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A filling fitting made of V4A (1.4571) for mixing nitrox or trimix gases is offered.
It can also be used for normal bottle filling. The digital pressure gauge goes up to 400bar.
Included is a G5/8 adapter from 300bar to 200bar.
A check valve is installed in the permanently installed connection of the filling fitting.

The filling adapter can be connected to a 200bar or 300bar filling hose, as well as screwed into 200bar or 300bar bottle connections.
With the large handwheel, the flow rate can be adjusted, especially for oxygen, as only low flow velocities are allowed.

FP: 480,00EUR plus shipping


Sell 2 10l bottles of aluminum with m26 thread one with 100% o2 the other with Trimix 17/49 Both bottles have no current test.

350 Chf Vhb. for both

Lenzburg Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Original packaging, unopened
with invoice from July 2021, so still 2 years warranty!

800 EUR VB

Shearwater has developed a high-quality dive computer through the interplay of modern manufacturing techniques and the use of innovative materials. Many tech divers estimated the Shearwater brand because their computers are installed on several circular immersion sawn on the market. Most important for the success of the Shearwater Perdix, however, is probably its reliability, long battery life and simple intuitive operation.

The Perdix offers you the following operating modes :

OC Recreational
This mode allows the programming of 3 air or nitrox mixtures and offers all features for every demanding diving enthusiast including adaptive safety stop and of course the display of the zero time limit.

OC Technical
The Technical Mode allows the programming of 5 Trimix gases. Of course, the gases can also be programmed under water. This could make sense, for .B, if you get a breathing mixture from your diving partner, which is not present in your own gas list.

This mode is intended for use with closed diving equipment. Even if you don't dive yet, who knows where your diving career is going. Good to know that your Perdix is prepared for anything. The mode also supports 5 different CC gases plus 5 OC gases for bailout (BO). The decoration model calculates with programmable constant PO2 values.
This is a simple time/depth gauge mode.
Specifications Perdix OC/CC:

High Resolution 2.2" Display: Display Type Full Color LED LCD
AA battery (any type): AA Alkalline - 45 hours; SAFT LS14500 -120 hours
Elegant and slim profile

Double O-ring seal
Easy to use: Intuitive and proven menu navigation
1000-hour logbook
Data transfer to Mac or PC via Bluetooth Smart Ready
260 meters depth
Individually adjustable display
B├╝hlmann GF Algorithm
Size: (WxHxD) 83 x 74 x 39 mm
Weight: 154 g
Including bag
Dimensions (computer):
approx. 83 x 74 x 39 mm
approx. 154g


Mixchek Helium/Oxygen Analyzer from Teledyne Analytical Instruments - Serial No. 243412 - for diving with Trimix. The measuring device makes it possible to produce the desired gas mixture yourself or to analyze the Trimix supplied by the dive center for its actual He- and O2 gas components before the dives. The device is from 2005, but in best condition.
The instrument Serial No. 243412 comes together with its 38 pages of English-language Original Operating Instructions.
The batteries are new - according to the operating instructions sufficient for 150 operating hours.
The O2 sensor type R-33S1 needs to be replaced - available from Ryan Swaine - Sensor R-33S1 Purchase price £45 + Postage by airmail £11; Total = GBP £56; currently corresponding to approx. 61 EUR. Ryan ultimately stated a sensor availability with a delivery time of about 4 weeks. The procurement of the O2 sensor must be carried out by the buyer.
It is a private sale - is therefore without warranty and without right of return.
The original price of the Mixchek was demonstrably 2,047.40 EUR - acquired by me as a first-time buyer at BERNT GMBH Messtechnik GmbH.
Selling price - VB is 399 EUR.

21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide

Phone: 04187-600270 oder 0152-294 555 86

I offer a used double 12 for sale.

The double unit consists of 2x 12l BTS steel bottles, V4tec clamp sets, smooth-running Halcyon valves and radially dichtender shut-off bridge.

The Halcyon valves have CE approval, a DIN G5/8 connection with an M25/2 thread towards the bottle.

The valves and bottles are oxygenclean.

Filed in 12/2019 - valid until 06/2022.

The bottles are currently filled with approx. 100 bar 21/35 (Trimix). On presentation of a Trimix brevet, it remains in it. On request, I can fill the bottles with air.

The original price is around 640 euros. Trimix (100 bar) approx. 50 Euro or air approx. 12 Euro (200 bar).

I would like to have another 450 euros.

The double device can be picked up in Bremen or handed over in Hemmoor.

It is a private sale, therefore no liability, guarantee and return.


Since I dive almost exclusively CCR, I sell my here.
Device has just been updated from the factory and has not been dived afterwards.

Hardware 3.0
Software 4.1

In, all modes are already unlocked.
The purchase of upgrades is not necessary.

The following 6 software modes are integrated in the standard:
- Apnea mode
- extended bottomtimer with ratio decoration
- OC Recreational Mode
- OC Trimix technical mode
- OC 100% B├╝hlmann mode
- CCR Trimix technical fixed setpoint

Mode decompression calculation:
B├╝hlmann ZHL16C with gradient factors is a widely recognized method for decompression calculation.
Up to 3 CCR diluent gases and up to 7 OC decorative gases can be used.
Up to 4 stop timers support in bottom timer mode with ratio decoration.

Price: EUR280,-
incl. shipping

Private sale, return and warranty excluded


Few dives.

Full-fledged sports, nitrox, trimix and gyro computer

Small and light

High-end backup computers

Please read about the functions and the evaluation in the "Diving": ".... If you need a computer for everything, you can't ignore the DX: so many functions in such high quality...".

See photos for details.

EUR 499.00

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of any warranty.

NiTek He Trimix Computer,
up to 10 different gas mixtures,
with screen protector for VHB 211,-EUR

Private sale according to EU law, no guarantee/warranty/return.


Sell a Divesoft Freedom in the "Full Trimix" version

The computer is NEW and in the unopened original packaging.

Of course with invoice and guarantee.

Price EUR740,-


New diving compute used only once

Technical data:

Application: Tech and sport divers

Processor: Low-power Microchip PIC18F87K22

Datamemory: 4 MegaByte flash memory

Advertisement: IPS LCD monitor with ambient light sensor, viewing angle: 160┬░, resolution: 320 x 240 pixels, size: 2.4" (63mm diagonal screen)

Connections: Bluetooth Smart Ready (2.0 and 4.0)

Sensor: Combined pressure/temperature sensor, 3D compass (tilt-compensated)

Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (20 hrs running time/2 hr swell)

Controls: Two sensor buttons

Housing: Aluminum, milled from the full and hard-anodized. Scratch-resistant borosilicate glass pane

Operating depth: 120 meters

Dive computer is in good condition only slight traces of usage...

Pick-up would be possible ...
Shipping at extra cost...
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me...
Private sale, therefore no warranty or withdrawal, warranties ..

Price :700EUR

The Descent Mk1 dive computer features Garmin Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate measurement 2 to visually measure the pulse. (The device must have skin contact and cannot be worn over a wet or dry suit.) The dive computer measures the load and automatically uploads the heart rate data to your Garmin Connect? online account so that it can be viewed and analyzed after the dive.

Versatile PREMIUM GPS dive computer in watch design with bright, 1.2-inch color display and TOPO maps
Integrated sensors, including 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as GPS and GLONASS to mark the dive's entry and dive points
Supports single-throttle, multi-throttle, gauge mode and apnea dives, including Nitrox and Trimix; Planning dives directly on the device
Dive calendar to store and review the data of up to 10,000 dives as well as sharing the data online via Garmin Connect? and the corresponding mobile app
Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate monitoring 2 with multisport activity profiles, performance values and smart notifications
Battery life: Battery life: Up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
Not to mention Garmin's unique support in the unlikely event of a failure within the warranty period. You will receive a new device immediately!

- As good as new 5 months old
- No scratches or damage
- in OVP
- With invoice


Scope of delivery:

- Descent MK1 silver with sapphire crystal and black silicone strap
- Extra long QuickFit? bracelet
- USB charging/sync cable
- Documentation/Instructions

PayPal is also possible, but preferably pick-up / cash payment

Private sale

Sell used but fully functional dive computer Suunto D9TX with bottle transmitter from my private property.for ambitious leisure or Tec divers. The offered Suunto D9TX has the usual scratch marks (scratches, slight grinding marks on the case).

The dive computer is for diving with multiple gases air,Nitrox,Trimix


Titanium case and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Complete continuous decompression with the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm

Trimix support (including helium and oxygen)

Gas exchange for up to 8 mixtures

Five modes: air mode, gas mixing mode, measurement mode, free mode and off

Innovative apnea timer and a timer in air and gas mixing mode

Integrated digital 3D compass with tilt correction

Updatable firmware from manufacturer

Optional tubeless air integration ÔÇô current cylinder pressure, remaining air time

Integrated dive planner

Detailed graphical logs and dive data as well as the ability to plan dives and gas mixtures on your PC with DM5 software

This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price VB: 499EUR


Sell my double unit D 20 in 230 bar technology. Weight: 1x 21.9 kg and 1x 22.0 kg
No current T├ťV, because self-filled.
Filled with a small rest Trimix (21/33).
NO SHIPPING! Pick-up in Starnberg (zip code 82319)

Since it is a used sale from private, I have to exclude warranty, warranty and return.

Price: EUR 480,00

  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á backmounted counterlungs (BMCLs
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á AD
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Tempstic
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á BOV (bailout valve)
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Trimix Software
  • ┬Ě22KG win
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á XL harness (Fits me with 182cm and 85Kg
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ALIBOX / Travelframe from Aluminu
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Data cathe
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Delrin lid for the lime container (to store lime between the TG
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2 O2 and 2 Diluent 3 liter bottle
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á New replacement AP16 O2 Senso
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 3 working/good AP16 O2 sensors installed (all also within the best before life)


  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á frontmounted counterlungs (FMCLs) and harness with lead pocket
  • (Have quick-release fasteners installed for easier cleaning
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Original housing (small crack in the floor, but it does not bother further and has been there for at least 8 years
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Auto Air
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2l 300 bar buoyancing gas cylinder incl. quick connector and Scubapro MK16 or MK25 first stage.

If desired, I can convert to original housing, Auto Air and FMCLs.

Do not sell individual parts of the rebreather, but it would be OK without Auto Air, FMCLs or BMCLs and without ALIBOX or original housing.

VB 3600EUR including shipping. Pick-up possible in 35428 Langg├Âns

Only a few dives in the Cave and Trimix area
Scope of delivery
CCR Hammerhead incl.
Backmounted Counters
Manual Adds O2 and Diluenet (incl. QC-6 coupling)
IQ-Sub T-pieces
ADV incl. Flow-Stop
Medium pressure hoses
High-pressure hoses incl. finimeter
Controller Defender, Software 2.15
Radial scrubber
1 set of Metalsub tank mounts

BOV IQ-Sub Shrimp and bottles can be purchased separately

More pictures by email

Price VB EUR4.700,00


Complete 300 bar trimix system, manufacturer Coltri Sub,
Composed of:
- 3 oxygen cylinders 300bar 30liter with wall mount
- Mixing console
- Filling console
-300 bar filter
as well as accessories (hoses, adapters, etc.)
1200,00 Euro for pick-up in Berlin
suitable for private or club, as well as base


I have a Poseidon Seven head unused for sale, as well as a Black Battery and a Poseidon Seven completely ready to dive with Wing and Harnes with 5 dives and new service 48 Trimix

Seven head 1950.-EUR
Battery module 100 meters 450.-EUR
Seven Rebreather 4500.-EUR

I ask for inspection and collection if possible.
The rebreather can be tested with appropriate training.



130 dives, display scratch-free, hardly any traces of use, fully Trimix capable, OC and CC



Sell VRX Trimix Dive Computer OC / CCR

The VRX is a Tec computer with special features that make diving even safer and make it even easier to use. It has a variety of setting options to better adapt the Trimix computer to the individual dives.

VRX - Info:
VGM model and B├╝hlmann ZHL16
high-resolution monochrome display
lightweight, flat aluminium housing
Optocon connector
rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Various display displays, automatic switching (rotation) or manual
User-adjustable Deco individually for fast, medium and slow fabrics (safety surcharge)
up to three oxygen sensors can be connected ( additional option )
multilingual display also german
10 gases adjustable
Dive planning and simulation
Octopuss game for entertainment in a long decoration phase

The VRx is a mixed guest diving computer with the well-known features of the VR3. The VRX is also equipped with new software for the calculation of the DEKO (VGM calculation model). The VRX already corresponds in its basic configuration to the VR3 C4 for open and closed systems, CCR.

Price 450 EUR VHB


For health reasons, I am gradually selling my equipment!

The Alu Stages are without T├ťV because I have always filled them myself for Nitrox / Trimix or only O2

Here I offer:
1x Stage 80cft. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 150,-EUR
1x Stage 10ltr. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 140,-EUR
Bottles can be purchased individually or together!

If you are interested, please contact us.


For health reasons, I am gradually selling my equipment!

The Alu Stages are without T├ťV because I have always filled them myself for Nitrox / Trimix or only O2

Here I offer:
1x Stage 80cft. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 150,-EUR
1x Stage 10ltr. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 140,-EUR
Bottles can be purchased individually or together!

If you are interested, please contact us.



The VR3 is unlocked for OC - SCR/CCR - Trimix - O2 sensor. The dive computer was built in 2006 but has been dived very little and works perfectly. Only the housing has few traces of use (see photos).

Scope of delivery:
- VR3 computer
- Elastic bracelet
- Battery compartment key
- Unlock codes
- Org. Manual and Quick Setup Guide

Price: VB

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return



sell an OSTC 2. Bought 07/ 2015. Has 28 TG in fresh water. Slight (if any) signs of use. In top condition.

Features of the OSTC 2 Trimix dive computer:

Wireless charging
Inductive charging via Qi standard

Bluetooth connection
Easy reading and connection to a computer
Firmware and Updates

Free and open source on
Compatible with many logbook programs

Long battery life
Up to 60 hours of running time in dive mode
Powered by a lithium-ion battery
Precise display of remaining capacity

B├╝hlmann model ZH-L16C
Nitrogen and helium calculation
Adjustable safety surcharges
GF extension (Deep Stops)
Multigas (Trimix)

Five freely adjustable gases (one additional gas configurable in immersion mode)

Adjustable parameters (Custom Functions)

Among other things: decorative model configuration, warning messages,
GF values and brightness levels

Open Circuit
Closed circuit with fixed setpoint
Depth gauge

Built-in simulator
Dive calculation and simulated dive mode

NP: 755 EUR
FP: 600 EUR

Pictures can be sent on request.

I sell as a private individual and exclude liability for material defects in principle. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee, exchange and right of return.




Incl. three 300 bar (stands on the hose) hoses and adapter for helium u oxygen storage bottle.
Custom-made, was built into an Explorer Case and can be easily "taken along".
Outer Mase Explorer Case: (WxHxD) approx. 51x22x43 cm. The oily solution in the pressure gauge, which indicates the filling pressure of the helium storage bottle, is partially slightly clouded, but the pressure gauge can still be read. The original price was about 1000 euros. The panel hasn't been used lately that I haven't had time to dive. Shipping with assumption of the shipping costs (17,00 Euro within D) possible. Private sale: no guarantee or return. Please ask questions in advance. More pictures on request
Price: FP 510 Euro

92648 Vohenstrau├č

Submatix Rebreather SMS 100 CCR Trimix to verk.
Sold is a rebreather with traces of use and all parts needed for diving.

Scope of delivery:
Rebreather with 1.7 kg lime container
1x Diluent bottle 2L without T├╝v
1x oxygen cylinder 2L without T├╝v
1x Flowmeter
3x Sensor
1x breathing snake
1x inhalation bag
1x exhalation bag
1x OMS Wing Bubble
1x 6kg backplate
1x Dive Computer SPX 42 Trimix
1x Oxyscan
1x Argon bottle holder on the housing
1x Replacement housing

Vb. 2300EUR Pick-up in Neum├╝nster or Hemmoor or for shipping plus shipping costs


Sell my dual unit D18 from BtS Europe, DIR Style.

The bottles are in very good condition, have only been dipped 5 times (Trimix course). Unfortunately, I can't go diving anymore because of my children. That's why I sell the bottles that are almost as good as new. The bottles were always stored under pressure.

- BtS Europe D18 232 bar
- Diving Breathing Apparatus stamped
- 20.3 kg per bottle
- Color white
- convex bottom (curved outwards)
- original V4Tec stainless steel clamp set (wide)
- solid threaded bolts
- high-quality DIN G5/8" valve set with M25 thread, cleaned for oxygen
- Barrier bridge

Only pick-up in the Augsburg area.

VB 580 Euro


I offer here a brand new Helo2 dive computer, directly from the support.
If you have any questions, write an email or call...

Shipping goes in air cushions and neat cardboard on the house !
but best of all pick up !

Also present:

- Computer (unused & new)
- USB cable (unused & new)
- All instructions (unused & new)
- Warranty card & DVD (unused & new)
- Carton / OVP (unused & new)
- Suunto sticker (unused & new)
- Sunnto Warranty & Repair Certificate (as original)
- Extra screen protector (from me as an extra)

OVP 529 EUR directly at Suunto




I sell my Inspiration Vision (Trimix).
The device is from 2011 and has about 100 TG in domestic waters.

- Inspiration Vision Electronics
- Counterlungs Gr. L
- Harness Gr. L
- 22 kg Wing
- Lead bags
- Housing in yellow
- ADV with Flowstop
- Tempstick
- Nitrox + Trimix Software
- 1 x 3l Diluent bottle
- 1 x 3l O2 bottle
- DIN 5/8 1st steps
- Lifting bar
- Lid set
- 1 replacement O2 sensor
- Replacement arteries

Price: 3900,- EUR

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return

N├Ąhe D├╝sseldorf

OSTC MK I with ppO2 interface and sensor holder p-port

in good condition, Trimix Capable,
ideal for rebrathers



For sale Double 20 with a full 15/55 Trimix
Price 600 EUR


Sell an unused Galileo Luna. The computer is unused and not affected by the current recall, as it is brand new. The paid multi-gas update (PMG) has already been installed. This allows up to 3 different gases to be used during the dive. This is also a prerequisite for the free Trimix upgrade.

The Shockwave LED lamp is powered by batteries, making it ideal for holidays and local lakes.

Price for both together: 400,00EUR
insured shipping: 6,90EUR within Germany


I sell here a Submatix Rebreather ST100 as mCCR, in perfect condition.
The device has a CE certification and has recently undergone a complete revision and revision.
The device includes:
- Two-piece flawless, repainted case
- second flexible breathing bag set, plus a replacement bag (unused)
- Breathing snake with roller slider mouthpiece
- Lime tank
- Oxygen gas booster with needle valve (kiss valve)
- additional oxygen gas booster as spare part
- Bypass machine
- 4 2ltr. Bottles 200 bar with fresh T├ťV, Aircon valves, newly painted
- pO2 display 3 series Munro tube with new housing
- 3 new oxygen sensors
- Quicksnap holder for argon or buoyancy gas cylinder
- 45 degree connections for the use of Cooperhoses
- 50 nozzle for use as SCR
- various spare parts, such as false valves etc.
- ADV Jacket - can also be exchanged for a backplate and bladder if necessary.
In addition, a BOV from Tecme can be purchased.
The device can be converted from CCR to SCR within a short time.
For the device, all courses SCR or CCR from Level 1 (Nitrox) to Level 3 (Full Trimix) according to IART or IANTD can be offered.
Price for the device and the training: NEGOTIATION BASIS .... BID according to real ideas - so of course not free. Therefore, please only send serious offers and no fun bids. I have my instructions and will not give the device away in any case.
The NP was once 4,500EUR - as CCR.


I would like to sell my DIR regulator set. There are 2 regulators "Poseidon XSTREAM Deep 90" each consist of a 1st stage, a 2nd stage, two inflator hoses and a Finimeter of the brand UWATEC with mineral glass. Of course, the set also includes the Boltsnaps!

Hose lengths:
1. Controller:
210 cm hose for the 2nd step
56 cm inflator hose (Wing)

2. Controller:
60 cm hose for the 2nd step
70 cm inflator hose (Trocki)
61 cm Finimeter

Both controllers were maintained and revised around March / April 2015!

Now to the technical details

Tested to depth of m: 200
Medium pressure bar: 8.5
Air: yes
Trimix: yes
Working pressure: 300 baro
Icing protection: yes
O-rings: Nitrile/EPDM
NORSOK tested: yes
Suitable for cold water according to CE: yes

Stage 2
Color: black
Material: ASA/TPU, stainless steel, brass
Weight g: 152
Volume ml: 49,5
Working principle: Upstream
Delivery quantity (l per min.): 2150
Pilot valve controlled: yes
Safety valve: yes
Rotatable: yes
Automatic venturi control:yes
Automatic inhalation control: yes
Gas tested housing: yes
Dismountable without tools: yes
Right and left usable: yes
Anatomical mouthpiece: yes
Side air shower: yes

Stage 1
Control principle: rolling diaphragm
Material: Chrome/Brass
Valve sealing: Ball
Handwheel placement: on the ground
LP 3/8" / HP 7/16" outlets: 2/1 (Deep 90 3/1)
Delivery quantity (l per min.): 5500
DIN 5/8" thread: yes
Zytel high pressure seat: yes
Thermodynamic icing protection: yes




sell my Weinkamp DR5.
It's all unlocked whether Trimix or Rebreather.
With the DR5 the buttons were replaced 5 months ago ( 250euro)
and the battery has also been renewed.

If you are interested, just report with a price proposal :-)


Sell VR3 dive computer OC/ CCR Nitrox unlocked, 170EUR

with various activation for Nitrox rebreather (C2), Big Data Display, Fischer plug for the connection of an O2 sensor for monitoring and decoration calculation (I had bought 1 years ago for a Dr├Ąger SCR), was dipped by me 2x, since I am now mCCR on the road, it is no longer sufficient because of the monitoring of only one sensor, would say good state of preservation,

Included are:
-VR3 TC with software V 5.03 incl. bracelet,
-Battery tray key.
-Instruction manual + original carton + CD,
-unlock codes,

Specifications of the VR3 according to Delta P (without claim to correctness and completeness):
Design: Arm
Air integration: possible
Display: Dot Matrix
Lighting: yes
Nitrox: up to 100%
Multigas: yes

- Logbook for 60 hours
- Activation automatically or manually
- Depth display is done in 0.1m steps
- Warnings are visual
- calculates up to 10 gases
- Gases switchable
- can be used for trimix, heliox and rebreather diving depending on the activation

Further pictures are available on request.

170EUR incl. shipping by DHL within Germany

Offer a brand new, unused Hollis TX1 Trimix dive computer with transmitter.

I received the computer from Hollis as an exchange model for my DH05 and only took a quick look. Of course has full warranty.

The computer comes with transmitter, USB cable, depth compensated bracelet, alternative bungee mount and hard shell case. All OVP.

Price: 520 Euro VB


I sell here my Quantum Mini year of construction February 2014 so almost new it has just 15h dived top maintained and ready to dive immediately
Also present
-Trimix Computer SPX full TMX detachable from the device and single submersible
-Oxyscan Redudant monitoring
-O2 Booster
-Diluent Booster
-Dive Rite Jacket
VB 4900 Euro PAYPAl or handover

Shipping worldwide Buyer bears the costs



sell my DR5 open for Nitrox, Trimix and CCR with fishing plug.
With the DR5 the buttons were replaced 3 months ago ( 250euro)
and the battery has also been renewed.

If you are interested, just report with a price proposal :-)


Offer a brand new, unused Hollis TX1 Trimix dive computer with transmitter.

I received the computer from Hollis as an exchange model for my DH05 and only took a quick look. Of course has full warranty.

The computer comes with transmitter, USB cable, depth compensated bracelet, alternative bungee mount and hard shell case. All OVP.

Price: 720 Euro VB


Offer Oceanic OC1 dive computer in blue with transmitter!
The OC1 and transmitter got new batteries and O-rings in April. Condition is like new, about 15 TG. There is also a watch glass protection and USB cable for reading out all data. All in OVP.
Sale due to switch to Trimix calculator.
NP approx. 750 Euro!
VB 480 Euro


Sell VR3 with connection cable for O2 sensor. TC is unlocked for Trimix. Please realistic offer pm

Raum: HD/KA

Sell my Galileo Luna incl. transmitter, original interface and spare battery (transmitter) because of the changeover.

All upgrades were carried out and thus the TC was extended to the Trimix-TC.

Operating depth -> 330m
Gas > 10 gases ( He/O2)
Battery TC -> New
TG -> 100
Age -> 1 1/2 years
Light: Yes (continuous operation/ on-off)
Condition -> Good (normal signs of use)
Compass -> Yes Digital with Setpoints

VB 400,-

Shipping possible

Private Sale - No Guarantee


Due to new purchase I sell my Galileo Luna with all upgrades up to the Trimix with 10Gas option incl. transmitter with reserve battery and original interface.

The Luna can be used up to 330m and covers everything in this full version up to Trimix.

Normal signs of use, approx. 100 TG.

Price: VB 475,-

Private sale / No guarantee

Shipping possible

Ps. Pictures can be sent by mail at any time.


Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC MK I

with ppO2 interface for rebreather

cheaper you can not get to a computer that directly calculates with the existing gas in the circuit

Interface housing is from TecMe

Full Trimix Calculator

Pictures and instructions on request



The XEO is a fully functional mixed gas immersion computer for air, nitrox and trimix in an open system or with constant PPO2 for use with CCR devices.
The PC interface allows you to update the computer's software at a later time.

The Xeo offers a color OLED display with large digits for best readability and an ergonomically shaped, compact housing with a display tilted towards the user. The design and colors of the display can be adapted by the user according to individual needs. The simple menu navigation is supported by the unique tapp operation of Liquivision and is possible both with the bare hand and with thick gloves. The XEO is equipped with the ceramic pressure sensors known from other Liquivision computers for their reliability.
The Xeo comes as a standard with a depth-compensating bracelet, but also offers the possibility of the popular attachment with bungee cords.

Technical data and equipment:
- Air / Nitrox / Trimix capable with up to 10 days
- Bottom Timer Mode
- Proven B├╝hlmann-GF (ZHL16C) calculation model
- Built-in dive planner and dive simulator
- Visual alarm
- Logbook function
- Conversion between metric and imperial
- User replaceable batteries
- Downloadable (with optional PC interface)
- Color OLED display
- Readable up to a viewing angle of 170 degrees
- Scratch-resistant mineral glass pane
trimix, computer, ccr

Included in the kit: computer, PC interface, 6 batteries


Sell my Inspiration Vision (New 2009; First ownership) with BackMountCounterLungs.
- Color yellow; Wing and Counter-lungs Black with Grey
- 2 x 3 ltr bottles O2
- 2 x 3 ltr bottles Diluent
- O2 Connection Thread M26x2
- Counter Lung Medium
- Wing 22kg
- Harness Size Mediom
- Temp stick
- Nitrox&Trimix
- Flow Stop
- Transport box
- 2 integrated lead pockets
- 2 spare bleats unused
- various spare parts (4x2 lime flow filters; Service kit O2 Inflator; Replacement O-ring lime container; Revision set for mouthpiece; Set of O-rings for pleated hose connections)
- all INCLUDED DVDs, adapters and cables for connection to PC; USB to Serial Port Converier Cable
Price: 4750,-EUR plus shipping
Rebreather can be visited by arrangement.


Hello everyone

Just start planning my diving courses for spring 2015. This is about the entry into technical diving, but also courses for advanced divers.

- Intro to Cave
- Intro to Wreck

These courses can already be taken with sports diving equipment for a taster.

- Advanced Nitrox, over 40%, e.B. as decoration gas (Stage)
- Technical Foundations
- Normoxic Trimix
- Decompression Procedures
- Advanced Decompression Procesures

These courses require special equipment, such as.B double bottle, stage, trocki, 2 first separate stages, etc..

All courses are certified according to SSI and take place in Hemmoor. Duration: Sunday to Sunday, seven days.

This is only in a nutshell!

If you are seriously interested, please send me an e-mail with the preferred course (there are also combination options). I will be happy to send you details.


Sell my VR3 dive computer
Activation C4 (full activation) for rebreather, nitrox analysis and PC-Link (incl codes!)
"Powerful computer that covers all needs for tech and circulatory divers."
Design: Arm
Air integration: possible
Display: Dot Matrix
Lighting: yes
Nitrox: up to 100%
Multigas: yes
Interface: PC interface
Maximum depth [m]: 330
- Logbook for 60 hours
- Activation automatically or manually
- Depth display is done in 0.1m steps
- Warnings are visual
- calculates up to 10 gases
- Gases switchable
- can be used for trimix, heliox and rebreather diving
- Game for decoration time
used, new battery.
Price: EUR450
Private sale, no guarantee, warranty or
Taking back.


Hello diving community

sell my DX from Suunto.
This is the elastomer version unlocked for Rebreather / Trimix / Nitrox & Air.

The Suunto has been in the swimming pool 1 time the transmitter has never been in the water.

Would like to give the whole thing as a set. So DX elastomer and transmitter

Pictures on request.

Price would be 825,00 euro

Hello diving friends,

have here a Suunto Dx Elasto with transmitter.
The computer is designed for air/nitrox/trimix and rebreather.

Since I bought the computer and have now switched to another rebreather, I no longer need the computer.

The computer has never been in the water and is still in the original packaging.

The computer is under warranty!

I had paid 1299EUR.

If you are interested in the computer, you are welcome to send me a price proposal.