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I offer here a beautiful Aqualung Pearl Jacket in size S/M for sale!

ÔÇóSlim and short shape for more freedom of movement as the jacket is positioned above the hip
ÔÇóThe patented integrated Sportsbra offers additional comfort, safety and stability.
ÔÇóThe flat E-valves minimize water resistance and make the jacket streamlined.
ÔÇóThe Sure Lock II lead bags are self-guided. They are simply pushed into the designated pocket until the "click". In an emergency, only a single pull on the handle provided for this purpose is sufficient and the lead pocket detaches from the anchorage
ÔÇóVarious accessories can be safely stored in the two large zipper pockets on the sides.
ÔÇóEquipped with 4D rings to attach equipment
ÔÇóOn the left side there are eyelets to attach the diving knives from the Aqua Lung range.
ÔÇóOcto pockets (patent pending) are located on both sides to securely store the Octopus and have it easily accessible
ÔÇóDue to the adjustable waist belt, the jacket is suitable for almost all sizes
The Pearl Jacket is the all-round ADV jacket for female divers that is characterized by excellent fit, comfort and design. Due to the adjustable abdominal belt and adjustable shoulder straps, the jacket can be optimally adapted to almost all body shapes and sizes.

In addition, there are 2 buoyancy lead ashes on the tension strap.

The jacket is 2 years old and has about 100 dives.

Since this is a private purchase, I do not assume any guarantee or warranty. The price is 250EUR VB.


The Lotus i3 is a women's wing jacket with Aqua Lung's patented i3 buoyancy system, which was specially developed for women. The WraptureTM Harness System nestles against the female body shape and ensures maximum comfort and stability. The integrated lead pockets are securely anchored in the jacket with the Sure Lock II system.

In addition, I add a jacket knife (see pictures)

Price VB 220 Euro incl. insured shipping with DHL

Private sale, therefore the sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects


Due to the abandonment of diving, I offer all my equipment for sale individually:

Here: Little dipped Mares MRS Plus buoyancy jacket including lead pockets.
This jacket is foldable and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.

Despite my height of 173cm, this size suited me perfectly.

More on offer: fins, regulator, foot line, gloves, hood, if necessary also wet & dry suit.
On request, please send us more information!

Price: 150EUR

Location: Cologne
Shipping possible, shipping costs are borne by buyer


Jacket SeaQuest QD-Pro Size XL. Integrated lead pockets. Incl. 1 spare bag. Bubble ok. Inflator ok. 2 quick-release straps for double 8 ÔÇô can be easily converted to single bottle. Knife on jacket.

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 125


Sell a used jacket / buoyancy vest by Aqualung, model Pro LT in size L. Price: 120EUR
It's absolutely fine, I just lost weight and need it smaller.

Instead of the simple bottle strap, I installed one with a stainless steel buckle. This can be adjusted much faster and opened completely when changing bottles.

SureLockÔäó II Lead Bags System: Insert lead bags until it clicks. In case of emergency, pull with a jerk to loosen the bags.
Backpack with integrated insert to prevent the compressed air bottle from slipping
Two large side pockets with heavy-duty zipper
Octopus pocket front right and instrument bag left
Length-adjustable abdominal belt
Large pulling aids on the quick drains: quick to find and easy to grip even with thick gloves
Positioning tabs to adjust the jacket perfectly to the height
Eyelets for attaching an optional diving knife

Material outside: Abrasion and UV resistant 500D ArmorÔäó Cordura┬«

Material inside: 420D urethane coated nylon mixture of UV-resistant polyester and mesh material

Weight system: SureLockÔäó II

weight: size L 19 kg

weight trim lead: 4.5 kg trim lead in two pockets on the bottle strap

Quick drains: 1 right shoulder, 1 right rear

It is a private sale without guarantee or warranty.

Parcel shipping is included in the price, PayPal friends no problem!


For sale is an Aqualung Pro Lt Jacket. It has always served me well and is only sold due to system changes.

The price is 180 Euro VB.

The size is ML.

Below is some information from the manufacturer:

- SureLockÔäó II Lead Bags System: Insert lead bags until it "clicks". In case of emergency, pull with a jerk to loosen the bags.

- Backpack with integrated insert to prevent the compressed air bottle from slipping

- Two large side pockets with heavy-duty zipper

- Octopus pocket front right and instrument pocket left

- Length-adjustable abdominal belt

- Large pulling aids on the quick drains: quick to find and easy to grip even with thick gloves

- Positioning tabs to adjust the jacket perfectly to the height

- Eyelets for attaching an optional diving knife

weight trim lead: 4.5 kg trim lead in two pockets on the bottle strap

D-rings: Four stainless, flat D-rings

Quick drains: 1 right shoulder, 1 right rear

In the case of shipping, the buyer bears the costs.

Private sale. No warranty and guarantee.


Poseidon One Harness with Besea W50 and Blackline lead bags

Price: 300EUR

Shipping possible against assumption of postage costs


Sell brand new unpunged Oceanic buoyancy jacket in size XS. The jacket has integrated lead pockets and also a transport bag + inflator hose is included in the scope of delivery (see pictures.

Fitting on site in Karlsruhe Durlach or insured shipping possible.

I offer here my Sport Jacket from Aqualung. It has always served me well. It has no defects. The sale is due to the switch to a different system. The jacket is lead-integrated and has trim bleaches at the back. The lead bags are not in the photo, but are of course available. The associated inflator hose is also part of it.

Shipping is possible, otherwise also pick-up or handover in Hemmoor.

Size is M/D.

Price 260,00 EUR VHB


Condition: very good, fully functional. 10x used

Sale because of hobby task.


removable weight at the front of the lead pockets.

Reinforced back carrier, as well as thick foam padding offer greater wearing comfort.

Adjustable chest strap, of which the right side is elastic, offers additional flexibility.

Pull quick release valves, rear bottom, front top right and in the inflator.

Ergonomically shaped shoulder area with rotatable quick-release buckles (exclusive to Sea Quest) for unsurpassed fit.

Additional padding of the shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

2 large outer pockets with zippers and zip pull line.

Large D-rings for adjusting the shoulder straps, even with the thickest gloves.

Two lead pockets (without lead)

Weight: 3-4 kg

Pockets: two on the sides with zipper

Quick drains: 3

Tension straps: 1 and one carrying and catching loop

D-rings: 6 made of stainless steel, 2 made of robust plastic

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee or warranty Can also be shipped.

Price: EUR 90,00


Complete set wing

Bubble 40 lb Dive System Original price: 385 Euro
Harness Hollies HTS SM Original price: 359 Euro
Backplate stainless steel manufacturer unknown Original price: 100-200 Euro
Lead bags approx. 50 Euro

Original price between 850 and 950 Euro!!

VB 350 EUR

I sell a lead strap with 4 bags from Scubapro

Price : 15 Euro plus shipping

2x lead bags from seac sub

Price: 30 Euro plus shipping

Private sale without guarantee and right of return


Well preserved and well maintained buoyancy jacket by Cressi. Normal signs of use. All brackets and pockets in order. Lead bags are easy to use up to 10kg of lead.

No guarantee or warranty and return by me as it is a private sale.


Phone: 01633922440

If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new. Size XL

Information from the manufacturer:
A jacket with an integrated weight system does not have to cost the world
But you will be at home at the dive sites of the world. With its just 2,550 g in size M, the Start Pro 2 from the renowned Italian producer Cressi is an ideal companion for dives on holiday. Of course, the jacket can also be used for use in domestic waters.
Many divers appreciate the very good fit and easy handling.
Material: Inside Cordura 500 - light and soft, Outside: Cordura 1000 - particularly abrasion-resistant and stable
2 lead pockets with quick release system and safety buckle (lead not included)
2 large pockets with zipper
Well-padded back carrier
3 air drain valves
Various retaining rings made of lightweight and solid plastic
Adjustable chest strap
Adjustable grief waistband with Velcro fastener and safety buckle
Lift: XS(13.3 kg), S(14.3 kg), M(15.3 kg), L(17.3 kg), XL(20.4 kg)

scope of delivery
Cressi Dive Jacket Strat Pro 2
Inflator and inflator hose


Buoyancy jacket from Aqualung in size SM/MD incl. inflator hose and user manual on CD for sale due to circumstances. The Zuma is a travel jacket and very light. The buoyancy bubble is on the back, it has integrated lead pockets (without lead) with click system. The colour is grey/olive green. Can be worn perfectly and also packed. Very suitable for beginners.

It would only be used for 3 dives. Nevertheless, no guarantees are given. The price is 130,00 EUR


We , 2 women offer complete well-maintained diving equipment for 2 people (size 42 )+ 2 underwater photo cases Lumix and Rollei

1 Diving Suit "Aqualung Iceland Comfort" Size 44, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 Diving Suit with Ice Vest / Shorty T-20r "Water Proof",Size 42, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 diving shoes "Water Proof", size 39, with firm outsole, 5mm

1 Diving Gloves "Scubapro", Size M

1 Diving Gloves "Mares", Size M

1 Tarier Vest "Seac Sub", Size M

1 Tarier vest " Cressi", size M

1 diving fins for diving shoes "Mares"

1 diving fins for diving shoes " Cressi"

1 submersible belt without lead

1 diving belt with weights (7 kilos)

2 lead pockets without lead

6 lead (1.5 kilos), 3 lead (1 kilo), 2 lead (2 kilos) " Seacsub, Softlead" :

1 Diving and rescue buoy (signal buoy for divers)

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Favor S"

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Geteko"

1 regulator advantage set with octopus and finimeter "Apeks ATX 50"

1 Finimeter "Sailor Scub"

1 underwater photo housing Lumix , suitable for camera Lumix-Panasonic DMW-MCFS5 incl. operating instructions

1 underwater photo housing Rollei with matching camera Rollei Bullet HD and accessories, incl. operating instructions

The purchase price of the entire equipment was approx. 3600.00 Euro.

The entire diving equipment has only about 20-25 dives on the hump. For various reasons, we don't dive anymore. We really think this is a pity and would like to pass on the complete well-maintained diving equipment to those interested.

So, get started and book diving course / diving holiday immediately. Beforehand, a few services (checking and replacing seals, changing batteries, etc.) should be made for your own safety.

Our price presentation: 1250,00 Euro, VB , individual can also be sold

On request: to Jutta and Andrea :

60486 Frankfurt

OFFER diving equipment for 2 in good condition, without snorkel set, consisting of:

1 Buoyany Jacket Gr.M (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead)

1 buoyanc jacket size XL (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead) incl. diving knife made of titanium

1 diving case (mares - limited edition|metal), holds 2 compl. Equipment, without bottle

2 cold water regulators SL 200-24, complete, but in need of revision

2 dive computers VEO 100 NX (Oceanic) with original packaging (operating instructions, keys), possibly new battery required

2 rescue buoys

2 bracket adapters

1 diving suit size 42 (Polaris), 5 mm

1 diving suit size 54 (Polaris), 5 mm

as a complete package for sale for 800, - EUR for self-collection


Bleintegrated; Jacket of the 1st lead-integrated generation therefore lead pockets single-track with Velcro protection without buckles; back plate; D-rings made of stainless steel; high-quality power inflator; tension strap for the bottle; catch loop for the bottle; Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with rotatable quick-release buckles; Adjustable chest strap; 2 pockets with zipper; quick drain on the right shoulder; Quick drain rear right; Used condition, In one case, the fabric has come loose at a seam on the inside pocket, but this has no functional limitation. The second has no damage. The jackets were dipped by us until the end and worked perfectly. Jackets were always washed and disinfected inside and out after use; I am therefore not a private seller and a return and guarantee; Self-collection or shipping against assumption of costs

Price for both together 195,-EUR + shipping costs

Hello everyone
I offer here for acquaintances:
Buoyancy jacket Scubapro Glide 3000
Size S

Jacket with integrated power inflator
-> no annoying pleated hose
- integrated weight system with quick drop lead pockets
- 2 trimming bleaches on the back
- 2 quick drains
- 2 large zippered pockets
- 6 stainless steel D-rings
- additional oral inflator to inflate the jacket with the mouth
- Wide sorrow waistband with additional abdomen + chest strap buckle
- Soft neck collar and padded sorrow waistband, shoulder and back

Now and here for 250EUR

Hello everyone
I offer here for acquaintances the
Seaquest "Pro Unlimited" Instructor Edition Size ML
Top Jacket

- Lead integrated incl. lead pockets
- 2 large zipper pockets
- Perfectly padded
- Height-adjustable back cushion
- Retractor in left pocket
- small bag in the grief waistband
- 2 trim bleaches on the side
- 3D bubble that does not constrict
- 3 quick outlets

for 250EUR it is yours

Offer complete diving equipment for girls in size M consisting of:

Total package for only 899 EUR VB

1. Aqua Lung Jacket Pro HD in M

Carrying handle, Two oversized side pockets with 2 way zipper and integrated lead pockets, Adjustable grief waistband, Anti slip pad, Quick drain,

2. Seac fins with matching Seac Neo shoes size M corresponds to shoe size 40 - 41, fins M-L in white pink

3. Seac regulator with finimeter and matching pocket

4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8" thread

1 high-pressure outlet UNF7/16" thread

1st stage designed for 230 bar working pressure

Functional system: Compensating piston

Shockproof rubber protective cap

Ergonomic handwheel

Body made of chrome-plated, polished brass, extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion

Facilitation of the exhalation phase thanks to the increased surface area of the outlet membrane

Front cap made of silicone rubber, with large surface, for safe operation of the air shower even with gloves.

Safety system: membrane fixation, guarantees perfect functioning and stability in every phase of work

Bubble repellent with chin rest for greater stability

Large oval aushalation membrane for easy outhaling in any diving position

New ergonomic mouthpiece, prevents fatigue of the lower jaw

Octopus with 1m long yellow tube

4. Cressi Dive Computer in White

Complete adjustment of O2 oxygen parameters from 21% to 99%

Possibility to perform a nitrox dive after an air dive (even during the desaturation phase)

Deep Stop can be switched on or off

Battery change can be carried out by the user himself


5EUR (Price per piece) 9 pieces available Attention: the pieces do not fit on the lead strap, because the tabs are too narrow! But can be used for lead bags. Shipping possible at an additional cost.


Sell a lead bag for sidemount jacket, the bag is size L and can hold up to 16 KG of lead
Since private sale does not guarantee or return

Price 50,- EUR

Sell a sidemount jacket Apeks WSX 25, fully functional, incl. lead bag and accessory bag
Since private sale, no guarantee or return

Price 420,- EUR

I am selling my BCD "X-Black" from Scubapro in size XXL because of the switch to wing and double device. It has exactly 50 dives both in Germany in the lake and in the Red Sea. Bladder was always well rinsed after each TG and the jacket is TOP maintained.

An AIR II Generation 5 (new 149 EUR) is installed as an inflator (is a fully functional regulator quasi as an octopus). The hose with the special Scubapro connection is of course included, as well as the bracket for hanging. The jacket has three emergency drain valves and, of course, the disposable lead pockets.

(Original price with Air II are 799EUR, invoice available)

I started with the X Black and it has a TOP buoyancy (max about 27kg) especially for beginners and is incredibly safe on.

VB 550EUR incl. Shipping

86668 Karlshuld

The comfort of a backplate even when diving indoors?

Or with other TGs with a mono bottle?

This system offers just that, with a plastic backplate and mono bottle holder

Absolutely recommended to enjoy the free front even when mono diving.
Four lead pockets are part of the backplate (I add 4 kg of lead)

350 EUR

T├Ânisvorst / NRW

Sell my diving equipment (New)

Used 1 time **

Since I can't upload all the pictures,

I can also add them on request.

Diving goggles Cressi

Hood Mares

Diving suit Cressi am about 184 cm tall **

Diving gloves Aqualung XL**

Jacket by Cressi flying controll system

Diving shoes Mares

Diving fins Cressi **

Kink hose from Cressi **

Aqualung Legend LX SUP. ACD+Octopus regulator **with original stuff and 1 free service included (Hartenberger K├Âln

Sunto Diving Computer **

6kg self-cast lead (lead pockets on jacket) **

Pressure gauge

200bar bottle t├╝v expired !!!! **

1,200EUR VB

Bergisch Gladbach 51469 Hand

Phone: 1739502463

Because of sports task I sell complete diving equipment with everything you need!
Semi-dry suit Aqualung, Balance Comfort 7mm Size:M Regulator Set Aqualung Legend with dive computer radio,Scubapro Galileo Luna, fins:
Scuba Gorilla Size Medium with Feet Seac 5mm Size 43/44
Jacket:Scuba Pro Classic Unlimited Size M Hood 5mm Diving Gloves
many accessories for all components as well as complete transport box with wheels and single plastic case (waterproof) to store everything well!
Diving compass, depth gauge, reals with dive boosters of different lengths,
Diving knife for leg and jacket, lead weights yellow integrated in plastic for the lead pockets on the jacket! 12 liter steel bottle with connection for regulator Everything super well maintained and properly maintained in the specialist trade annually!, immediately clear to dive ! even more accessories than listed here Please inquire and report by phone. Also sell individual elements!

VHB:1500,00 all or single on request


Phone: 01713684468

Sell here a Scubapro T-Force Jacket in size S, top condition, incl. inflator hose and signal whistle.

The jacket should cost 150EUR VB incl. shipping!!! This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return!!!

Chest strap: yes with stimulus closure pocket

D-rings: 4 large and 2 small stainless steel

Number of quick outlets: 2

volume size S: 16 liters

Trim lead: Yes

Measure of lead per bag: 5 KG lead integrated

Inflator System: Normal

Type: ADV

Color: Black

Manufacturer's specifications: The T-Force Jacket stands for the classic, reliable and easy-to-use buoyancy jacket of the new T-Line. It is perfect for recreational divers and advanced divers looking for a modern jacket in the upper middle class. The T-Sport has the patented SCUBAPRO weight system and many other design and comfort features of the T-Black.

  • Modern ADV Jacket for discerning recreational divers
  • Patented weight system with quick drop capability
  • Ideal weight distribution due to Trimbletan ash (for 1.5 kg lead)
  • Very abrasion-resistant and comfortable 500 Denier Cordura material
  • High Performance SCUBAPRO Drain Valves & Balanced Inflator
  • Adjustable chest strap and elastic waist belt
  • UV and salt water resistant Cordura color design
  • Elastic zippered side pockets
  • Crimped stainless steel D-rings
  • Super RCA bottle holder

NRW Essen

Phone: 01716561887


I sell here my Mares Dragon SLS Jacket in size S.
The jacket is now about 3/4 year old and has about 30Tgs exclusively in fresh water.
I only sell it because I want to switch to backplate/wing.
I also give a lead bag as a replacement and of course the bill.

Price is 210EUR vhb.

Just write for questions.


Offer here a new unused jacket in size XL with integrated lead pockets.

To be handed over because of switching to another diving system. Pick-up preferred, shipping upon assumption of shipping costs.

No return and no guarantee


I offer a used but well-preserved diving jacket of the brand Cressi S111 in size XL. The jacket is lead-integrated, the lead bags are no longer in the best condition but can be purchased. On the back there are additional trim bleaches.

The price is 100EUR VHB + shipping


Lead-integrated jacket by Blue Eye in size L, only dipped in fresh water, always well maintained, lead bags without damage/wear, price 55EUR VHB + shipping


I offer here the Beuchat Masterlift size L of my wife, as she has switched to sidemount. The valves and quick outlets are maintained and work flawlessly.

This jacket is ideal for beginners and advanced and of course has two lead pockets that can be easily dropped in an emergency.


Since my son no longer dives, I sell his diving jacket, used 3x, as good as new. Size L, 2 lead pockets, 3 air outlet valves, lightweight, 2 side pockets left and right with zipper, No signs of use, absolutely functional, the price refers only to the jacket, the vending machines can be purchased separately, see my other offer.

Price 120EUR

Shipping extra

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty and return


Because of the cession of diving for health reasons, I sell my diving equipment and that of my wife.

The parts are offered individually and are in used condition. Shipping is of course possible for a fee, but preference would be given if necessary.

If you are interested, just ask, you will also be happy to send more pictures, if desired

Foot lead Bright weight 25 EUR Half-trocki Bare Elastek 7 mm 160 EUR Half-dryi Camaro 30 EUR Half-rocki Exel 130 EUR Gloves Camaro 20 EUR Jacket Waterproof Ozor 85 EUR (only with 1 lead pocket) Hood 20 EUR Hood DUI 20 EUR Mares Plana 20 EUR

A sale is made without warranty or return, as sold privately.


Phone: 015120154608

Offer a well-preserved Taier jacket from seaQuest pro xlt. Size M.

Has two lead pockets.

Works perfectly.

Has a few dives under his belt.

For 250EUR it can be picked up.

For shipping with fee.


Sell an almost new Zen Deluxe Wing (1 time freshwater dipped in Dive4Life).

The Wing was purchased in mid-December 2019 as a Christmas present.

Only two advertising inserts were removed, as everything was fixed there.
But they are loose if you want to reseal them.

In addition, the lead bags M - 2x3kg (never used).

Complete price 490EUR. Internet prices currently from (569EUR Jacket + 85EUR Bleitschen).
The Polaris 12l steel bottle with double valve is optionally available in a package for 200EUR (T├ťV until 04/2022 - even dipped only once).

Pick-up & shipping possible. Zip code 53797.


BCD Buoyancy Jacket DIve Rite Transpac, large M

with used tracks but fully functional

Integrated lead pockets, very good for traveling!

Price 150 Eur

Shipping & Packaging 15 Eur

SeaQuest Latitude XLT Jacket
Size ML
3 quick outlets
2 x Trimmble ashes
2 x Surelock-SL-II lead bags f. 2 x 4,5kg
incl. Apeks Westenautomat (unused since Rev.)
with hose,
Price: 188,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Used lead bag from Tusa.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


Aqualung PEARL, women's jacket in size.M/L,

incl. 2 trimming bleaches,

stretcher/catch loop,

incl. stainless steel jacket knife from Oceanic

incl. 2 disposable Surelock SLII lead bags

2 zip pockets

VHB-Price: 176,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Jacket Beluga in size M for sale; FP 60 Euro.

It has been used 10 times in fresh water and is dense. On the inflator there is a small damage to the connection for the hose, so that it should be replaced.

The special feature of this jacket are the 2 bottle carrier straps, which prevent the device from slipping.

No lead bags. The jacket pockets are removable if required.

No warranty or return.


Sell here a very well preserved Scubapro X-TEK Wing with "disposable" lead bags and a monotank adapter.

So both double devices and mono bottles can be mounted. It also has a stainless steel backplate.

The wing has a buoyancy of 27kg

X-TEK NP: 690,00EUR Jacket without adapter and lead pockets

Monotank adapter NP: 135,00EUR

Lead bags NP: 119,00EUR

An extended tape would be mounted on the left quick drain, as seen in the photos.

Sold on the basis of sidemount diving.


Shipping possible.

I offer here the following well maintained and functional diving excavation.

1 x Mares BCD prestige mrs L, integrated lead bags with quick discharge, incl. Seamann Sub Hammerhead, approx. 100TG - 120EUR

1 x FWT Schulz GS45 15┬░ dive light ca 20 TG - 80EUR

1 x Mares Avanti X3 fins with Springstrap approx. 100TG - 40EUR

1 x Apnea fins small 680mm, none 10 TG - 40EUR

1 x Mares Isotherm 6.5mm Halbtrocki L, approx. 100TG - 100EUR

1 x Mare 3mm Neoprene L, none 10 TG - 20EUR

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

Self-collection Vienna

1140 wien

I offer a wing jacket here.

I bought this jacket used myself.

Since the jacket always slipped upwards, I had a shoemaker attach a crotch strap. As a result, the jacket works perfectly. It has metal D-rings and lead pockets.

Price 120 Euro

Phone: 015117909794

seac sub MUSE wingjacket for diving including lead pockets, lead integrated, new in size M with 18.5 kg buoyancy for 220EUR


Consisting of Diverite Transpack and Halcyon Eclipse, knives, dive rite lead bags and 12 kg of lead plates.

great wing for single tanks, of course also convertable to double tank. No damage, cracks or the like.

Best components, put on and off



Phone: 01715157480

For sale is a Seac Icaro Tech Wing Jacket. The bladder is absolutely dense. The inflator was revised last year. Quick outlets work.

I can't say anything exact about age, as I bought the jacket used myself. However, it is the first model that was launched on the market in 2007.

Retail Price: 120EUR

The jacket was dived by me until recently and is only sold because of switching to another system (backplate + donut wing), as it becomes more "technical" with me.

The following changes have been made by me:

- Replacement of the inflator hose with a shorter

- Original harness has been exchanged for a DIR harness with crotch strap

- Bungee to limit the bladder has been removed

Lead pockets and inner bleaches are included, whereby the inner bleaches are damaged which is not a problem.

The Wing is ideal for diving with D12/D8,5/D7 and has the typical Wing Jacket good water position. The bubble has a buoyancy of 25Kg and can easily lift a D12 with one to two stages.

If there are still questions, just ask :).

It is a private sale, I do not assume any warranty. Shipping is possible if costs are covered.

Halle (Saale)

Phone: 01716990761