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Counter-lungs for the MK6 from Poseidon

Price incl. shipping 150EUR

Complete argon set consisting of:

  • Pressure reducer Poseidon Cyclon 5000 (with built-in pressure relief valve)
  • Mini-Finimeter Poseidon (sauteuer ;-) )
  • Inflator hose 60cm (slightly shorter compared to the standard hoses), very good yield
  • Steel bottle 2l, kk valve, connection G5/8" air (T├ťV expired, always stored under pressure). Very clear signs of use. Shipping is pressure-free.
  • 2 straps for screwing to the backplate. I liked it much better than the attachment to the double pack, because the argon bottle then hangs nicely close to the body and does not lie on the wing.

Due to the high-quality controller I would like to have 150 EUR incl. shipping.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.


Zyklon 300 with Inflatorschlach was used as a second machine. 95 EUR

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Due to the switch from back device to SideMount I offer four similar cold water sets Poseidon Cyklon 5000 : each first and second stage

Used, condition see pictures.

All controllers come fresh from the service (345, - EUR in total) by authorized dealer : Actionsport W├╝rzburg. Service documents are of course included in the sets.

Each set for 250,- EUR Vb.

  • Pick up in zip code 97828
  • PayPal and shipping possible

Set 1:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose
  • 70cm MD Inflator Hose
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P800xxxx

Set 2:

  • Second level yellow (With Poseidon emblem)
  • 90cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P903xxxx

Set 3:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P300xxxx

Set 4:

  • Second stage black with Jax mouthpiece (Poseidon emblem has gone off)
  • 210cm MiFlex MD Regulator Hose
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P900xxxx

Regards, Chris

offer Poseidon Jetstream 3960 with Poseidon control pocket

1st stage: Poseidon 3960, cold water compatible EN250

2nd stage: Jetstream yellow, hose 90cm

The controller was no longer dipped after the last revision and works perfectly.

only second stage VB 50EUR

complete 1+2nd step with bag VB 150EUR


Hello sell here a regulator from Poseidon.

The serial number is 902724

The system is with bag and instructions for use and was used once.

Langenfeld Rheinland

Clean up my office, real antiques, nothing plastic! 3 double hose machines, Dr├Ąger/Kaiman/Medi, 1 Dr├Ąger full face mask, 1 Poseidon Cyclon 300 metal. Condition great, all freshly maintained before they got to my office over 20 years ago. Are probably submersible, but much too bad for that. Like to sell in a package, prices VHS. I do not react to "was isse letzte Preis" and inquiries "Ey Alter, beg isch Dich 30 f├╝r den alten Automaten". These machines were already in use when most Tekkies didn't even pee in diapers for the first time.

Flensburger F├Ârde

As good as new BCD, model Castor Wolf in size XL with:

- Double-barrel zippers on the pockets
- Lead discharge pockets with T-handle (3 pieces)
- Shoulder straps with extended adjustment range
- Trimweight Pocktes (2 pieces)
- Knife holder

Suitable for single and double bottles
Fully adjustable abdominal belt
Lordosis support
Minor configuration in the side and back area
Additional loops for additional equipment
Large side pockets with integrated D-Pentagon rings
Ergonomically adjustable shoulder straps
Safety buckles from the rescue and salvage area

Overall, a very comfortable and well thought-out buoyancy jacket for many applications - even compatible with Poseidon Se7en. Original price is 550EUR ( and is negotiable here to a certain extent.


Poseidon Cyklon mouthpiece tube 2nd stage plastic black, new

piece 20EUR, remaining stock

Private sale therefore no guarantee and return


Moin offers a Poseidon regulator here. This includes a 1st stage, 2nd stage and a finimeter.

It is important that all parts have to be subjected to a revision before the first dive.

I am a professional research diver and no longer have any use for the set, so I hand it over.

Just make me an offer!:-)


Hello from Wiesbaden,

maybe someone from the Rhine Main area needs a
Poseidon regulator in very good condition. Complete as in the pictures I would like to have 400EUR
and pick-up.
I also have a Cressi 7mm wetsuit with hood and zipper front in XL
and a soft lead belt incl. 6kg soft lead.

The regulators should be revised for your own safety.

Private sale without guarantee / warranty etc.


Offer a very high quality complete diving equipment at a fixed price.

Poseidon BCD with accessories

Aqualung Regulator

US Divers Regulator

UK waterproof plastic box

Various diving suits XL

Aqualung Slingshot Fins XL

Various lamps

Various pockets

Masks and snorkels

Spare Air

and and and...

Original price over EUR 5000.

All in top condition.


I offer here my Poseidon XStream Deep MK3 set, consisting of:

1x 1st stage XStream Deep MK3

1x 2nd stage XStream Deep MK3

1x Polaris Finimeter

1x neckband

1x inflator hose

1x mares regulator pocket

Since the regulator has been lying unused in the basement for about three years, I strongly recommend carrying out a revision before the first use.


47475 Kamp Lintfort

for sale little used:

Poseidon Venus 6.5mm Neoprene Diving Drysuit
for women (size M)- (no seawater)

My partner has grown out of it! Mass 165cm and 72 kg

A dry-diving suit that sits like a semi-dry suit! Made of 6.5mm neoprene (without underwear only submersible with functional wash)

- 6.5mm HD Neoprene
- black/grey
- Armatex nylon and Kevlar on the outside
- anatomically preformed arms and legs
- horizontal back zipper
- Softboots (Size 38.39)
- rotatable inlet valve
- automatic outlet valve

Price: Euro 250.-- (NP 1500.-- Euro)

Can also be tested on site.

Shipping, insured to all of Europe (with DHL Germany)

Schweiz / Basel

Due to changes of system I sell a Poseiden pulmonary automatic set, consisting of:

1x 1.Sufe Cyklon 5000, 1x 2nd stage, (metal), 1x 2nd stage octopus (black),
a console with depth gauge, compass and finimeter.
1 Inflator hose with coupling.

The equipment is used, but is in a well-maintained condition, but as always a revision is recommended in advance.

As shown, the complete regulator is supplied for 165,-EUR. Payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin


Private sale, without warranty of properties and excluding any warranty


Search Poseidon Unisuit Xl or XXL, shoe size 45/46


Hello :) I offer here a dry suit neoprene for ladies in size S brand Poseidon Venus. Shoe size 38.

With beluga undercover also size S.

Thermo-feet 36/37.

Headhood & Inflator.

+ Hang erg for hanging is also stored so clean and neatly.

In perfect condition only max 20├Ś in fresh water! used.

Everything completely intact and functional!

No damage, holes. Nothing is porous!

Shipping costs borne by recipients

You can talk about the price. :)

If you have any questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A 2 year old Poseidon Seven Rebreather is offered in the original scope of delivery.

40 meters variant

First possession - Purchase invoice of Poseidon Germany is at

new service 19.02.2021

Private sale with the end of the statutory warranty

Rebreather works without problems, no defects, very good condition

Shipping possible - pick-up preferred

Price: 3590.-EUR


Offer a pair of Poseidon neoprene gloves here. They are in very good sand and have only been used a few times. 5mm thick in size XXL.

Original price is 70 euros. Color Black.

Shipping possible.

Feel free to contact Frsgen.

No guarantee, return and warranty

You can also find a matching suit in my other ads.

Price is 49 Euro

For sale here is a very rarely worn 5mm wetsuit, consisting of 2 parts. A "dungarees" and a jacket. They are both virtually in new condition. Were only used 2 or 3 times and were otherwise well packed, warm and dry in the basement. Size XXL. Very easy to put on. The usual problems with moving on and off are not present here. The 2 divider is Kevler reinforced and is also used by combat swimmers. Original price is 500 euros. Would give it away for 400 Euro VB

No guarantee, warranty and return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Invoice is available



This regulator is the favorite of many marine divers, fire divers, police divers and professional divers, because it is robust and provides reliable air in all situations. Its approval up to 200m diving depth makes this regulator also the first choice for all technical divers. The world's first pilot valve-controlled regulator impressively meets the high demands of professional divers. It can be used and popular from the cold water off Canada, as an ice-proof regulator, to the tropically warm Indo-Pacific. Like all Poseidon regulators, there are no differences between diving up and down and it can be breathed from the right or coming from the left. The laterally dissented bubble deerer ensures a good field of vision when diving.

  • Manufacturer Poseidon
  • The professional's machine for extreme dives up to 200m
  • Connection shaft with G5/8" 300 bar connection
  • 1st stage membrane controlled/compensated
  • 2.Stage pilot valve controlled
  • 5x medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8"
  • 2 high-pressure outlets UNF 7/16"
  • Safety valve for medium pressure in the first stage



The sale takes place due to complete conversion of the equipment. The controllers are in perfect condition and were last serviced in mid-2019 (protocols and invoices can be submitted) and also regularly dipped until 03-2020. It would simply be a pity if the regulators now acid sour on the shelf.

I have several 1st and 2nd stages of the Poseidon xStream series including inflator hoses and consoles around, so I'll list the individual components including price here:

Original price price

Poseidon xStream MK3 deep, 1st stage approx. 430,- 300,-

Poseidon xStream MK3 deep, 2nd stage about 270,- 190,-

Scubapro 3 series console approx. 160,- 110,-

Suunto CB-3-Inline console about 250,- 170,-

Sets (suggestions):

Poseidon Complete Set 1st/2nd step approx. 630,- 450,- (+ 15,- with 150 cm flex hose)

Poseidon Complete Set Octo 1./2x2. Step ca 900,- 600,- (+ 10,- with 150 cm flex hose)

If someone wants a whole set of cold water - i.e. 2 1st steps, then I am also happy to send an offer. Prices subject to availability, if it's gone, it's gone.

After the system changeover, separate me bit by bit from my no longer needed equipment.

Poseidon Cyklon 5000 1st + 2nd level with Fini

2nd step with metal mouthpiece tube

Fini of Poseidon

Good condition - was fully functional on the last use.

Before use, however, I recommend to have a revision carried out.

VB 230,-EUR

Shipping possible by arrangement and assumption of shipping costs.
Private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return possible.



I am looking for two mouth tubes made of metal for the Poseidon Cyklon. Please do not offer replicas or Baracuda derivatives.

I also take old Cyklon 300 to slaughter.


Diving School Poseidon Ao Nang

Christmas offer 10% discount on everything.

Anyone who presents or shows us this advertisement gets a 10% discount on everything.

Offer valid until 06.01.2020

81180 Ao Nang

Visit Tauchschule Poseidon Ao Nang

Hello sell this regulator set. DIR configuration, i.e.: - Hose main controller 210 cm - Hose backup controller 56 cm (use standard hose using adapter) - Hose Finimeter 56 cm I would like to dismantle the inflator hoses before selling, but it is not an absolute must. The hoses are all 3/4 years old, as is the finimeter. Revision was made at the beginning of 2019, so 1 1/3 years remaining until the next officially specified date. I enclose an audit invoice for 166 EUR. First steps with the good metal finish. NP otherwise about 1,200 EUR. Price 415 EUR VB. I don't have to sell, otherwise I dive them on. Please no junk price offers.

Poseidon Rebreather MKVI 2450th EUR and a Poseidon Seven 3650th-EUR for sale

Both devices have received a new service.

Sports battery, wing, bottles and the rest of the accessories are included


Device fins, little used as a replacement pair.

Size XL

With three spare straps.

20 Euro + shipping 5.99 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Poseidon CYKLON 5000 1u. 2

- 4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8'',

- 2 high pressure outlets UNF 7/16'',

1 blind plug is missing for a high-pressure exhaust and one for the medium-pressure exhaust

Pictures to follow

Used but in good condition

Last revision was at the end of 2016, then 1 x immersed in fresh water

For your own safety, a revision should be carried out before use.

Private sale: no warranty, no guarantee, no return

Price 170,00 Euro plus shipping 7,00 or pick-up from Braunschweig area


Unused BOV from Poseidon. I had bought the BOV to convert another rebreather. But I never got to it. The BOV is therefore as good as new, as it has never been used.

Price 900EUR

I offer here a new second stage Poseidon Jetstream incl. medium pressure hose. Unfortunately, I ordered one too many of them and can no longer exchange them. So this is new material that I have to resell privately.

The pulmonary automaton is therefore of course in perfect condition. So you can dive right away safely! Of course, the machine has not yet been dipped and is sold as I received it originally from Poseidon.

A very reliable machine: Completely suitable for cold water (according to EN250) - have you ever heard of an icy jet stream?! The complete lung automaton is 300-bar compatible and can be used together with a first stage.

Price: 200,- Euro


Hello everyone

I offer here a barely dipped dry suit of the company Poseidon. For more information, see the eBay Classifieds link:


Poseidon Jetstream 1st + 2nd stage

Because of giving up the hobby to sell.

Finimeter and inflator (Trocki) included.

If you have any questions, please write to us.

Fair price offers desired.

Price VB

offer 2x Poseidon Cyklon 5000, 1st and 2nd stage, 2x inflator, MD hoses 70cm, octopus 90cm, well maintained, revision recently made, dust caps, bag, ideal for cold water, because switching to sidemount configuration, 2 adapters for the 2nd steps are also available for using commercially available MD hoses, 250,-

Phone: 0176 97310 317

For sale little used:

Poseidon Venus 6.5mm Neoprene Diving Drysuit
for women (size M)- (no sea water)

Person has grown out! Dimensions 165cm and 68 kg

The dry suit that sits like a semi-dry suit! Made of 6.5mm neoprene (submersible without underwear only with functional underwear)

- 6.5mm HD Neoprene
- black/grey
- Armatex nylon and Kevlar on the outside
- anatomically preformed arms and legs
- horizontal back zipper
- Softboots (size 38,39)
- rotatable inlet valve
- automatic exhaust valve

Price: Euro 350.-- (NP 1500.-- Euro)

Shipping, insured to the whole of Europe

Schweiz / Basel

Who is interested in exchanging a Kirby Morgan Exo 26 full face mask for a Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova, Poseidon or similar full face mask.
The mask standing for replacement has a small repaired spot on the mask body in the area of the chin. Details can be exchanged by e-mail.
Please simply inquire by e-mail.


I have a Poseidon Seven head unused for sale, as well as a Black Battery and a Poseidon Seven completely ready to dive with Wing and Harnes with 5 dives and new service 48 Trimix

Seven head 1950.-EUR
Battery module 100 meters 450.-EUR
Seven Rebreather 4500.-EUR

I ask for inspection and collection if possible.
The rebreather can be tested with appropriate training.


Poseidon "Quicksnap"

Condition: used

Price: VB 59,99 Euro

Private sale, no return or guarantee!


I sell a Jacket POSEIDON in Gr.S.
Only worn two or three times. As good as new!
Price 95EUR VHB.
Private sale. No warranty, guarantee or return.


Offer a Quicksnap bottle cage from Poseidon. Works perfectly.

Price VB


Was no longer used after revision.
However, since this has been a long time ago, a new one is urgently recommended.

VB 130,-EUR

Shipping possible by arrangement and assumption of shipping costs.
Private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return possible.


Offer fully functional Poseidon Quickfix mount + 2x bottle rail made of INOX.

Price VB


sell from estate a Poseidon X Stream Deep MK3 StageController since I know zero please take everything from the pictures I sell this on behalf of a friend whose husband unfortunately died in a car accident
price 300 Euro


Sell 2 complete controllers Poseidon 5000 with bag, an ice cap and a finimeter.
Have only done a few dives in the lake. Top condition, Not used for a long time. Therefore, to be on the safe side, have it checked or have it checked.
210 Euro + shipping


Sell my Poseidon XStream MK3 set consisting of:
1x 1st stage Deep MK3
1x 2nd stage Deep MK3(incl. Miflex hose MK3)
1x 2nd level Deep 90 (incl. neckband)
1x inflator hose
1x Sailor Finimeter

The set was last dived about 1.5 years ago. Last revised in winter 2014/2015 and should therefore be revised before first use. The set has completed about 150 TG of which 2/3 in fresh water.
It is a private sale therefore no warranty, return or guarantee




Rarity Poseidon Triton 2nd stage after the revision nihct more in the water. can be operated at the esren stage of Jetstream or xstream.
Extremely small construction.
was rarely in the water overall.
Price 80EUR plus shipping.


Offer my Dr├Ąger FGT/D1 for sale.The device currently runs in mccr mode, i.e. with adjustable cmf, oxygen booster and diluentbooster and triple O2 monitoring,it is a biscaya Wing from Poseidon installed and has two four liter bottles with T├ťV up to 8.18 as gas supply.As bailout serves an Autoair 2, the whole thing is on a long rebreather backplate incl. V-weight.
The device is very reliable and is delivered due to time constraints.
It can also be converted to the original semi-closed state without any problems, just as you like.
VHB 1600,-EUR

I offer a Poseidon Cyklon 300 regulator with console. Unfortunately, the Aqualung Monitor 2 computer in the console no longer works. If necessary, the battery would have to be replaced. Otherwise, a compass and a fini are included in the console.

Price: 220,- VB


Offer jacket Poseidon Biscaya Techlift size L little used and very well preserved with Trixum lead bag. The lead bag is in the actual pocket equipped with quick-release fasteners. Replaceable bladder, back area strongly padded, stainless steel quick-release fasteners for shoulder and abdominal belt, D-rings. Inflator. Price 300EUR
Private sale, no warranty or return.No support! Shipping only within Germany. Shipping after receipt of payment.
Shipping 8EUR


Offer jacket Poseidon Biscaya Techlift size L little used and very well preserved with Trixum lead bag. The lead bag is in the actual pocket equipped with quick-release fasteners. Replaceable bladder, back area strongly padded, stainless steel quick-release fasteners for shoulder and abdominal belt, D-rings. Inflator. Price 150EUR
Private sale, no warranty or return.No support! Shipping only within Germany. Shipping after receipt of payment.
Shipping 8EUR