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Mark X by Scubapro with Kompas, Fini and depth gauge. VB 130 EUR

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Sell everything that can be seen in the pictures.
There are even new parts, such as the spiral cable and octopus holder.

The highlight is the Mares Power Inflator!!!

If you like the things make me an offer, which I can not refuse.

Shipping and PayPal are possible.


Moin together,

I sell here the following used regulator with 1st and 2nd stage because of hobby task.

There is a Scubapro finimeter and depth gauge, as well as an inflator hose.
Everything was cleaned and dried after each dive.

The controller should be revised before the next use.

Price: VB 190EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Both shipping and collection in L├╝neburg are possible.

This sale is a private sale. It is made to the exclusion of any warranty and guarantee. A return or an exchange is excluded.


Complete very well preserved dew equipment (incl. Trolly) due to illness to sell against collection:

- Scubapro lung machine with bag

- Diving shoes (size 43)

- Gloves (size M) -

- Cressi hood

- Tarier Jacket Cressi S111 (Size M) with knife

- Dive bag Oceanic (50-80 ltr.)

- Diving suit Shorty Cressi 4mm (size M)

- Diving suit Cressi semi-dry 7mm (size M)

- Diving suit Oceanic 4mm (size 50/M)

- Fins Cressi (Size 43)

- Trolly Aqua Lung (sufficient for all listed parts)

- Signal lamp (for jacket)

- Diving watch Suunto

- Dive bag 80-100 ltr.

Other: buoy, lead belt, earplug, fin holder, sepadiver

Price VB (original price approx. 4.000.-)

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.
Shipping against payment of the shipping fee possible or against collection



here I sell fins from Scubapro Thor EBS with bungee.

I won these fins in an underwater photo contest, but I don't need them.

The original price is about 100EUR.

I would like to have 70EUR incl. shipping for it


Phone: 017681170929


Brand : Scubpro

Thickness : 5mm

Material : Neoprene

Condition : NEW, unused!

Size : DE 54, US XL, EU XL

Price 250,00EUR + if applicable. Shipping costs

Cheap to hand over, because of wrong purchase.

Brand : Scubpro

Thickness : 5mm

Material : Neoprene

Condition : As good as new (unused)

Size : M

Gladly to hand over to self-collectors. ==References== can also be tried on on site.

Price 99,00 EUR + if applicable. Shipping costs


G-Flex diving gloves 5mm neoprene in size XXL, but are smaller. As good as new, only once the attempt to use them, I did not get in. I usually need the glove size 10.5 to 11, for size 9.5 to 10 they should fit. Price 30,00 EUR

Pick-up in Schwentinental (Raisdorf), if necessary. Handover in the Kiel area possible, also shipping against reimbursement. Private sale, no guarantee/warranty, no return.

Raum Kiel


I sell my 2 year old dive computer Scubapro Aladin Matrix H. It is the console version of the Aladin with air integration (no transmitter necessary), Bluetooth, digital compass and self-replaceable CR2450 battery. Nitrox-compatible and B├╝hlmann ZHL16 ADT MB algorithm.

He has only 18 dives (the first on 05.05.2020, the last 16.06.2021) under his belt. It has minimal slight scratches on the replaceable screen protector. The high pressure hose is flawless.

Current RRP is 365EUR, cheapest online price 280EUR (Atlantis Berlin). My price is...

170EUR incl. insured shipping by DHL. OVP unfortunately no longer available.

Detailed information and operating instructions as PDF under

  • Takes into account up to three nitrox mixtures (21-100% oxygen) in the predictive multi-gas algorithm ZHL16 ADT MB
  • The air-integrated algorithm calculates the remaining base time (RBT) and calculates the work performance based on the respiratory rate
  • PDIS (Profi labh├Ąngige Stopovers): Safety stops are calculated based on the nitrogen saturation from the current and previous dives as well as the breathing gas mixtures used
  • With the help of the microbubble level, the conservative factor of the algorithm can be adapted to experience level, age and physical condition
  • Two diving modes: Scuba, Gauge
  • The screen has an updated, segmented LCD display in the top and middle rows, as well as an eye-friendly matrix display in the bottom row.
  • Digital compass with display in the lower matrix line, allows accurate navigation both in depth and on the surface
  • Active backlight, comprehensive clock functions, bookmarks, dive planner and logbook are just examples of the available functions
  • Two black plastic buttons allow easy access to the modes and programming of the basic parameters.
  • The user-replaceable CR2450 battery lasts two to three years or 200-300 dives (battery compartment independent of electronics)

Private sale, no guarantee or warranty.

Sell Stage Regulators. Should probably go to the revision. 1X ScubaproMK 25 with R 95 1 x Apex XTX200 with ATX 100

Price: APEX 140EUR

Scubapro 110EUR



DST with ATX 50 is sold!


Scubapro Fjord HD Set consisting of: suit, hood, rock boots, transport bag. Material iat Trilaminate Cordura.
I can say very little about the suit as it is not from me. Left me an acquaintance who wanted to dive but only tried it once. Suit was bought from 2nd hand. I think it's size M, with telescopic torso. Whether it fits only men, or only women, or both, I unfortunately do not know. Suit has wetsocks at the bottom and almost new rock boots size XS (39) also Scubapro. In the hood is size M. Unfortunately, the sign, in the suit, what size etc. was cut out, therefore no further explanation. Questions about whether it is tight, I can not answer, since I have no more bottles etc. here to check. Otherwise, I answer questions as far as I can. On the arm valve, the plastic border has come loose at one point. (See photo)


for sale is a scubapro double 10 diving tank:

Scubapro Double 10

Rubber Knobs
with threaded rod for mounting on backplate
without stand
T├ťV was carried out fish, valid until February 2024 (see photo)
the bottles are still full

the bottles were always under pressure, rarely used

Shipping for 20EUR or pick-up in 45472 M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

Price 250 Euro

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects. Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.

Sell as good as new Half-Dryi Scubapro Novascotia 7.5mm Size M Men with plastic zipper. He has about 25 dives. Unfortunately, it is a bit too big for me, but I bought the same one again in the smaller size, as it has a great fit, is very warm, and I am very happy with it. The suit has hardly any signs of use and is with hood. On request, I can send more pictures.

No return as a private sale.

VB: 300.-EUR

A - 6974 Gai├čau

Were unfortunately only used once and I can't get to it anymore. Therefore, with a heavy heart to hand in for 100EUR.

neupreus 150EUR

if needed, I still have matching feet in 47/48. Inserieate everything separately.

Private sale. Warranty excluded.
Shipping possible when postage is taken over.

Paypal payment possible.


The computer is unpunk, lying down until the battery was empty. I have now had them changed. The chest strap for measuring the heart rate is also included, so unfortunately I can not specify the battery, but it is also easy to replace. The computer comes in the original box, as seen in the pictures. A strap extension for the bracelet is also included. The manual can be downloaded from the Internet. Transmitter is included, but unfortunately untested.


Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer my complete equipment:

Here: scubapro neoprene vest for extra warmth

Size XS

Little dipped, top in shot - no damage.

Keeps you really warm - tested in cold water!

Shipping possible, costs are borne by the buyer

PRICE: 60EUR (Original price: 99EUR)


Scubapro Steel Pro Mask (Black)

Dipped twice.

25EUR (plus shipping)

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.


Well preserved diving case (Trolli) from SCUBAPRO. Little used. Can also be carried with straps as a backpack

Main compartment: 70cm high; 47cm wide; 23cm deep.

2 side compartments for fins

2 zus. Front compartments

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 50


Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Sell my very well preserved diving equipment with jacket,
in addition, reliable regulator system level 1, with rotatable head.
Original price was 170.- EUR
complete set Scubapro with octopus and finimeter,
tested and assembled.

Stabilizing Jacket ScubaPro-Buoyancy Jacket Master Jacket Size L,
for height 185 cm original price 599.-EUR
With impressive buoyancy volume
and a fainting-proof position on the surface.

For this I also offer a dive computer
Uwatec Aladin Pro Pro 90 EUR used.

The regulator ScubaPro S 600 lung automaton 1 original price, 529.- EUR
ScubaPro S 200 lung automaton 2 original price 129.- EUR
incl. Finimeter original price 52,00 EUR
2 automatic regulators function perfectly.

Diving compass original price 44.- EUR
Diving fins 45.- EUR
Transport Box 30.- EUR

1x diver's knife,

Holder device for a bottle.
Was with the equipment about 8 times in the water.
It is fully functional only because of my ear problems
I have now decided to sell them.

Used: Item has already been used.
An item with signs of wear and tear, but in good condition
and fully functional.
Only flaw that my name on the inside of the jacket
and was written on the hose with Edding and deleted by.

Private sale, no return and no exchange,
Of course, there is no guarantee on it.


Scubapro X-Tek Pro Xtreme System 27kg Buoyancy - Horseshoe Wing in North Rhine-Westphalia - Tight | eBay Classifieds (

1 year old. No 20 TG. Due to permanent switch to sidemount. This wing is no longer available. Original price was 900EUR. Maximum reliability due to the redundant bubble. In addition, perfect water location.

- Large horseshoe wings with a buoyancy capacity of 27 kg - ideal for dives with double device
- Double, redundant inner bubbles made of 420 Denier Nylon, protected by an outer shell made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon
- Precise buoyancy with balanced power inflation (BPI)
- Stable 50 mm Pro-TEK strap
- Better grip and comfort thanks to padded shoulder straps
- Quick release buckle on the left shoulder side for easy removal
- 50 mm stride strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- The stainless steel backplate ensures optimal stability during longer dives
- Shoulder straps with two D-rings on each side
- Internal storage compartment for signal buoys or lifting bags

Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Since this is a private sale, the sale is made to the exclusion of any guarantee or warranty.


Phone: 017624442179

Since I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, I sell my complete diving equipment. The equipment is in good condition. The last maintenance was carried out in 09.2020 by the dive shop in Dresden. Not dived since.

  • Dry suit Waterproof Gr.L (neck cuff should be renewed) incl. glove system
  • Underwear Waterproof Gr.ML
  • Mares Semi-Dry Diving Suit Gr.5W
  • Underwear Scubapro Gr.XL
  • Jacket Scubapro XForce Gr.XL
  • Compressed air cylinders 12 L short and 15 L
  • Complete controller set from Mares, 2 first stages
  • Dive computer Mares incl transmitter
  • Dive Computer Mares Puck
  • Hartenberger lamps need new batteries
  • 13Kg lead plastic coated
  • Fins, mask, hoods, gloves, small stuff, box etc.

For most equipment stands, the original invoices are available. The equipment was only immersed in fresh water. About 150 dives.

Just make me a realistic offer.


ScubaPro Equator

Size XS (is slightly larger from my point of view. My diving suit is size 40 with a narrow upper body)

Fabric: Nylon 420 D

6 stainless steel D-rings
Knife eyelets


Top condition approx. 25x used
Non-smoking household


I sell my Scubapro dry suit in size S (ladies), as this unfortunately no longer fits me.

The dry suit is made of breathable trilaminate.

The suit is in good condition and has been used for about 40 dives in fresh water.
As can be seen in a picture, my diving suit unfortunately had a hole on the thigh. This has been patched and now keeps completely dry again.
In addition, I sent the suit to Scubapro again for leak testing, in which the hole, as well as all seams were checked again.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

I sell my only 3x dipped Scubapro S-Tek Pro system with stainless steel backplate and the 60s bubble with 27kg buoyancy, because I have to switch to sidemount for health reasons.
The system was purchased in January 2022 and was then in the water 3x.
It is therefore like new.
If you have any questions, simply contact us.

The jacket was purchased new in September 2019 and has been in fresh and salt water since the 25 TG. Because of the switch to a wing jacket, the Glide is sold. The jacket was always properly cleaned and stored. The jacket was freshly disinfected. The condition is immaculate.

VHB 230EUR. Shipping for 6EUR surcharge.


Phone: 01755625134

The jacket was purchased new in June 2020 and has been in fresh and salt water since the 30 TG. Because of the switch to a wing jacket, the Bella is sold. The JAcket has always been properly cleaned and stored. The jacket was freshly disinfected. The condition is immaculate.

I add a suitable Miflex tube for the octopus free of charge.

VHB 230EUR. Shipping for 6EUR surcharge.


Phone: 01755625134

Wetsuit Scubapro Everflex Women 5/4mm Size ST

Model 2019. The suit has minimal wear and tear and about 20 dives behind it. Was carefully rinsed and dried after each dive. All seams and zippers are intact. In itself, it is very soft, comfortable and keeps you warm. The manufacturer's specifications for the size ST are 165-170cm and 52-64kg, which in my opinion is not quite accurate. Unfortunately, it is too big for me with 172cm, certainly depends on the stature. I'm just sending the article. This is a private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return. No fitting possible, please refrain from inquiries in this regard.

Price 175EUR


Sell equipment flow of the brand Scubapro TwinJet Max in size L (Large 43-45) in yellow including the transport network.

They were used for about 50 dives and therefore show slight signs of use (minimal scratches, etc.) but no damage that limits the function of the fins. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL is possible.

Price VB 65EUR


Sell Scubapro Steel Spring Fin Holder/Spring Straps in size S/M. These were on my Twin Jet Max for about 50 TG. Condition is very good, only a few small scratches in the plastic where the straps are attached to the fin.
Suitable for the Scubapro fin Twin Jet Max, all Subgear and Oceanic as well as Aqualung fins (according to the Internet, I can not guarantee it!).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL is possible.

Price: 20EUR VB


Hello dear ones,

I am looking for a wetsuit in pink/pink or black with the above colored details in 5mm and size L. Preferably the Scubapro definition, but I would be open to anything. Unfortunately, there are currently none on the market, and hope very much that someone here has one to give :) I am looking forward to your offers! Thank you!

- Cleo.

I only sell the equipment completely!

For inquiries please relalistic offers.

Trilaminate Dry Suit Northern Diver Aquarius Size XXL new and unused. Cuffs are not trimmed, with Arpex valve!

The Wickelzip allows you to put on and take off the Trockis from Northern Diver (Aqualung) independently. One of the few Trockis on the market that can be dressed without outside help. And all this at a great price! Technical characteristics of the Northern Diver Aquarius

"Ultra-light"Dry suit with front entry

Breathable and robust

Attract without outside help - thanks to front entrance

Neoprene heat sleeve on the neck

Cargo Pocket

4mm neoprene boots for warm feet

Suspenders for a better fit

Kevlar reinforcement on the buttocks

Kevlar reinforcement at the knees

Reflector strips on shoulders and arms

Leg pocket

In a set with hood, care set and transport bag

Northern Diver Glove System Dry Glove new and unused, size XL,

NothernDiver Dryglove System with Safelock. Finally a complete dry diving glove set which really works and can be mounted within minutes! All necessary mounting parts are included in the set - including instruction DVD! Even a neoprene sealing glue, if you have laminated neoprene cuffs is available!

Technical details:

Revolutionary closure for quick opening/closing without outside help!

2 sets of spacer rings included (flat rings for neoprene cuffs, high rings for latex sleeves)

Sturdy PVC gloves with a slightly rough surface

Acid-resistant gloves

Separate inner gloves (perfect for cleaning)

Mounting tools included! (Loosens systems that are tightened too tightly)

CE approved


Package includes:

2 PVC gloves

2 separate fleece inner gloves

2 sets of spacer rings

1 assembly tool

1 sealing glue with brush

1 Instruction manual on DVD

Seemann Subtech 100 Underwear XXL for dry suits Innovative underwear made of 3 layers of material, which is suitable for both neoprene and neoprene

Trilaminate dry suits is suitable. The outer layer of material made of water-repellent polyester fabric ensures comfort and durability as well as easy slippage. The lining

made of soft DOUBLE FLEECE transports moisture away from the skin and gives

comfortable thermal insulation. The polyester inner lining provides additional thermal insulation.

Easy to put on and take off with arm cuffs made of 2mm SCS neoprene. The anatomical

cut ankle cuffs made of 1.5 mm Glideskin allow easy sliding in

in suit and booties. The quilted seams prevent the materials from slipping when attaching and

Undress. Other features: 2 large hip pockets and chest pocket with zipper, integrated thumb loops, wrist loops, resistant spiral zipper, from above and

bottom to open, elastic waist.

Diving tanks

The double jaw consists of 2 x 7 liter steel bottles 300bar,wide bridge distance, identical to D-12, double unit is equipped with the well proven V4tec stainless steel precision clamp sets (V4 steel) and with T├ťV.

Scubapro 10 liters with stand used,

2 litre bottle used,

Argon Mono Aluminium Tarrier gas cylinder 0.85 litres 200 bar

Unused with argon straps,

The Deepstop-Apeks DIR Set DS4 consists of:

Right side:

The Apeks DS4 1st stage DIN, DIN G5/8" air connection with metal handwheel and protective cap

210cm 3/8" medium pressure hose black with XTX50 2nd stage, black,

a small carabiner hook with caveline attached,


The Apeks DS4 1st level DIN

a 56cm high pressure hose with deepstop mineral pressure gauge and 1" a

60cm backup hose with the Apeks XTX50 2nd step and Bunjeeloop,

each in black.

Regulator pocket

Mk10 1st stage with...


I sell a diving bottle Mono 8 232 bar from Scubapro. The diving tank is built in 2012/04, T├ťV until 2023/06, see stamp. Of course, always neatly stored and maintained.

Price: 80 Euro

Shipping is possible, the shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer. When picking up in 64653 Lorsch, the bottle is filled, shipping takes place with minimal residual pressure

Private sale under exclusion of any warranty !


I sell a 6mm ice vest from Scubapro in size Men-S (equivalent to clothing size 48). Size chart see photo.

The vest was once bought as a supplement to a 5mm suit and has been hanging around unused for 2 years, as I have afforded myself a 7mm semi-dry. Overall, she has only been in the water a few times and has almost no signs of use.

Price: 30 Euro plus shipping.

Private sale excluding any warranty.



I sell a brand new trilaminate diving suit - bought last year in December. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the cut around the calves is too tight for me.

Size L / Boots Size 40/41 (I fit easily into the boots with thick socks and normal shoe size 40)

VB: 800,00 EUR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Phone: +494961879949866

Suex holder for depth gauge...

Price 40EUR

Bracket has been specially developed for the Uwatec/Scubapro Digital Bottomtimer 330m...

It is individually adjustable from the angle of inclination... So that a good readability is guaranteed for everyone...

Bracket fits any Suex model that has the T-Fix mount...

The holder is manufactured by us with the 3D printer...

The bottom timer is simply clicked into the holder ... Bracket can be mounted both left and right ... Please decide in advance whether left or right... When changing the bottemtimer, the outer ring of the bracket must be destroyed ... In this case, please contact me ...

Delivery without bottemtimer...

Only the bracket is supplied...


Phone: 01725330952

Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable

Size M

about 20 dives. Including dry glove system Waterproof Ultima mounted (complete system incl. gloves included)

Everything 100% tight
Suit has warranty at the dealer until October 2022.
Professional retrofitting of glove system in August 2021 for ~300EUR

Gladly realistic price proposals by e-mail to me.

Insured shipping possible.

Oberhausen / NRW

Diving gear, individual or complete

Bora Bora wetsuit, size 50/52, jacket with hood, 5mm + pants 5mm, assembled 10mm, EU: 80,--

Jacket, Scubapro, same size, EU: 80,--

Fins, Mares, adjustable, EU;: 35,--

Diving shoes, Camaro Neoprene, Gr. 42, 15,--

Gloves, Size L, Camaro Neoprene Titanium Metallite, EU: 10,--

Breathing control, Scubapro G 250+octopus+console with depth gauge, pressure display, compass, EU: 150,--

If you are interested: Tel: 030 4329792 Peter Rupsch. or


Phone: 0304329792

Sell here my rarely used 6.5mm diving suit, as it no longer fits me. It has a small roughening on the front and left knee. Both are not detrimental to diving.
Pick up in 04808 or shipping at extra cost.

At best, they write me a WhatsApp on 017630194057

Private sale!
The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

Hello everyone,

A 12L diving tank with Scubapro double valve is offered. For embossing, see pictures.

The valve was overhauledby a specialist dealer in Munich, i.e. completely dismantled and all seals etc. renewed. After the bottle is still to the T├ťV for a new test, the inside of the bottle was cleaned + dried. What remains is a broken piece of the previously used valve filters, which is in the bottle. The filters are no longer used today, but are not a limitation.

Since the valve is from Scubapro, there will also be spare parts for it in the future. So nothing stands in the way of a long life of the bottle.

The silver imprint is a sticker that can be removed - also by me, if desired. The bottle has been unused in the cellar for the last two decades and has found itself there mucking out. Since the bottle was stored with a protective net, the foot is slightly overstretched. The net has been disposed of, so the stand is now a bit loose. If this disturbs, I can glue the stand or you organize a new net - then the stand holds bombastic again. There are no rust deposits at the bottom of the bottle, as is usually the case with cellar finds.

It is now under pressure (air) and is overhauled.

For the bottle I would like to have 130, - EUR. Shipping you can certainly get somehow, cost sharing 50/50.

T├ťV until January 24

Location is Munich,bottle handover from Munich to Plansee (Austria) possible.

Payable via PayPal / bank transfer.

Since the valve is overhauled, I offer a 30% price refund if there are any problems with it within 6 months.



Offer Buoyancy Jacket Scubapro Size M

for 50 Euro + postage

Non-smoking household, no pets.

Scubapro Jetfin XL in Grey

Price: 100 CHF

I sell my fins from Scubapro in size 37-39

Solid rubber

Price: 50 Euro plus shipping costs

Private sale without guarantee and right of return


I sell a lead strap with 4 bags from Scubapro

Price : 15 Euro plus shipping

2x lead bags from seac sub

Price: 30 Euro plus shipping

Private sale without guarantee and right of return


Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
Take a look at the other ads.
Ad price for complete acceptance
Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household

ÔÇó 1 x Lead Strap Sailor 19,--
The Scubapro with 5 pockets in the picture is sold.

No warranty and return since privately sold.

42489 W├╝lfrath

Phone: 0173/3867025

Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
Take a look at the other ads.
Ad price for complete acceptance
Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household

ÔÇó1 x Scubapro Seawing Nova Gr. Small with Steel Spring Straps 75,-
ÔÇó1 x Device fins Atomic Splitfin Gr. L with Steel Spring Straps 75,-

No warranty and return since privately sold.

42489 W├╝lfrath

Phone: 0173/3867025