Offer BCD/Vest Leptonix Castor Wolf ADV BCD

As good as new BCD, model Castor Wolf in size XL with:

- Double-barrel zippers on the pockets
- Lead discharge pockets with T-handle (3 pieces)
- Shoulder straps with extended adjustment range
- Trimweight Pocktes (2 pieces)
- Knife holder

Suitable for single and double bottles
Fully adjustable abdominal belt
Lordosis support
Minor configuration in the side and back area
Additional loops for additional equipment
Large side pockets with integrated D-Pentagon rings
Ergonomically adjustable shoulder straps
Safety buckles from the rescue and salvage area

Overall, a very comfortable and well thought-out buoyancy jacket for many applications - even compatible with Poseidon Se7en. Original price is 550EUR (https://www.pd2-shop.de/CASTOR-WOLF-ADV-BCD-JACKET) and is negotiable here to a certain extent.