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I sell here an Ursuit Heavy Light Kevlar FZ Size L Tockentauchanzug. The rivers are in size 43. The Trocki is in almost mint condition and has only a few dives. Included are a bag, hood and dry diving gloves.

The matching underwear is one of another display.

Cost: 1.450EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

NEW!! To give up because I am interested in another
Variant have decided. Softer
Carrying handle, suitable for left and right hand.
The Goodman is universal in size
adjustable, also suitable for
Dry diving gloves.


Dry diving gloves with cuff (NEW)

black, flexible, grippy - S

The dry diving gloves are made of extra soft but very robust special rubber.

As a result, the gloves are softer than models made of other materials and the diver has a better tactile feeling.

To increase grip, the gloves have a rough textured surface.

Made of soft special rubber for maximum mobility and tactile feeling.

Material thickness approx. 1 mm!

Grippy, textured surface.

Also fit on a dry glove system.

The gloves are new.

1 pair of Dry Gloves black S

Price 29,-EUR

Prices do not include shipping costs.

Pick up in 33604 Bielefeld or shipping against postage refund possible.

This is a private auction, i.e. no guarantee, return etc., to the exclusion of any Warranty.


Sell brand new Showa 660 dry diving gloves color blue in size 11/XXL in pairs
Price: 15 Euro
Shipping within Austria: 2,50 Euro
Shipping to Germany: 6 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

Sell my diving equipment consisting of two 10er,1 doppel7 (all bottles have to go to the T├╝v),1 Trilaminate dry suit of the brand Mobbys,hood,dry diving gloves plus underwear of Mobbys size L,a buoyancy jacket Black Diamond and dieverses other equipment.If you are interested, you can look at the things with me and decide!!!

52249 Eschweiler

Phone: 491772168015

Sell (almost) new dry suit D1X Hybrid from Waterproof size s/t.

Purchase at the beginning of November 2018, so still manufacturer's warranty.

The list price for the Trocki is 2.600,-EUR.

The suit has been immersed 2 times in fresh water.

incl. 1x hood D1 size M by waterproof (unused)

incl. 1 set of spare arm sleeves made of high-quality silicone (new)

incl. 1x replacement neck sleeve made of high-quality silicone (new)

incl. waterproof duffel bag (new)

The neck and hand cuffs can be changed yourself if necessary, so that going to the workstation is no longer necessary.

The dry suit has a new so.3D so.3D mesh underwear, which is integrated in the dry suit and can be removed by zipper if necessary (e.B. for washing).

The size s/t is for men

with height 179-187 cm and

Chest 93-99 cm

Shoe size 43-44

The exact size specifications for the size s/t can be found in the attached size chart.

Since this Trocki is already a high-tech suit, I refrain from mentioning further details and ask you to read the attached exact technical description of the manufacturer Waterproof Sweden, as everything is contained and described super exactly here.

If necessary, Si-Tech dry diving gloves would be kpl. available (kpl. Ring system with spare rings). The inner gloves have not been worn.

For the kpl. Trocki gloves (also 2x dipped) would be in my opinion 80, - EUR appropriate.


Phone: 0160 974 65 660

Sell here my dry diving gloves of the brand Checkup Dive Systems in the size "Large".

FB: EUR 100,-

Can be shipped at extra cost.
Private sale! No guarantee and return!


Sell dry suit "Heavy Light" of the brand Ursuit with booties in size S.

750EUR: Negotiation basis including all accessories.

The suit was purchased in June 2014. Since then, he has been on 45 dives in fresh water and has always kept 100% dry without ever being repaired.

Particularly practical on this high-quality version:
Neck cuff quick-change system "Quick Neck" from SiTech: this allows a torn neck cuff to be replaced within 5 minutes instead of the whole suit having to be sent in for costly repair.
Glove and arm cuffs quick-change system "Antares" from SiTech: this system makes it possible to attach an arm cuff to the suit by means of a change system and also to "clip" a dry diving glove shortly before diving.

- 1 pair of dry diving gloves
- 2 pairs of spare hand cuffs
- 2 spare neck cuffs
- Neoprene hood in S
- Suit pocket
- additional left dry diving glove
- Talc powder for easier dressing of cuffs
- 2 zipper care products: liquid and in pen form
- 1 original sealed repair adhesive "Aquasure", 7g


Dry diving gloves New
With separate lining
Do NOT need ring cysts, just pull over the suit cuffs!
Gr.10 (XL)
Incl. shipping only 40 Euro


Dry diving gloves
Size 10 (XL)
With warm solid lining
Incl. shipping only 40 Euro


Offer three pairs of dry gloves no ring system necessary
Blue is in size M (25EUR) and black is in size L (each 20EUR)

Since private sale unfortunately no guarantee and return possible


Dry diving gloves New
With separate lining
Do NOT need ring cysts, just pull over the suit cuffs!
Gr.10 (XL)
Incl. shipping only 40 Euro


Dry diving gloves
Size 10 (XL)
With warm solid lining
Incl. shipping only 40 Euro


As good as new dry diving gloves approx. 2-3 times dipped
The gloves can be easily mounted and removed without damaging the cuff, so you can change back to wet gloves


Hi, I offer a diving suit from Whites in size L/XL. The suit is equipped with Apex valves and works perfectly.

The Whites Fusion Dry Core Technology in the Whites Fusion Tech and Whites Fusion Tech SLT: The Whites Fusion TECH with the outer skin in 1 mm neoprene at the abrasion-prone areas and flexible material (80% nylon, 20% spandex) in the places that must be movable.

The Tech Skin is made of 1 mm neoprene for more resistance in the areas at risk of abrasion and stretch material in the places with high mobility.
The outer skin can be quickly and easily removed from the Velcro fasteners on the arms, feet and neck.
PU coated protection on the knee against abrasion.
Stretchable side pockets
Removable suspenders inside and thermal insulation on the back

The suit is followed by an underwear, dry diving gloves and a hood.

Price 720 EUR VB


Glove System Ring System Dry Diving Gloves Low Gloves

Offer a glove system made of aluminum, should be the make of the company Stief, type 91.

This means that the innermost diameter, where the hand (without inner glove) must fit through, is 91mm.

Original price according to manufacturer page 179.95

VB 79.-

Mounted and there are 1 pair of beige (latex?) Gloves as well as inner gloves. However, all other gloves, e.B. made of butyl, can also be mounted.

I sell it because the ring diameter is too big for my small hands, for medium to large men's hands it is optimal. If you can easily test, if you cut a hole with 91mm in a cardboard box and get your hand through, it fits.

Shipping costs:

Austria EUR 3,90

Germany EUR 9,90

All other EU countries 13.90

Pick-up in Vienna 1100 also possible.

Private sale under exclusion of guarantee or warranty. No exchange.


Kallweit Dryglove M/L new. All parts shown on the website plus fleece gloves size S-M/L
at the manufacturer: 99EUR (see link)
sell for 85 (incl. shipping)


Sell a pair of dry diving gloves from Santi, size S, as new.

The gloves are very robust and roughened in the hand and finger area for better grip. Can simply be pulled over the cuff of the suit and then stay dry from the inside.

I bought them on the boat in 2015 and have only worn them once since then, as they are unfortunately a bit too big for me.

NP was 39,00 EUR, would like to have 28,00 EUR for it

38159 Vechelde


now sell a dry diving glove system from Kallweit "Dryglove" to match the cold season.

The system has been equipped with new Showa "Blue Gloves". Since then, no diving has been done with it.
The set is complete.

Since private sale no guarantee or exchange.
The gloves can be inspected in advance.

FP 40EUR + Shipping



Too much bought:
1 pair of NEW dry diving gloves
With inner lining
Size 10 (XL)
only 47 Euro!!


Replacement dry diving gloves

Pair of spare gloves for all ring and quick-release dry diving glove systems in size 10.5, without inner glove, color: green, new and unused!

Fixed price 10 EUR incl. shipping

We are an animal-free non-smoking household. Private auction: no return/guarantee.


Due to lack of time for the beautiful hobby I offer here a super dry suit from Waterproof.

Price: Fixed price 1200 Euro + shipping
Waterproof D7pro Cordura ISS
Size: L
Shoe size 43-44
Size chart WP (
Since the suit has a telescopic torso, and it is actually too big for me with 183cm, I think up to 190cm height are easily possible.
In the feet you still have comfortable space even with very thick socks.

He is about 1.5 years old, have dived him about 10 times in fresh water. No damage, silicone cuffs new.
The Antares glove system is mounted on the suit, auxiliary rings are also included.
Still have spare cuffs for neck and arms that I give with it. A few new replacement dry diving gloves can be purchased by arrangement (35,-).

I also have 2 underwear from Waterproof, which can be purchased separately, once Warmtec 200g Gr. L (120,-) and once unused Warmtec HD (300g) Gr. L (180,-).


Since I unfortunately have to give up diving for health reasons, I sell all my diving equipment:

1x Semi-dry suit Aqua Lung Balance Comfort 5,5mm Size 56 almost New 2 dives in fresh water 160,-EUR

1x Lead Integrated Jacket Seaquest Pro QD by Aqualung Size L Top Condition 200,-EUR

Lung atomates:
Manufacturer: SUBGEAR
Pressure max.: 300 bar
First stage
Operation: Membrane controlled, balanced
Material: Brass
Outputs: 4 ND, 2 HD (2 HF ND)
Second stage:
Operation: Air-balanced
Setting: Venturi / Predive ÔÇô Dive
Material: carbon fiber, technopolymer
Mouthpiece: Anatomically shaped
Breathwork: 0.75 joules
Air delivery capacity: 1850 bar

Pulmonary automaton (octopus):
Octopus Aruba + 1st stage Subgear SG-1000

Dive computer Cobra 2 SK7 as new
The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery:
- Suunto Cobra incl. compass SK-7
- Suunto Quick Release (high pressure adapter)
- HD hose (125 cm)
- PC interface with instructions
- Protective bag + protective plug

1x Dry Suit Northern Diver New Vortex in Blue/Black Size XXL Cuffs Tip Top maintained 370,-EUR

Matching the Trocki !! NEWER!! Underwear by Northern Diver Metalux Temperate Size XL
Not worn 100,-EUR

Hood Northern Diver NEW
Size XL 20,-EUR

Belt lead 16 Kg 99,9999 %
6x2Kg and 4x1Kg

2x 1Kg Sailor Soft Lead

1x Full Face Mask Ocean Reef Neptune Space Nitrox
With carrying bag, 2nd stage, surface valve, MD hose, 1st stage and windscreen protection
700,-EUR (original price 1048,-EUR)

2x GNT head wearing used (the best hoods there are)
One is with stronger signs of use and one is as good as new size L
50,-EUR (original price 92EUR)

1x Smooth Skin Neoprene Hood 1.5mm Mysticism

1x signal lamp / strobe speed camera
As good as new 20,-EUR

1 pair of booties neoprene aqualung size 44
Condition Good/Well maintained 15,-EUR

1 pair of gloves Neoprene Aqualung
Zustamd Good/Well maintained 10,-EUR

1 pair of dry diving gloves Subgear Easydry Pro Very well maintained 30,-EUR

1x jacket hanger large

Mako High Performance Fins yellow
Size XL 25,-EUR

1x diving mask Polaris Techdiver

1xSnorkel 10,-EUR

I am happy to send photos of the offered articles by e-mail.
Shipping costs on request!



Sell here my dry suit, which I unfortunately bought too small. The diving suit has the size 2XL Short, and was designed for people with max 178cm, but since I am 180cm tall I fit in, but do not feel quite optimal in it. Otherwise, it is ideal for normally built people, and is one of the best neoprene Trockis ever. The feet are size 43/44. The suit is in an impeccable mint condition, and was dipped by me 3 times. All man flaps are always cared for and the zipper is always waxed. I have added a size chart of Bare, where the mass of the 2XL Short is visible. Of course, dry diving gloves with ring system are also included, which are also in perfect condition. Fitting on site of course :) possible You can also find the ad on If you are interested, simply send sms or Whatsapp to 0041 (0)76 345 96 17, location Bodenseeregion Thurgau, Horn (Switzerland) Price CHF 600.- (Swiss francs)


For sale is a CHECKUP dry diving glove system. Ring size 85mm.

Suitable for attachment to dry suits with latex or neoprene sleeves. All fastening parts as well as O-rings are in very good condition.
Grow > click > go diving. Always warm and dry hands.

Original price was 119,- Euro
Selling price is a matter of negotiation

Sale takes place as a private seller

06712 Zeitz

Sell here my used dry suit from DUI CF200 in size XXL.
The neck cuff was recently renewed by a specialist workshop.

- Diagonal front ZIP
- Telescopic section
- Braces
- Reinforcements in the knee area
- Turbosoles
- 2 leg pockets (Original DUI)
- Dry diving gloves (Kallweit DryGlove)
- automatic exhaust valve

It is technically in a 1A condition but also has traces of use.
The Trocki was dived until two weeks ago and is absolutely dense. The cuffs are in very good condition (neck cuff new, circumcised, neck circumference 43cm).
There was once a pee valve available, but the opening was closed again.

Purchase price: 450 EUR

A pick-up in Hamburg or a handover in Hemmoor is possible, but shipping is possible against postage replacement (DHL Paket: 6.90EUR).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Important note:

As a private seller, I sell all items without the legal warranty.


- a. 1 year old trilaminate trocki, brand Typhoon, dark blue/black, size L/XL (180 cm, 95 kg fit in well); Boots 45/46; we're not talking about the NP now, but it should be 350 EUR; Dry diving gloves nine and fins I add!
- b. a wing jacket with straps and plate, det is so beautiful I don't really want to give up, but if it goes away for 300 Ocken, ... and now I don't want to think of the name.
- c. Suunto Vyper Air dive computer, 1 year, 50 TG, brand new battery. 275 EUR, incl. transmitter

Everything else if you are interested! By mail, or Tel. 015228628623 On 1.1.15 everything is gone! :-)


Hello dear divers,

since I give up my hobby, I sell my diving equipment. It is an Ursuit dry suit in size M. The diving suit has only about 50 dives behind it. The boots have the size 43.

The rubber cuffs are in good condition and have been cared for with powder after each dive. The suit has dry diving gloves for screwing and a hood, which I of course put on it. A thick underwear of the Ursuit brand is also included.

VB 1500EUR

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.



Sell new si Tech dry diving gloves in size XL.

They were only dressed for rehearsal, have never been in the water, no damage or the like.

Price 35,- EUR incl. shipping


Super snapper on Thursday evening !!!

The following equipment is offered here for a diver. Complete or individual.

1Drough suit of the brand "Scubaro-Spitsbergen"
Size Men L Shoe size 42 with the corresponding transport bag, which you can change when changing
super can use as a base + hood
1 pair of dry diving gloves + inner gloves from SITech
Price 145.-EUR

1 semi-dry suit by Camaro Gr. 50 + ice vest with hood
(was repaired on the right knee by the specialist shop)
1 pair of glove Semi Supreme Camaro Gr.M
1 pair of pieces size 42
1 transport bag U.S. Divers by Aqua-Lung
Price 35.-EUR

1 Seaquest Pro QD Buoyancy Jacket / Diving Jacket Size ML
with lead pockets and inflator hose
, very good condition
Price 75.-EUR

8kg Softblei Seac Sub 2 x 2.5 and 2 x 1.5

8kg soft lead

1 diving bottle / compressed air bottle steel by Scubapro
with double valve very good condition

D10 232Bar with lockable bridge Top condition
Price 275.-EUR

1 dive lamp of the brand "Treble-Light MX8 with charger

1 Mares lung automaton MR22 Abyss black
1 Mares V12 XL - Octopus XL yellow
1 1st stage Apeks DS4
with 1 console Mission 2er Fini & Compass
complete cold water SET in a vending machine bag from Beaver Sport
Price 125.-EUR

1 Scubapro quick attachment for double devices
BiboKit for double bottles
Price 35.-EUR

1 dive computer v Uwatec Aladin Sport incl. computer protection Aladin Pro
Price 15.-EUR

1 spool 50m with Halycon buoy
Price 15.-EUR

1 knife SK "T" titanium with scabbard
1 buoy emergency
1 key box (Waterproof)
1 can of talcum powder
1 transport box with lid
Air nozzle, mask and much more
Price 35.-EUR

1x fins avantix-3 v. Mares size 42 so 40-44
Price 25.-EUR

SSI Training Materials:
Equipment/Technology (Book & Video)
Navigation (book & video)
Deep Diving (book and video)
Stress & Rescue (book and video)
Orientation, Night, Current and Wreck Diving (Book)
Price 15.-EUR


Hello everyone, I part with my barely worn (about 10 dives) Trocki from Oceanic HD09 woman in size 44, because it is too long and too big for me. The suit is in very good condition, only the arm cuffs are cut off wide, so it can only be dived with dry diving gloves (except to change the cuffs). In addition to the Oceanic HD09, I sell my DiLo TS1 dry diving gloves and the size-matching Scubaforce Arctic X Nine underwear in size L. The dimensions for the Trocki are according to Oceanic measurement table: 173-179cm height, 98-102cm bust circumference, 82-85cm waist circumference, 105-108cm hip circumference, shoe size 42. I would like to sell everything together for 750EUR VB due to the good condition. If you are interested or have any questions PN to me. Best regards, Stephanie


Would have a used and well preserved diLo TS to offer.

Size is about 9 medium-sized men's hand.
The gloves are very easy to replace.

- The complete system with the box as well as the various inner clamping rings.

But without fleece gloves!
Price: 45EUR incl. shipping


Sell Camaro Nautilus 7mm size 58
Maximum 30 dives.
A brand new zip was installed at Camaro and has not been dived since then.
For this I give a pair of dry diving gloves with ring system.
All completely you and very well preserved.
Shipping of course possible.
Price 300,-

N├Ąhe Linz/ ├ľsterreich

1 pair of new Northern Diver dry diving gloves
1 time on and off again. Never dived! Gloves washed once. Have a double 7 with narrow bridge for this the gloves are not suitable because you can not close the bridge through the rings. With wide bridge or larger bottles this is no problem (only interesting for teckis)
Package includes:

1 pair of PVC gloves in light blue gr.M
1 pair of fleece gloves in dkl. Grey
2 sets of spacer rings inner diameter 91mm (also suitable for large hands)
1 assembly tool

Very easy installation! Can be quickly put on and off depending on the dive. For latex cuffs 2 clicks and done. For neoprene, a sealing glue is required( not included).
Northern Diver offers a video on how to assemble it on YouTube.

Offer these for 75EUR plus 6,90EUR shipping costs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:-)


Sell neoprene - dry suit with aluminum ring system and dry diving gloves as well as hood. Size S.
Good condition.
For more information about the product, see the homepage of Kallweit.
Total price: please ask for serious offers.


Hello everyone

offer here my Trocki BARE CD4 (Gr.L) in mint condition. The suit has very few TG behind it.
Included are dry diving gloves from SI-Tech (also as new), BARE hood (unused), BARE inflator and BARE bag.
Price: 480EUR

Pictures on request!

58454 Witten

I sell a pair of dry diving gloves in the size L color black unbung.
VB 25EUR incl. shipping


Dry suit Sailor Sub Challanger
Gr 54
Neck cuff defective, new ones I enclose.
new arm cuffs

Neoprene Trocki 3,5mm Chrushed
Heat collar
incl. unworn fleece underwear in XL

Bought the suit used myself, but am too wide for the size
Buyer should weigh max. 90/95 kg

On request with dry diving gloves.

Suit and underwear together 125EUR
Gloves 35EUR

Since private sale no guarantee or return.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Offer: Oceanic Comfodry Women's Dry Suit incl. Underwear

- OCEANIC Women's Trocki (Women's Size 38)
- 3.5 mm Compressed Neoprene
- 5 mm OCEANSPAN SUPERSTRETCH material in the upper part of the suit
- Arm and neck cuffs are made of latex with neoprene cover
- the Trocki has screw-on dry diving gloves
- including 90 cm inflator hose
- Knee strengthened
- Backzip
- neoprene-lined rubber boots with profile sole, instep protection and fin retaining strap
-the suit has a comfortable warm neck which optimally seals with the hood

Suitable underwear from OCEANIC:
- Size 36-38
- 3-layer hollow fiber underwear for optimal insulation and high thermal comfort
- quilted against slipping
- high-quality fleece lining
- breathable water-repellent outer skin

Both parts were purchased in 2011 and worn only 3 times, so as new (original invoice available). The Trocki had a new price of 799, - and the Unterzieher 149,-! Since I have only been doing apnea diving for some time, I no longer have any use for the Trocki.

Everything together is available for 330, - EUR (NEGOTIATION BASIS)


Dry suit Sailor Sub Challanger
Gr 54
Neck cuff defective, new ones I enclose.
new arm cuffs

Neoprene Trocki 3,5mm Chrushed
Heat collar
incl. unworn fleece underwear in XL

Bought the suit used myself, but am too wide for the size
Buyer should weigh max. 90/95 kg

On request with dry diving gloves.

Suit and underwear together 125EUR
Gloves 35EUR

Since private sale no guarantee or return.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Offer here my dry diving gloves with ring system of the brand Checkup . The gloves are size 10-11. The system is of course used, but you still get unused gloves for the system.



I sell my

DUI TLS 350 Signature with Zip Seals on arms and neck; 2 zippered pockets and knee pads!
DUI MD Inflator Hose
DUI bag for suit
DUI Dry Diving Gloves Heavy Duty gr. XL blue
DUI Rockboots Gr 12

For this suit there is no size specification - since it is a custom-made - I fit with a body size of 195 cm and 150 kg! (Height and weight may vary up to +/- 10-20 KG and it fits even with a height of 180-185 cm)

VB 1600.00

Original price EUR 3000,00

Wels/ Ober├Âsterreich

Sell here my brand new dry glove system with ZERO dives.
The system consists of the RoLock ring system with easy-to-use bayonet closure and the CheckUp Ultra gloves without inner lining.
The RoLock suit rings are particularly recommended on latex sleeves, the cuffs are only minimally stressed and retain their sealing effect, the rings can be easily removed at any time.
For this purpose, inner gloves are supplied by the company Si Tech.

The dry gloves are in size M and the inner gloves in M/L

Original price is 169,00EUR
I sell them for 140,00EUR including postage and shipping



I offer here the dry diving glove system Quick Glove [1] and the Quick Cuff Cuff cuff system from Si Tech.

Price on the Internet is currently at 100 euros.

Included are, as you can see in the photo, the rings for the dry suit, all sorts of tension rings (the colorful ones) as well as a pair of used, blue showas and a pair of cut orange showas and of course the glove rings.

I sell the gloves because I bought a new Trocki with cuff system and matching gloves. After a short acclimatization, they always kept me warm and dry. I even used them in the summer.

The Quick Gloves are perfect for dry gloves without advanced rings and can be removed and removed at any time.

VHB 60 Euro incl. shipping.

In addition, I sell an unused and never installed cuff system for dry suits Quick Cuff from Si Tech.

Price on the Internet is 69 EUR [2], description of the manufacturer [3]. It is the variant with the silicone cuffs, completely unused. Of course, the latex cuffs also work.

Asking price is 50 Euro incl. shipping.

Combined offer, because then the suit rings are superfluous, would be 100 euros.

1. Description of the manufacturer of the gloves: