure/suction valves for the compressor block as good as new
K 150, IK 150, K 180, IK 180

Part numbers from Bauer:

2 x N 2975 - Suction valve
2 x N 4149 - Pressure valve
2 x N 4067 - Suction valve
2 x N 4068 - Pressure valve
2 x N 15274 - Pressure valve
1 x N 15273 - Suction valve

Sell the valves individually or completely


I sell my Junior II diving compressor from Bauer. It is from 2013 and has so far about 200 bottlings. FP 3500,00 Location Moormerland. Pick-up only.


Immersion compressor wanted

Search BAUER Junior II or BAUER Oceanus with AC motor (230 V).

Only good condition!
I am looking forward to offers.


26131 Oldenburg

Have an industrial compressor for sale.
The customer got a new system I bought the compressor and wanted to get it ready for myself.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do so.
Therefore, I am now putting the compressor for sale.
All maintenance on the machine was carried out annually
GI 120-4 by BAUER
3 stages
Mileage 15380h
Year of construction 1999
Air delivery capacity170L/min
Slow runner 1150 rpm
350Bar Model
Setting pressure cut-off pressure
Temperature monitoring of the 3 stage
Kw 4
with Securus P61
with Comptronic control (reliably displays maintenance and errors!)

Ran in an intranet without any problems until the exchange and was started remotely
Only a few jumpers have to be set on the controller to bridge the signals and the machine runs fully automatically.

Plant has compressed air no nitrogen!
Therefore, the wear is to be described as normal.

Maintenance would be on it now, but you can have it done at the friendly base dealer.

My asking price is 3000,-Euro
Basis for negotiations

I can send more pictures by e-mail.

I expressly point out that this is a private sale and no guarantee or guarantee is given.

Contact and questions please via the email address
Thank you very much


Search Bauer compressor defect for slaughter, preferably Capitano, Mariner, Junior and Oceanus
please offer everything, come also pick up


Offered here My Farmer Compressor he was always very reliable and super quiet.

The Compressor is a Bauer V-15 Silent Built in 1995 with 440B/min 330bar Final Pressure.
Works Flawlessly and is super quiet.
With automatic Start Stop Control.
It has 2360 Hours of Operation and hardly consumes any Oil.
Plus a Poseidon Filling bar with built-in Pressure Detectors 2 Connectors 330bar and 2 with 230bar (Infinitely adjustable) plus 2 Hoses.

All together for VHB 5200EUR


Bauer Nitrox Mixed Panel consisting of 2 x P 41 With Securus 220 V, safety Valve, Pressure holding valve, flow meter, O2 Measuring device, Technical Documentation of Bauer with Test certificate and commercial Approval, New Test certificate for both Filter Enclosures 2016), shipping Possible on Pallet. VHB 2750 Euros


Offer Bauer Mariner 200 bar/ 190 l/min, built in 1988, extremely little run; with electric motor; Honda petrol engine is also for sale.
Price VB, sale also possible without B-engine.
Free delivery up to a radius of 100 km.


P 61 filter system from Bauer with Securus signaling device, stainless steel separator, safety valve 5500 PSI/ approx. 360 bar, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure relief fully piped and attached to mounting plate as a module. Year of construction 2008 / As good as new condition
Price VHB


Search used Bauer/Dr├Ąger breathing air compressor also in need of repair and used cartridges + filter housing P-21-31-41-61


Phone: 015115538007

The following items are for sale:

All items are in good and technically neat condition.
There are also quite a lot of accessories included in the price

Submatix ST100 999.-EUR
Aquatek Voyager CCR 1199.-EUR
Inspiration Classic 1850.-EUR

Komptec compressor 100L/m 220 Volt 230 Bar approx. 50 operating hours 999.-EUR
Bauer Junior 2 200/330 Bar with B-Timer and much more 8 operating hours / 220 Volt 2450.-EUR


Sell a breathing air compressor.
According to the previous owner from Bundeswehr stock.

Manual condensate drain
2 filter cartridges - 1 x of them Bauer filters

Sell to hobbyists or people who are familiar with it.
If you have any questions by email or mobile phone


Pressure / suction valves for Bauer K150 / K180

N4048 1x

N15274 2x

N4067 2x

N4149 2x

N2975 2x

N4068 1x

N15273 1x

All valves new and unused.

Original price approx. 1250 Euro

Retail price 600 Euro


Maintenance kit for Bauer Kompresor Block 150 / 180

A-180II-F5/6-abc1 (complete 2000h hours)

Original price approx. 1300 Euro

Retail price 650 Euro


Bauer Comp Tronic for Bauer Kompressor - 350 Euro plus shipping


Bauer Kompressor├Âl VDL 150 - mineral No. N22138-1
Original price: 20,- VB: 18,-

- purchased 6 months ago
- unopened
- 1 litre


Sell 2 electric motors 11 KW with pulley and standstill heater. Weight 90 kg. Pick up in 74076 Heilbronn or forwarding shipping. Price per engine 450 Euro. Suitable for Bauer compressors.


For sale is 1 pcs. Breathing air compressor Bauer HDLE-Dornier. The compressor comes from military stocks and is in a 1A condition. It is designed for 200/300 bar. They have an automatic condensation system, a heater for winter operation and a final pressure cut-off. Price: VB. Further information is also available at: 0170-4815267.

Amount: 850h
Delivery capacity:190 L/min.
Connection for filling strip: S8, M16x1.5, on request a filling bar can also be provided for an extra charge.

Always good and oil free air.


Sell Bauer Compressor Mariner 190L/min
Running time approx. 3700 hours Year of construction 1998
Securus system (moisture monitoring of the filter cartridge)
To equipment 4 storage bottles 300 bar á 50 L
on request, 4 additional storage tanks of 50L 200 bar each.
Kmpressor has been maintained for the last 2 years and has also received the PURE certifications in recent years at the site.

Price: 3200 EUR without freight

Photos are in the works and will soon be online, otherwise they can be sent in advance via PN.


Top maintained Bauer Junior 2 with B-Timer

As can be seen in the pictures, the compressor is in top condition. Maintenance has been done recently.
The compressor is from 2008 and had 470 operating hours. Due to improper handling, the compressor recently had to be repaired and is actually now like new.
Invoice for the service and repair over 1500.-EUR !!!! is included. After that, I didn't walk for 10 hours. Everything works perfectly

Price VB


Sell a Bauer Junior II compressor
330 bar
100 liters per minute
Completely maintained / New Bauer Synthetic Oil
Weight approx. 45 kilos
One filling connection with pressure gauge
Triplex Filter P21 DIN Air according to EN 12021
Three-phase current - Portable
Price 2000.- Euro
All function 100 % runtime approx. 12 hours(3 filters)
New Air Filter / Tip Top
Pick-up or shipping on pallet


Bauer compressor for sale !

Only self-collection in 80796 Munich !

- Delivery capacity = 200l/min
- Operating hours = 195 hours
- Year of construction = 2005
- maintained

6,000,- EUR VB


Sell Bauer Poseidon Compressor P 180
455 hours of training
200-300 bar
Four filling connections

Only available by phone
0043 664 530 1654

5440 golling

The following diving items are for sale:

Bauer Junior 2 , as good as new 136 operating hours
with 2 filling hoses. Price 1350.-EUR

Galileo Sol dive computer with transmitter and frequency meter
Original Packed Price 470.-EUR

Suunto Vytec dive computer with new battery
Price 125.-EUR with compass SK7 145.-EUR

Suunto Gekko dive computer with new battery
Price 95.-EUR

Suunto SK7 with refractor
Price 45.-EUR

Diving tank 10 liter Mares with double valve
T├ťV New 100.-EUR

Scubapro diving tank 10 liters with monovalve
T├ťV New 90.-EUR

2 x diving bottle 12 liters with double valve
Inside at the T├ťV completely cleaned Price per bottle 110.-EUR

Diving tank 10 liters with monovalve
Inside at the T├ťV completely cleaned Price 80.-EUR

Prices minimally negotiable !


Bauer Kompressor K 15-15 E-H
Robust 4-stage, fully functional compressor, including automatic
Condensation drain and automatic start/stop system overhauled by Domeyer in 2013 including new relay.
The last full service was carried out according to stamp .04.2011, since the life he about 180 hours

It has a filling strip with 6 outlets, 5x 200 bar, 1 x 300 bar
ÔÇó Air delivery capacity: 440 L/min
ÔÇó Pressure: adjustable up to 325 bar
ÔÇó Year of construction: 1984
ÔÇó Operating hours: 3850
ÔÇó Current consumption: 7.5 KW
The compressor can be visited at any time for a test run and is immediately ready for useInclusive various accessories:
ÔÇó High-voltage socket
Sale against collection: 4500,00 EUR
Compressor 3200,00 @
Bar 1300,00 EUR

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, warranty and return. With the purchase, the buyer expressly agrees to completely waive the warranty/ guarantee for used goods that is legally entitled under EU law!

I send more pictures on request to

120 km s├╝dlich Berlin

Offer compressor:

about 200l / min
Farmer Poseidon
3 levels
Electric three-phase current
Pick-up in Munich
More photos or information via PM

VB 1500


Have to hand in a diving compressor Bauer Capitano, as I have to give up diving for health reasons.
I bought the device new in 1989, because in the 1990s I regularly made diving trips to the Red Sea and made about 1400 dives (equivalent to 350 ÔÇô 400 filling hours) with diving partners.
After that, the compressor was only used sporadically on the Mediterranean and sometimes here at the lake (max 60 filling hours). I provided it with a self-made frame and a 5.5 hp Honda engine.
It is now longer in the dry cellar, so an oil change would have to be made, but it is totally fine, of course not new. A new filter cartridge is also included.
I had thought of 2200 euros, although there is still some room for negotiation.

56332 Burgen

-225 bar version (it currently makes about 250 bar)
-fully functional
-Drive by electric motor (400V)
-Lubrication by oil pump (i.e. almost indestructible)
-Automatic condensate drain (no one has to stand next to it when filling)
-with automatic switch-off
-incl. long filling hose
-incl. suction hose
-with sturdy tubular steel frame
-with travel axle for tubular steel frame
-Filling capacity approx. 140l/min
-Power consumption approx. 3.7kW
-incl. parts list and operating instructions
-regular maintenance and oil changes were made
-so far the compressor is running perfectly
-incl. condensate collection tank

Asking price 1750 Euro VHB


Hardly any operating hours with Honda engine overhauled 2012
Private use only.
very good almost mint condition. To the T├╝v a few small changes were carried out which were required by the T├ťV.

Price 1650.-EUR VB


Bauer Kompressor Mini Verticus MV 7.5 soundproofed, incl. 2 x 300 bar storage bottles with 3-fold filling strip 200Bar + 1x 300Bar filling bar

Technical data:
Year of construction: 98
Delivery capacity: 230 liters
300 bar upgraded
5.3 KW
Weight 260 kg
4400 hours

The compressor is in very good condition.

VK 5500,-


Roland +39 347 2713440

Lana, S├╝dtirol Italy