Classified ads Backplate

* Heser backplate stainless steel 3.3 kg standard

* including harness + trim lead pockets and belt buckle

* Top condition

* PayPal possible - self-collection (district Sigmaringen) or shipping possible

* Everything complete 248, - Euro / for shipping + shipping fees

* Private sale


Phone: 0176-78427841

Complete argon set consisting of:

  • Pressure reducer Poseidon Cyclon 5000 (with built-in pressure relief valve)
  • Mini-Finimeter Poseidon (sauteuer ;-) )
  • Inflator hose 60cm (slightly shorter compared to the standard hoses), very good yield
  • Steel bottle 2l, kk valve, connection G5/8" air (T├ťV expired, always stored under pressure). Very clear signs of use. Shipping is pressure-free.
  • 2 straps for screwing to the backplate. I liked it much better than the attachment to the double pack, because the argon bottle then hangs nicely close to the body and does not lie on the wing.

Due to the high-quality controller I would like to have 150 EUR incl. shipping.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.



I sell my XDeep NX Ultralite aluminum backplate in size L because I have no use for it anymore. It weighs just 625 grams, ideal if you want to screw together a trip BP/W.

There are slight mounting traces (see pictures), but these are unavoidable with aluminum.

Price 70EUR plus shipping of your choice.

I'm selling a Cobby Frame for an AP inspiration here. The AP circulator can be installed in the frame and the bottles can be attached to the outside. Due to the large foot, the circulatory device is stable.

Asking price: 350EUR

The Frame can be used with Evolution and Inspiration canister.
Weight 2.7 Kg
50 cm long
Diam 21 cm
3 mm AG 3 aluminium
Laser cut
Professionnal welding
Hard anodization with colorisation
2 Cam band supports to attach tanks provided.
Can be kept as a hand luggage in a plane even with the canister inside.
Full protection of the canister including the side snorkel.
Can fit up to 4 tanks.
Pre drilled holes to fit most of "quick release tank supports".
Pre drilled holes to put your Evolution handle allowing you to use your 2 hands to carry your rebreather.
Pre drilled holes to attach your diluant manifold.
Pre drilled holes to attach your surface marker at the bottom of the frame.
Your weights can be fixed at the bottom of the frame avoiding the need to have a weight belt (your back will appreciate).
Reinforcement of the Frame to have a flat contact between the Frame and Backplate.
All Stainless Steal nuts & bolts needed are provided.
Rubber protection for the top and bottom to protect the frame and the boat from scratching.
Rubber protection of the handle.

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

Sell absolutely new Finnsub-Wing in perfect condition. Purchased in March 2022 from German specialist retailers, since then only dived in fresh water on two occasions (approx. 10 TG) NP: 690 euros for 520 euros

The wing systems of the Czech manufacturer FINNSUB are very popular with technical divers due to their extremely high quality.

The Wing can of course be viewed in M├╝nster and checked for function. Below is the product description.

The "Fly 17D Comfort" Wing in donut shape gives the diver all the advantages of a tech jacket with the comfort that advanced recreational divers desire.
Ideal for larger mono bottles such as 15 or 18 liters or smaller double bottle configurations such as D7 or D8.5.

FLY Wing - powered by FINNSUB for recreational divers who prefer the philosophy and style of technical diving and jackets for tech divers who do not want to compromise.

The design of the wing bubble "FLY 17D": The "Fly 17D" is specially designed for the use of individual bottles up to a volume of 18 liters. For this reason, the quick drain is located outside the axis (center), otherwise it would come into contact with the diving tank.
Thanks to the special bottle support, which is incorporated directly into the bladder, there is no need for a special single bottle adapter. Together with the two bottle attachments, the bottle sits bomb-proof on the jacket. The shape of the bladder is a so-called donut shape. Due to its compactness, it ensures low water resistance, but at the same time offers a large buoyancy of 18 kg.
To ensure that the "Fly 17D" retains its function even in the most adverse diving conditions, a high-strength Cordura material with a thread thickness of 2000 deniers was processed. The inner bubble consists of either a high-strength polyurethane film or a 500 Cordura material.
Due to the special shoulder strap adjustment made of metal, the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted at any time. A breakage, even under extreme loads, as with usual buckles made of plastic, is not possible. A crotch belt made of soft webbing ensures a comfortable fit even on longer scooter rides. In order to attach enough equipment to the harness, the "Fly Comfort Harness" is equipped with a total of seven stainless steel D-rings, which are held in position by means of a web slider.
The two lead bags each hold up to five kilos of lead and are equipped with a stable rapid discharge system. On the outside there is a rigid D-ring. Optionally, the left lead bag is also available with a special holder for a battery tank of the Finn Light lamps.
The complete system complies with European standards and is certified according to EN 1809.
FINNSUB Fly 17D Features:
Wing Bubble: FLY 17 Donut
Double-shell wing approx. 18 kilos buoyancy ÔÇô ideal for mono bottles from 12 to 18 litres
Color: Black
Outer material: Cordura with 2000 denier
Inner material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (500 deniers),
High-quality inflator with a pleated hose length of 50 centimeters
Stainless steel backplate, approx. 2.7 Kg


Phone: 01637662037

A bundle consisting of:

Perfect for people for whom a regular backplate is too long. This backplate is designed to provide a more optimal backplate for people up to 1.70m. Due to the 2 stutters for the abdominal belt, the abdominal belt can be optimally positioned. For regular backplates (standard dimensions), the abdominal belt feedthrough is further down.

1x short polished stainless steel backplate with a length of 36cm (360mm) made of 3mm V4A with DIR hole spacing for the studs
Weight: 1,95kg


1x polished stainless steel single tank adapter with a length of 34cm (340mm) made of 3mm V4A
Weight: 0,72kg

for a total of 136,00EUR without attachments and without further accessories, only the parts that can be seen on the pictures and drawings.

The backplate and the single tank adapter were manufactured in Germany.

If someone would like to have several backplates or single tank adapters or as a bundle, please write to them by PN.

The bundle can be sent by parcel service or we can arrange to meet at a lake in the D├╝sseldorf / Cologne area. The package costs are to be borne by the buyer.


450EUR Shipping possible

Features of the HYDROS PRO
- Resistant: Gel harness made of patented, injection-molded monprene® is very resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Velcro and zippers are completely dispensed with
- Immediately dry: Stores hardly any water, light and dry after diving - ideal for travel
- Modular design / "BC-4-Life": Add weights, straps and pockets and much more as needed
- Easy to repair: Virtually any component, including buckles, can be replaced without any sewing work
- Ergonomic 3D design: Adapts to the body shape of the diver for maximum comfort; Body grip gel prevents the jacket from shifting or slipping up
- Torso Flex Zone: Automatic adjustment to the diver's back length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement
- Two-component backplate: Provides the highest level of stability and comfort
- The belt system for a mono bottle allows easy installation
- Articulated shoulder straps: This allows the straps to adapt to the shape of the body and thus ensure a perfect fit
- Lightweight: Modern material ensures low weight
- Neutral buoyancy: The HYDROS PRO has virtually no buoyancy
- Cross-flow duct: Reduces air pockets for improved maneuverability and easier draining from any body position
- 2-stage inflating: A three-piece bungee strap system controls air distribution to ensure a compact shape underwater and high lifting capacity at the surface
- Weight system: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles provide a fixed position for easy, one-handed operation
- Multi-mount matrix: Multiple mounting points and D-rings, for secure attachment of accessories
- Intelligent package design: shoulder and chest straps can be folded into the air bubble, making for a very compact package for easy transport and storage

Offer jjccr backplate with straps. Brand-new. 150EUR

Scubapro X-Tek Pro Xtreme System 27kg Buoyancy - Horseshoe Wing in North Rhine-Westphalia - Tight | eBay Classifieds (

1 year old. No 20 TG. Due to permanent switch to sidemount. This wing is no longer available. Original price was 900EUR. Maximum reliability due to the redundant bubble. In addition, perfect water location.

- Large horseshoe wings with a buoyancy capacity of 27 kg - ideal for dives with double device
- Double, redundant inner bubbles made of 420 Denier Nylon, protected by an outer shell made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon
- Precise buoyancy with balanced power inflation (BPI)
- Stable 50 mm Pro-TEK strap
- Better grip and comfort thanks to padded shoulder straps
- Quick release buckle on the left shoulder side for easy removal
- 50 mm stride strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- The stainless steel backplate ensures optimal stability during longer dives
- Shoulder straps with two D-rings on each side
- Internal storage compartment for signal buoys or lifting bags

Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Since this is a private sale, the sale is made to the exclusion of any guarantee or warranty.


Phone: 017624442179

I sell my only 3x dipped Scubapro S-Tek Pro system with stainless steel backplate and the 60s bubble with 27kg buoyancy, because I have to switch to sidemount for health reasons.
The system was purchased in January 2022 and was then in the water 3x.
It is therefore like new.
If you have any questions, simply contact us.

A new black powder-coated backplate made of 4mm aluminum for 125EUR is offered.
The weight of one backplate is 1.3kg.

The backplates can be sent by parcel service or we can arrange to meet at a lake in the D├╝sseldorf / Cologne area. The package costs are to be borne by the buyer.


I only sell the equipment completely!

For inquiries please relalistic offers.

Trilaminate Dry Suit Northern Diver Aquarius Size XXL new and unused. Cuffs are not trimmed, with Arpex valve!

The Wickelzip allows you to put on and take off the Trockis from Northern Diver (Aqualung) independently. One of the few Trockis on the market that can be dressed without outside help. And all this at a great price! Technical characteristics of the Northern Diver Aquarius

"Ultra-light"Dry suit with front entry

Breathable and robust

Attract without outside help - thanks to front entrance

Neoprene heat sleeve on the neck

Cargo Pocket

4mm neoprene boots for warm feet

Suspenders for a better fit

Kevlar reinforcement on the buttocks

Kevlar reinforcement at the knees

Reflector strips on shoulders and arms

Leg pocket

In a set with hood, care set and transport bag

Northern Diver Glove System Dry Glove new and unused, size XL,

NothernDiver Dryglove System with Safelock. Finally a complete dry diving glove set which really works and can be mounted within minutes! All necessary mounting parts are included in the set - including instruction DVD! Even a neoprene sealing glue, if you have laminated neoprene cuffs is available!

Technical details:

Revolutionary closure for quick opening/closing without outside help!

2 sets of spacer rings included (flat rings for neoprene cuffs, high rings for latex sleeves)

Sturdy PVC gloves with a slightly rough surface

Acid-resistant gloves

Separate inner gloves (perfect for cleaning)

Mounting tools included! (Loosens systems that are tightened too tightly)

CE approved


Package includes:

2 PVC gloves

2 separate fleece inner gloves

2 sets of spacer rings

1 assembly tool

1 sealing glue with brush

1 Instruction manual on DVD

Seemann Subtech 100 Underwear XXL for dry suits Innovative underwear made of 3 layers of material, which is suitable for both neoprene and neoprene

Trilaminate dry suits is suitable. The outer layer of material made of water-repellent polyester fabric ensures comfort and durability as well as easy slippage. The lining

made of soft DOUBLE FLEECE transports moisture away from the skin and gives

comfortable thermal insulation. The polyester inner lining provides additional thermal insulation.

Easy to put on and take off with arm cuffs made of 2mm SCS neoprene. The anatomical

cut ankle cuffs made of 1.5 mm Glideskin allow easy sliding in

in suit and booties. The quilted seams prevent the materials from slipping when attaching and

Undress. Other features: 2 large hip pockets and chest pocket with zipper, integrated thumb loops, wrist loops, resistant spiral zipper, from above and

bottom to open, elastic waist.

Diving tanks

The double jaw consists of 2 x 7 liter steel bottles 300bar,wide bridge distance, identical to D-12, double unit is equipped with the well proven V4tec stainless steel precision clamp sets (V4 steel) and with T├ťV.

Scubapro 10 liters with stand used,

2 litre bottle used,

Argon Mono Aluminium Tarrier gas cylinder 0.85 litres 200 bar

Unused with argon straps,

The Deepstop-Apeks DIR Set DS4 consists of:

Right side:

The Apeks DS4 1st stage DIN, DIN G5/8" air connection with metal handwheel and protective cap

210cm 3/8" medium pressure hose black with XTX50 2nd stage, black,

a small carabiner hook with caveline attached,


The Apeks DS4 1st level DIN

a 56cm high pressure hose with deepstop mineral pressure gauge and 1" a

60cm backup hose with the Apeks XTX50 2nd step and Bunjeeloop,

each in black.

Regulator pocket

Mk10 1st stage with...

Complete set wing

Bubble 40 lb Dive System Original price: 385 Euro
Harness Hollies HTS SM Original price: 359 Euro
Backplate stainless steel manufacturer unknown Original price: 100-200 Euro
Lead bags approx. 50 Euro

Original price between 850 and 950 Euro!!

VB 350 EUR

For sale is a used standard Halcyon backplate for 170EUR with complete harness. Weight incl. harness approx. 2,9kg. Condition used with very few traces of use.

The backplate can be picked up or shipped to DE against DHL reimbursement (6EUR). International shipping is also possible after consultation.

Sale of private, no return or guarantee.

Offer here a used backplate from Heser. The original price is 220EUR. For 130 Euros (VB) I would sell them. Heser backplates are genuine quality products made in Germany.

With the weight and length of the backplate, it is good for smaller people under 170 cm people. Due to the weight, no additional P-weight or similar is required.

Here are some information from the manufacturer:

A short backplate offers the advantage for people with a height of less than 170cm that you have a little more leeway when tuning the position on the back. As a result, a more favorable position can often be found on the back, so that under certain circumstances the achievement of a horizontal water position is facilitated.

This backplate is of outstanding quality. In contrast to conventional backplates, all edges are provided with a milled radius. This protects the webbing in the best possible way. Due to its excellent workmanship, the backplate has a very nice look.


Backplate material: 6mm, approx. 3.6kg seawater resistant stainless steel (1.4571 ; 316Ti)
Surface: Matt (blasted with precious corundum)
Dimensions: length = 357mm (23mm shorter than standard backplates); Width = approx. 240mm (40mm narrower than standard backplates)
Hole spacing: 11 inches = 279.4 mm (Fits any wing with the standard hole spacing 11 inches)

Private sale, therefore no return or warranty.


Hello, sell here my no longer used TEC Bachplate. Weight 4400 grams, thickness 6mm. Very high quality workmanship. All corners and edges are rounded. So nothing rubs and chafes. The plate is fully functional and ready for immediate use. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 180 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

DIR Zone Backplate including banding

Complete set consisting of:
- Stainless steel backplate 3mm with harness,
- stainless steel D-rings and belt stoppers,
- stainless steel belt buckle,
- crotch belt and
- Small, handy knife made of stainless steel with sawtooth
- Incl. knife sheath made of webbing for the abdominal belt

Weight: approx. 2.8 kg

Price incl. shipping: 110EUR

No flaws.
You can make me an offer.
Private sale. No guarantee or withdrawal.
Animal-free non-smoking household.

for questions: 0172 8128721


Phone: +49172812872

Backplate of overstock and never used. Fits all wings with standard hole spacing 11".

The backplate for 30,-EUR is delivered as shown. Payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin



Backplate of overstock and never used. Fits all wings with standard hole spacing 11". As with Heeser, the edges are beautifully deburred and rounded to reduce the stress of the harness.

The backplate for 50,-EUR is delivered as shown. Payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin



Offer here a used Halcyon Storage Pack incl. the 6 matching screws for the backplate.

price 40EUR + shipping

Sell my Finnsub Fly Side Jacket. Was bought about 3 years ago on the boat and has about 40 TG. It is equipped with a 3mm backplate.

There are 6 pockets for lead (always 2 equal size) attached. These can hold 2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 2x3kg. In addition, 2x 5kg can be attached to the backplate.
New price are currently 770EUR
Would like to have another 300EUR VHB.


I'm selling a Halcyon Eclipse 40 Mono-Wing:
Since I have only been diving double device for over two years and the Wing is only in the closet, I sell it now so that someone uses it again.

As you can see in the pictures, the wing is embroidered in custom color gray-blue-gray and with "diver center" lettering. I bought the wing at that time completely incl. backplate etc. used from the diving center.

The wing works perfectly and is tight. I had it lying inflated for several days without it losing air.

VB 299,- EUR
Shipping: 5,99 EUR

In another auction I also offer the original Halcyon single tank adapter.

Private sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee.


Long aluminium backplate

Ideal for large dual appliances or rebreathers

3mm Alu

Condition of the plate almost like new, only dipped three times

Webbing is older

Asking price 120EUR
Shipping or collection possible


Sell Halcyon stainless steel backplate with harness (shortened) and stainless steel small parts, as well as Halcyon belt buckle and rubber rings. Very well preserved and maintained.

The Halcyon backplate - the original - often copied, but unsurpassed in quality and functionality.

Technical data of the Halcyon standard backplate made of stainless steel:
- Weight: Approx. 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
- Height: approx. 39.3 cm
- Width: approx. 26.0 cm
- Hole spacing: 280 mm

Halcyon Harness ("Beb├Ąnderung") consisting of:
- approx. 5 cm wide Halcyon webbing (with blue Halcyon logo)
- 2x shoulder D-ring, 1x hip D-ring made of stainless steel
- Rubber rings (to secure the accessories, e.B. backup lamp)
- Soft crotch strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- Halcyon stainless steel belt buckle
- Subgear belt buckle to secure the tank lamp

PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer.

Original price: 290,- EUR. VHB 240,- EUR plus shipping costs.


We clean up and need space for new ­čśŐ

Therefore, some various diving items are for sale. PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer. Prices plus shipping costs.

  • Check-up dry diving gloves. Once size M, once size L. Fed from the inside. Without underwear gloves. VHB 75 EUR per pair
  • Storage packs for backplate. 1x Halcyon H2O special edition, 1x DIR zone black. Without screws. VHB 26 EUR per pack.
  • DIR-Zone belt bag for harness (50mm). VHB 30 EUR
  • Oceanic gloves and Mares hood, both 5mm. Size L. VHB 5 EUR each
  • Crotch strap, no-name. Standard unabridged. VHB 10 EUR
  • Subgear lead belt 1x new and 1x used. VHB 5 EUR
  • Various medium-pressure hoses. Miflex, rubber, inflator, regulator... Please inquire. Price VHB
  • Rubber mask band with neoprene schoener from TUSA. VHB 2 EUR
  • Cold protection cuff for the arm of S.L. Dive. 3.5 mm neoprene. 2-piece: black with smooth skin neoprene, size L and neon yellow, size XL. VHB 15 EUR
  • Lead stopper and 2x fixed D-ring on lead stopper. VHB 2 EUR per piece


If necessary, I can still send photos. The rebreather is in top condition. However, the Switshblock would need new valve seals. That's why I installed two new flow stop valves. I did the season (September 2020) with it in Hemmoor tX dives.

BOV is installed. DSV is also there. All seals as well as the drain valve from the inner counter-lung are new.

Also present:

D12 , multiple frames for different bottles, BOV, DSV, ARGON SET, Backplate ALU with harness by OMS, Wing OMS 94lbs

Everything in top condition

Some spare parts

Vb 3900EUR

The comfort of a backplate even when diving indoors?

Or with other TGs with a mono bottle?

This system offers just that, with a plastic backplate and mono bottle holder

Absolutely recommended to enjoy the free front even when mono diving.
Four lead pockets are part of the backplate (I add 4 kg of lead)

350 EUR

T├Ânisvorst / NRW


I sell here my Mares Dragon SLS Jacket in size S.
The jacket is now about 3/4 year old and has about 30Tgs exclusively in fresh water.
I only sell it because I want to switch to backplate/wing.
I also give a lead bag as a replacement and of course the bill.

Price is 210EUR vhb.

Just write for questions.


New aluminium backplate 4mm, 475mm long

all edges rounded, black anodized

Price 125EUR incl. shipping in Germany


Look for such a backplate made of Kydex from the US brand Deal Des Supply.

For sale is a Seac Icaro Tech Wing Jacket. The bladder is absolutely dense. The inflator was revised last year. Quick outlets work.

I can't say anything exact about age, as I bought the jacket used myself. However, it is the first model that was launched on the market in 2007.

Retail Price: 120EUR

The jacket was dived by me until recently and is only sold because of switching to another system (backplate + donut wing), as it becomes more "technical" with me.

The following changes have been made by me:

- Replacement of the inflator hose with a shorter

- Original harness has been exchanged for a DIR harness with crotch strap

- Bungee to limit the bladder has been removed

Lead pockets and inner bleaches are included, whereby the inner bleaches are damaged which is not a problem.

The Wing is ideal for diving with D12/D8,5/D7 and has the typical Wing Jacket good water position. The bubble has a buoyancy of 25Kg and can easily lift a D12 with one to two stages.

If there are still questions, just ask :).

It is a private sale, I do not assume any warranty. Shipping is possible if costs are covered.

Halle (Saale)

Phone: 01716990761

Set consists of the following components:

- Donut bubble mono bottle 10Kg

- 3 mm backplate aluminium

- Standard Harness

- Bottle strap

- Bottle adapter

- Deluxe upholstery

Set has about 35 dives.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price 409,00EUR VB

Shipping is possible

Private sale. No exchange or return. No guarantee.


I sell some of my diving equipment here because I switched to Trocki with D12 and backplate.

To estimate the sizes I am 178 cm tall weigh about 65 kg and have:e shoe size 41.

For sale are:

  • 7mm semi-dry suit Cressi Lontra Lady M/3 _ max. 20 dives: 70EUR
  • Wing Jacket Zeagle Zena S/M incl. lead bags _ only 9 dives, very good condition: 350EUR
  • Equipment fins Mares Volo Power in Small + new, unmerged Springstraps in S: 65EUR
  • 6,5mm neoprene gloves Mares waterstop: 15EUR
  • 6,5mm neoprene head hood Mares Trihood in XL (smaller): 15EUR
  • 6,5mm neoprene feet in size 42 Aqualung: 15EUR

All prices negotiate base - together 500 EUR.

Inspection and fitting is possible in Minden, shipping against assumption of shipping costs also no problem. Return or warranty excluded. PayPal any fees for this are borne by the buyer.


Sell new

TECLINE Stainless Steel - Backplate 3mm with TECLINE DIR Harness

As shown in the pictures.

Has never been used or assembled.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 120,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

I sell a jacket OMS Comfort Harness, backplate, strap bladder 45 L in color black, double 7 (T├╝v has expired), device for argon bottle, argon bottle with connection and various accessories (lead bags, device for a bottle, buoys). Price 550 Euro negotiation basis!


Phone: 015221691854

Offer 1L steel diving tank for 80EUR . Valve (G5/8) , year 2017, with T├ťV until 05.2020. Ideal for use as a Poni bottle with buoyancing gas for Trocki. Always stored under pressure. Shipping Printless possible, shipping pays buyer (e.B. Hermes 4,95EUR). 2 straps from BTS for mounting on backplate I give with it.


I have to clear out the leftovers and give away used, partly new or new diving things cheaply. (Shipping to Germany or EU will be added in each case). More photos are welcome. Unfortunately could only upload 10 pictures.

1. Apnea fins Cressi Gara 3000, Grey/ Black, Size 40-41, EUR45

2. Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quattro ABS, Black, Gr. Regular, EUR40

3. Dolphin Fins, Yellow, Gr.M-L, EUR20

4. Neoprene Shorty, approx. 6mm for the tropics or swimming pool, Gr.M, AS NEW, EUR20

5. Wetsuit Dolphin, approx. 6mm, size.M/L, EUR25

6. Wetsuit Sailor, approx. 6mm, Gr.M/L, EUR30

7. Div. temples for trocki, jacket, wetsuits, each EUR5

8. Brackets for compass, bottomtimer, dive computer, each EUR5

9. Neoprene gloves Mares, 3/5mm, EUR10

10. Neoprene gloves Scubapro Everflex, Size L, NEW, EUR30

11. 3 finger neoprene gloves, GNT, very warm, patched but tight, size L, EUR5

12. Underwear Neoprene Gloves Forth Element, thin, approx. 2mm, NEW, EUR15

13. Trocki Gloves BTS, Northern Blue, Gr.M, EUR15

14. Thermosocks for Trocki, Fourth Element, Size L, Approx. 43-45, EUR15

15. Wetnotes, Dir Zone with Boltsnap, EUR15

16. Wetnotes, Techline with Boltsnap, EUR15

17. Neoprene Hood Waterproof, 7mm, short collar, EUR20

18. Neoprene Hood Waterproof, 7mm, Longer Collar, LIKE NEW, EUR35

19. Neoprene Hood No Name, 5mm, Size L, NEW, EUR5

20. Neoprene Hood Dive System, 6mm, Size L, NEW, EUR20

21. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 6mm, Size XXL, LIKE NEW, EUR35

22. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 9mm, Size XL, LIKE NEW, EUR40

23. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 9mm, Size XXL, AS NEW, EUR40

24. Octopus rubber for backup controller, yellow, NEW, EUR5

25. Bag Dive System for Trocki or Underwear, AS NEW, EUR15

26. Halcyon Storage Pack for Backplate, EUR30

27. Knife yellow with lock system, AS NEW, EUR15

28. Reef hook, AS NEW, EUR5


Phone: 01792359974

OMS Complete Set Performance Double

60lbs + OMS Comfort Harness XL + OMS Backplate V4A + OMS Lead Bags

This Complete Set is NEW and has not been USED NEVER due to lack of Time.

Sale Price: 499 EUROS

New Price is ÔéČ599

No Guarantee and Withdrawal possible, as Private Sale


Because of hobby task I sell various equipment:

* Apekx WTX Wing 27 liters - good condition. FP 120EUR

* Apekx backplate with harness. I subsequently had a quick-release fastener installed on the left chest strap to make it easier to take off the wing in the water. The closure alone cost me 130EUR at that time. FP 175EUR

* Argon bottle 0.85l with DirZone straps, firmly mounted on the backplate. FP 80EUR

If you want to have everything together, you can get it for 360EUR

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Sell my upstream backplate 6mm long. This is about 7kg heavy. Price: 160EUR

The Tecline Wing Donut 22 Special Edition is especially suitable for double-12. Mounted is a 35cm and in addition a 30cm inflator hose is included. Wing has hardly any traces of use and is dense. Price: 250EUR

Shipping is possible. The items can be purchased individually or together.

Region Stuttgart

-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Bubble material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Color: Black.
-Manufacturer: A.P.Valves, Cornwall, UK

Price: 119,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

Hello, because of the abandonment of diving I offer here my

SF-2 rebreather in full equipment "Ready to Dive +".

Included is the following:

SF-2 ECCR tube approx. 60 h dive time incl. Shearwater Controller DiveCAN

Shearwater Petrel with Fischer connector as backup computer

Backplate long and heavy (6 mm)

Wing Black Devil

1st stage Scubaforce oxygen side

Stage 1 Scubaforce Diluent

Manual ADS metal version over the shoulder

Golem Gear BOV with Breathing Snake

Original DSV with long spare hoses Dr├Ąger

2 x pair of 3l bottle set 300 bar.

Original suitcase from Scubaforce is also included.

Pictures can be emailed via PM and serious interest.

The device has traces of use from cave diving but is technically in a

perfect condition, the oxygen sensors are about 1 year old but still have

acceptable values.

VB 7900,-- Euro


Hello sell 2x against bid, individually or as a package. Everything is in top condition. Bottles are for collection, no shipping.

- Double 7, Dir Style and Nitrox clean, T├╝v to
- Heeser Backplate
- OMS Donat

Looking forward to numerous inquiries
Good air
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Freiburg im Breisgau

pSCR Rebreather

A used pSCR rebreather in good condition. (Manufacturer Deep Access Model Sphere) It is "Ready to dive" and is sold without wing, backplate, and the Apeks vending machine.

D8.5 Steel
Steel Frame
Lola Valve with Flex Bridge
Cooper Pants
Switchblock QC-6

Price: 1.995EUR


pSCR Rebreather

A used pSCR rebreather in good condition. (Manufacturer Deep Access Model Sphere) It is "Ready to dive" and is sold without wing, backplate, and the Apeks vending machine.

D8.5 Steel
Steel Frame
Lola Valve with Flex Bridge
Cooper Pants
Switchblock QC-6

Price: 1.995EUR


Metal buckles
very robust
e.B. for stage rigging or mono bottle on the backplate


FP 30EUR plus shipping