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  1. Diving suit Mares Flexa 3-2-2 mm (size 54-56), unused: 120 0EUR
  2. Scubapro Tropical Diving Jumpsuit Pyroflex made of 1.5 mm neoprene and fleece, Size: 54: 80 EUR
  3. Camaro Titanium Shirt Longsleeves 2mm Size 54/XL: 40 EUR
  4. Mares Classic NG boat 5 mm size 43 (10), unused:: 20 EUR
  5. Tusa F├╝ssling Gr. 43: 15 EUR
  6. MARES Trihood 5mm, Size L: 15 EUR
  7. CAMARO Titanium hood 0,5 mm: 15 EUR
  8. CAMARO Titanium Socks 2.5 mm: 10 EUR
  9. MERO socks high, size M, approx. 2 mm: 10 EUR
  10. SCUBATEC Tropical Gloves Diving Gloves 2mm Size 9/L: 8 EUR
  11. Scubapro Wing Jacket Seahawk, lead integrated, size L, with Subgear knife SK75, catch loop and quick release: 175 EUR
  12. Scubapro buoyancy jacket GO with AIR 2 inflator / octopus, size L, with 2 trim bleaches: 70 EUR
  13. Scubapro MK25 EVO / S600 Titanium regulator with R195 Octopus, Polaris Finimeter, DIN/INT adapter, various spare/MIFLEX hoses, spare mouthpiece, Octopus magnetic holder with carabiner hook: 500 EUR
  14. Apeks Travel Regulator Flight, TUSA Finimeter, Octopus Magnetic Holder, Spare Mouthpiece, Accessories: 125 EUR
  15. Equipment fins Aqualung X Shot Gr. R (41-44) with Spring Strapes: 35 EUR
  16. Diving mask Mares X-VISION - Liquidskin - Two-glass mask black, storage box: 25 EUR
  17. Diving mask Oceanic Accent single-glass mask, extremely large field of view, neoprene tape, box: 18 EUR
  18. Suunto D6i Novo Stone incl. radio transmitter, , only 13 TG, transfer cable, extension bracelet, 3x battery KIT D-Series, 1 x battery KIT transmitter set, 3 spare batteries CR 2450: 375 EU
  19. UW lamp TillyTec MPL 500 - 9000 LED, battery operation, 2 chargers, 3x rechargeable batteries, hand strap with carabiner hook: 60 EUR
  20. UW lamp Volador Model DIV11: 3 levels + flash function, 2x battery, charger, USB cable, wrist strap, spare O-rings: 20 EUR
  21. Signal buoys from Seemann incl. bag and subgear with 5m line or band each and Mares Comact Reel: 35 EUR
  22. Scubapro diver's knife: 15 EUR
  23. Subgear SCUBAPRO - Multitool for divers: 15 EUR
  24. 2 reef hooks with spiral cable: 20 EUR
  25. 8 carabiners/hooks: 20 EUR
  26. Spiral cable with carabiner: 15 EUR

Some articles have been marked to avoid confusion.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty/liability for material defects.

Prices are pick-up prices ÔÇô for shipping within Germany, the shipping costs per package are 5.49 (up to 2kg) or 6.99 EUR (up to 5kg).


A smoke- animal and allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott and a wonderful good day I wish :-)

I offer a Dive Alert Plus V2 double signaler for ONLY 59 EUR including shipping or 55 EUR for pick-up or personal meeting. 1x VERY LOUD whistle on the surface and 1x horn underwater in one. With standard inflator connector.

Or exchange for the Dive Alert model or an Aquatec Scuba Alert Duo for Atomic SS1, TUSA Duo Air and Scubapro Air :-) When DIVING it is IMPORTANT that the inflator connection for the Vest Machine / Safe Second MUST be suitable for Atomic SS1, TUSA Duo Air or Scubapro Air!!!

With this signal transmitter from Scubapro you can also attract the attention of your diving partners underwater. At the surface of the water, you can emit extremely loud signals over long distances.

The Divealert Plus is supplied with air from the diving bottle by connecting it between the jacket inflator and the inflator hose. It is compatible with all common inflator hoses.

You can switch between underwater or surface signal.

This signal generator gives you additional security that you no longer want to miss!

I offer original Atomic Universal Spring Straps stainless steel heel straps with plastic-coated stainless steel springs for most fin brands except Atomic!

My Atomic Universal Spring straps are absolutely non-quality, CLEAN, WELL-GROOMED and IMMEDIATELY ready for use as they should be, as they do NOT fit on my Atomic fins :-D

ONLY 39 EUR incl. shipping as a shipment of goods or large or maxi letter :-) Original price is 65 EUR...

Another "rethinking" of a simple thing is the unique, rust-resistant stainless steel springs designed with a variable tilt geometry. Divers experience a more comfortable fit and easy one-handed removal, but the springs are deformation-resistant even when overstretched.

The handle tabs allow the fins to be put on and taken off effortlessly.

Plastic-coated stainless steel springs Quick release buckles

No more torn fin bands or buckles!

No more replacement tapes needed!

No more fancy or aborted dives!

The Universal Spring Straps share the same features found in Atomic Aquatics Spring Straps, but are made to fit on almost any other heel fin from other manufacturers.

All lung machines, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

I have various other things I want to sell.

Thank you :-D Thank you for your interest / contact :-)

Always good air and tip-topp dives I wish you :-)

85221 Dachau

TUSA Hyflex Switch device fins - color Black (BK) - size S (shoe size 38-40) - original price EUR 180

Sell my used TUSA Hyflex Switch device fins with usual traces of use - bought in 2018 - fully functional.

Price 110 EUR - Pick up near Kirchheim/Teck possible. In the case of shipping, the buyer bears the shipping costs. Only after full payment will the goods be shipped.

Private sale - Therefore, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty. No return, no return, no guarantee or similar

Official description of the device fins:

  • Innovative fins with interchangeable fin blade
  • Standard with high-quality TUSA bungee straps
  • 10% more propulsion thanks to angled fin blade
  • Less water resistance thanks to Vortex Generator

The fin blades of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins are made of the innovative polyurethane material Purimax, which has a greatly increased responsiveness compared to conventional plastics and rubber, and thus improves the efficiency of the TUSA fins by a lot. The material of the TUSA fin HyFlex Switch device fins is light and robust.

For even better propulsion, the new Vortex Generator on the back of the fin blades of the TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins, which consists of 6 grooves that minimize water resistance and provide increased thrust.

Another 10% more propulsion is also provided by the angled fin blade of the TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins, an angle of 20┬░ between the foot part and the fin blade, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the fin stroke when diving.

The foot part of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch consists of a high-quality material mixture, a multi compound foot part that guarantees a perfect power transmission from the foot to the fin blade when diving. The good fit of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins ensures pleasant wearing comfort when diving.

The TUSA HyFlex Switche are equipped with the Universal Fin Bands from TUSA, the popular TUSA Bungee Straps, for quick and comfortable putting on and taking off the fins.

The special feature of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins is the removable fin blade, which can be separated from the foot part with a few simple steps if you want to change it in color, or for easier transport to store the fins in slightly shorter pockets.

Stuttgart /Umland

Phone: 01791094160

Regulator TUSA X-Pert RS-460 1.St and 2.St.

They are needed and should be revised.

Just write to questions!

VB: 79,-Euro/pcs.

Sale of private! No guarantee, no return.


I sell several TUSA X-Pert RS-460 1.St.

They are needed and should be revised.

Just write to questions!

VB: 49,-Euro/pcs.

Sale of private! No guarantee, no return.


Tusa Liberator pro scuba flowed, in top condition with slight traces of use, see photos.

The size is:


Non-smoking household.

Assessment and collection in Berlin-Moabit.

Private sale, therefore exclusion of any

Warranty; No return, no guarantee or similar.

Items that are presented in addition to the offered item are of course NOT part of the offer.

Brand names (and/or images) are the property of the manufacturers and serve only to describe the item.

Tusa fins size M (length) about 50 cm and Camaro feet size 37/38 for sale. Only used once, therefore almost as good as new.

Price = 40 Euro (plus shipping). Shipping takes place immediately after receipt of payment. As an alternative to shipping, pick-up in Munich is also possible.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, return and revocation.

Hello dear ones,

I sell here my TUSA X-PERT ZOOM Splitfins in black. The size is M-ML and corresponds to Men 7-10; Women 8.5-12; EU 40-44.

The original price was about 130 euros.

I have dipped the fins a lot therefore also the traces of use which are very easy to see in the pictures.

The curved shape is particularly gentle on the human body: "With the TUSA EXPERT-ZOOM, the 27┬░ angle is used to lengthen not the foot but the leg. In the stretched position that the leg finally occupies during fin swimming, the force is optimally transmitted. No large (scissor-like) leg movements are necessary, a short leg stroke is sufficient, which is highly effective despite less effort and gives the best propulsion." (Source Underwater World History)

Splitfins are especially good for divers who quickly suffer from cramps in the calves.

Except for the normal traces of use, the fins have no defects and are super stable and virtually indestructible.

If you have any questions, please contact me,

Until then, all Happy Bubbles!

VB 55 Euro


Phone: +4915238418685

TUSA RS 340 regulator suitable for cold water and in good condition.

A revision should be carried out before use for your own safety.

No warranty, warranty or exchange.


Shipping Plus 7EUR


The TOP DIVE specialist dealer group wants to show even in Corona times that the diving trade is active and able to work together with the diving suppliers. We received an advent calendar with profits worth almost 5,000,- EUR together and were supported by all top dive retailers nationwide as well as the suppliers Scubapro, Garmin, Tusa, Waterproof, Aqualung, SSI and SeaLife.

Click here for the Advent calendar:

Participate and clean up once a day per person - completely free of charge!

And when you have arrived at the Top-Dive homepage, just look through the rubrics there. You will find a lot of interesting and helpful information for divers: travel and product presentation as well as we reports with practical tips and tricks! We look forward to your regular visit to our information pages. Please also tell you about diving buddies and friends!

TOP DIVE - The strongest performance in the German diving market!

28199 Bremen

Phone: 0421/51924 Visit Tauchertreff Dekostop Bremen GmbH

We clean up and need space for new ­čśŐ

Therefore, some various diving items are for sale. PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer. Prices plus shipping costs.

  • Check-up dry diving gloves. Once size M, once size L. Fed from the inside. Without underwear gloves. VHB 75 EUR per pair
  • Storage packs for backplate. 1x Halcyon H2O special edition, 1x DIR zone black. Without screws. VHB 26 EUR per pack.
  • DIR-Zone belt bag for harness (50mm). VHB 30 EUR
  • Oceanic gloves and Mares hood, both 5mm. Size L. VHB 5 EUR each
  • Crotch strap, no-name. Standard unabridged. VHB 10 EUR
  • Subgear lead belt 1x new and 1x used. VHB 5 EUR
  • Various medium-pressure hoses. Miflex, rubber, inflator, regulator... Please inquire. Price VHB
  • Rubber mask band with neoprene schoener from TUSA. VHB 2 EUR
  • Cold protection cuff for the arm of S.L. Dive. 3.5 mm neoprene. 2-piece: black with smooth skin neoprene, size L and neon yellow, size XL. VHB 15 EUR
  • Lead stopper and 2x fixed D-ring on lead stopper. VHB 2 EUR per piece


Diving suit xl by exel... Fits with 75kg and 1.60m size

Reinforced knees and elbows

Suit without hood

Sell my complete equipment with selena jacket by Tusa mask and fins


TUSA RS 340 regulator set suitable for cold water and in good condition.

Before use, a revision should be carried out for your own safety.

No warranty, guarantee or exchange.

Shipping plus 7EUR

Used lead bag from Tusa.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


The 18-piece diving equipment for 380.00 consists of

Regulator with first and second stage MK 20, G250, octopus R190, inflator and dive computer DC 12 P6. Plus transport bag

two-piece wetsuit (size 50) with shoes (size 39 ÔÇô 40) and gloves (size M)

Buoyancy vest (size L) with two air vents, 4 pockets, 3 D eyelets and internal lap belt

Diving tank 10l, 232 bar. Currently filled with 200 bar.

Pocket lead belt with 3 x 2.5 kg bags and two 1 kg bags; plus an additional 1 kg bag

Snorkel, diving mask with transport box and fins of the brand TUSA in turquoise blue

Diving knife TUSA with hardened, stainless double blade and sawtooth blade in a safety sheath

large transport backpack with stowable straps and several compartments.

There are instructions for use, article descriptions and spare parts, as well as a zero-time table.

The equipment was only used a few times. All parts are well maintained and in good condition.

A few more details:

Dimensions wetsuit pants: shoulder to toe approx.135 cm 6 mm thick inner leg length 67 cm chest width 39 cm waist 37 cm

Dimensions wetsuit jacket: shoulder to crotch approx. 60 cm 6 mm thick arm length 54 cm

Dimensions backpack: 66 x 53 x 30 cm with lap belt

The size of the fins can be adjusted as desired.

With the diving bottle, the T├ťV should be made new and for your own safety it would be good to maintain the regulator.

When diving, traces of use such as e.B. the abrasion points on the fins or a crack in the wetsuit (repaired by a specialist; see photo), unfortunately could not be completely avoided.

For shipping in a box, the diving equipment is simply too extensive and too bad. It can therefore be picked up in 84503 Alt├Âtting. If you are interested in buying, I also like to drive a few meters towards you.

Sell used

Fins Tusa Imprex

As shown in the pictures.

Size XL

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 15,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Dive light for sale, price 25,- Euro

Shipping possible (plus shipping costs)



since my wife has to give up diving for medical reasons, we sell some diving utensils here.

Semi-dry suit SUBGEAR Definition (7mm) with ice vest with attached hood - size 38 - 100,00 Euro
Jacket TUSA Selene - size M - in very good condition 150,00 Euro

Both the suits and the jacket are in very good condition and have minimal signs of use.
Our equipment has always been treated with care and is from a non-smoking household. Since the things were all dipped, there are of course slight signs of wear.

I will be happy to send you more pictures on request.

Martin from Rositz


VB EUR 1000

Offer complete diving equipment from well-known diving equipment manufacturers.
The equipment is in very good condition and has only a few dives (50).

Regulator: Mares - The regulator is suitable for cold water
Stage 1 MR42T
2nd stage Proton Metal
Octopus Proton
Finimeter Mares
Pocket for regulators

Jacket: Mares Kaila BCD - Size M
Computer: Suunto Vyper 2
Suit: Mares Reef She dives 3 mm - Size 5
Shorty: Camaro Seamless Bonding 5 mm - Size 50
Gloves: Camaro Seamless Bonding 7 mm - Size S
Hood: Camaro 5 mm
Mask: Seac Sub Boss Black
Mask: Tusa Splin Dive
Hot Sox: Mero
Feet: Polaris 5 mm - size 40
Fins: Tusa Imprex
Snorkel: Tusa

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.


Hello offer here my hardly used
Diver Knife Tusa FK-940 X-Pert II Titanium
If you are interested, just email me.

Price incl. shipping 75 Euro.

Finally, the usual since private sale no guarantee or return


Sell various diving items, such as suit, hood, gloves, feet, fins, trolley, jacket, lung automaton. All from well-known companies like Camaro, Tusa, Spiro, Mares, Scubapro.
If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us at


Sell a complete diving equipment. If you are interested, please contact us. It can also be sold individually. It's women's stuff.
Diving suit *as good as new* Subgear 7mm size 38
Buoyancy jacket Aeris EX-100 *as new*
Diving shoes by Aqualung size 39
Fins of Tusa
and a regulator with octopus with pocket from SUBGEAR if you are interested 015224751780


I offer a very well preserved Tusa Liberator buoyancy jacket in size M. With the jacket was only 3 times in the pool and 1 time in open water.
Unfortunately has to sell it because of the wrong size.
150EUR VB!


This dive light is suitable for cave diving as well as for wreck dives. Of course, this also applies to TG in the open sea. For the lamp you need a new battery, charger and converter for US connection are included. VB100EUR
Then I offer a Dui Trilaminate dry suit incl. thick underwear. I am 172 cm tall and have shoe size 39/40. both in the body size, as well as the shoe size is a bit of air upwards.
Neoprene body with hood is size 36/38 and goes away for 15EUR.
Without picture: new Mares regulator bag for 10EUR and pink Tusa fins for feet, the ribbons have to be new. 5EUR

22303 Hamburg

Device fins of TUSA size S in blue
only worn 20x
very good condition
only underside slightly scratched
with transport bag

EUR 30.00


- Diving trolley Subgear Ecco, very good condition, very light, only used a holiday trip, 70,- EUR
- Diving trolley Aqualung RedLine 1200, good condition, a chafing point on the fin outer pockets, 50, - EUR
- Mask Aqualung Look, 15,- EUR
- TUSA device fins size L, very good condition, 50,- EUR
- Neoprene Waterproof "W1 - Extreme Performance", 5 mm gr.M, front zipper, neuw. (4 TG), 150,- EUR
- Neoprene Trocki, size 52, shoes approx. 42-43, with bag and hood, neuw. (swimming pool only), 350,- EUR
- Hood Aqualung Balance, size 52, 10,- EUR
- Regulator Aualung Micron, hot water (>10┬░C), very light, perfect for air travel, 190,-EUR
- Regulator Apeks Flight, new and unmerged!, OVP, hot water (>10┬░C), very light, perfect for air travel, 300,- EUR
- Jacket Aqualung/Seaquest Pro QD Gr. ML, top condition, lead integrated, 180,- EUR
- Jacket Suunto Equilite 420, Size L, very light, perfect for air travel, 60,- EUR
- Mesh Bag, Mesh Bag, 10,- EUR
- ABC bag, new, 10,- EUR
- Dive light Frogman LED, top condition, 20,- EUR
- Camera Panasonic TZ10, camera unfortunately has a grain of sand in the lens (small dark dot on the picture), 20, - EUR
- Underwater housing for TZ10, neuw. (3 TG), OVP, 190,- EUR
- INT-DIN adapter, very good condition, 10,- EUR
- Vending machine bottle adapter (tee), so that 2 first steps can be dipped on a mono bottle, 20, - EUR
- 4 liter bottle, T├ťV Until 04/16, 30,- EUR
- 9 liter bottle, no T├ťV, 60,- EUR
Comes even more (like lead, fini, console, buoy, hoses, snorkel, writing board... ), I'm not quite through yet... just ask.
I also have to take pictures.

You can watch/try on everything in Mainz or Ingelheim.


due to a serious motorcycle accident in 2013 I can unfortunately no longer go diving, at least not in the foreseeable future. However, I also find my equipment too bad for dusting, which is why I prefer to sell it than that it gathers dust in the cellar for years.
You can buy the whole set but of course you can also buy everything individually. Pictures are available on request :) Of some things, I may even have the OVP there.
For complete purchases, I am also happy to add my transport box.

1x regulator set consisting of:
-Subgear 1st level
-Subgear Barometer
-Subgear 2nd stage Bonaire main breath controller
-Subgear Octopus Aruba Replacement Regulator

1x Dive Computer Subgear XP10 ! SOLD!

1x Jacket SeaQuest Latitude XLT in XL with integrated lead pockets
2x 2kg lead 4x1kg lead

1x Auatics Shorty in 2XL

1x Drywing suit Waterproof Sedna 3.5mm neoprene size L+ with transport bag, only used 2 times
1 pair of GNT (GlattNeoprenTrockentauch) han shoes in size L and a GNT cap (hood or whatever) in L

1x TUSA X-Pert Dive Knife

More on request, my 10l bottle is currently still in the diving school. Just write me an e-mail if you are interested. Price is VHB.
P.S.: I also have SSI teaching materials from my diving training and extension courses.


I offer here a used women's jacket Gr.M for sale, VB 250EUR.

It is in very good condition. It is the brand TUSA, the model Selene. One of the best women's jackets on the market.

The back is padded. On the jacket extra pockets can be inserted into the weight, called "Advanced Weight Loading System", patented by TUSA. No more annoying weight belt!
On the jacket are various pockets for storing things. Belonging to the jacket is a fin strap holder.
The jacket has been tested, air flooding and draining works perfectly.
Since it is still being produced, the weight bags can be bought - should they actually have to be dropped while diving!

Since this is a private sale, I cannot provide any guarantee or warranty. Return is also not possible. Shipping is possible via Hermes, the shipping costs are 9.99EUR.


I offer here a used men's jacket in size L for sale, VB 190EUR.

It is in very good condition. It is the brand TUSA, the model Liberator. On the jacket extra pockets can be inserted into the weight, called "Advanced Weight Loading System", patented by TUSA. No more annoying weight belt!

On the jacket are various pockets for storing things. Belonging to the jacket is a fin strap holder.
The jacket has been tested, air flooding and draining works perfectly.
Since it is still being produced, the weight bags can be bought - should they actually have to be dropped while diving!

Since this is a private sale, I cannot provide any guarantee or warranty. Return is also not possible. Shipping would be possible. The shipping costs are 9,99EUR via Hermes.


Sell new Tusa RS-460 regulator.
The controller is comparable to the Scubapro MK16/R390, just has a different branding.
1st stage diaphragm controlled, DIN 300 bar, 4x ND and 2x HD connection, suitable for cold water.
2nd stage can be converted to connection links.
230EUR incl. shipping (private sale)

I offer my diving equipment set for sale for men. It consists of the following articles:
- Fins with heel strap by TUSA Imprex TRi-Ex in blue/black size L
- Neoprene footwear / shoes with fixed outsole size XXL / 46-47 by Seemann sub with zipper
- Diving mask by Scubapro Spectra (liquid skin)
- Snorkel of TUSA Imprex

The set was only used about 5 times and well stored so that it is in very good condition. We also sell the matching set for the lady, see other ad. The set has new about 200EUR and we would offer it for 120EUR VB. There are various smaller diving accessories as a gift. If both sets (women & men) are bought together, there is another discount and a practical dive bag for free.

Against advance transfer and assumption of shipping costs, we are also happy to ship within Germany. Viewing is possible at any time.


Hello dear diving friends,
I would like to offer you the following diving equipment for sale:
1. Dry suit (Sailor Sub) size L/XL
2. Underwear for dry suit size L
3. Wetsuit (Camaro) Size L
4. Fins (Poseidon)
5. Boots (Aqualung)
6. Jacket with drop lead pockets (sailor)
7. Dive computer Suunto Octopus 2 (batteries empty)
8. Diving hood (Sailor Sub)
9. 2 pairs of gloves - (Aqualung & SeemannSub)
10. Foot lead 2 x 850 g
11. Regulator (TUSA EN 250)
12. Diving mask (Platina)
13. Lead belt (not in the photo)
The equipment listed above is in very good condition and has only been used for about 15 dives.
You are welcome to make me an offer for the entire equipment, but also for individual pieces of equipment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards from Bad Abbach,

Robert Ebenbeck

Bad Abbach

Sell a lead-integrated jacket Tusa Platina Evolution 3D

-Size L/XL
-1000'er Cordura, so practically indestructible
-10 stainless steel D-rings of different sizes
-lead integrated with secure closure system (no Velcro or similar unsafe solutions you can lose), super preserved
Scope of delivery:
-2x original lead bags like photo

Stowable amount of lead was 15kg for me, 6kg each in the lead bags and 1.5kg each in the back of the trim bleaches. Rear would certainly fit 2kg in

VB 200 EUR


I offer a complete starting equipment with fins, boots, gloves, snorkel and diving goggles. The fins are from Tusa, size S. The boots are from Polaris, size 40. The gloves are from Mares, size XS. The snorkel is a TusaImprex II. The diving goggles are a seac sub extreme.
I have only worn the equipment 4 times.


Sell regulator Oceanic Delta 4/ FDX 10 with Alpha 8 Octopus, Finimeter Tusa.

The regulator was purchased in 2012 and is in mint condition. ( 15 dives )

EUR 180


Offer Tusa folding snorkel. The snorkel is made of silicone and can be folded as desired. It then fits in any jacket/suit pocket.

12 Euro incl. shipping as Maxibrief.


I sell my diving equipment of the brand Oceanic.

- Jacket: Oceanic Hera, size SM

- Regulator: Oceanic Delta 4 FDX 10 with Alpha 8 Octopus
Finimeter "Tusa"

- Suit: Oceanic 7mm, semi-dry, size 40

- Device fins: Oceanic, color red

- Feet Oceanic, size 39/40

- Foot part fins: Oceanic Spring Straps size 39/40

The equipment was purchased in February 2012. Original invoice of Jacket u regulator available. With this equipment, only 15 dives have been made. Unfortunately, I can no longer dive because of a disc disease. The equipment was stored well packed in a clean basement.

Price: 570 Euro


Sell. Cressi Regulator , Cressi 5mm Suit XXL +Schorty , Aqua Lung Jaket Pro QD i3 Gr L, Cressi Fins X-XL.
Mares Mask, Diving Comuter Tusa Imprex, Footlings.VHB 550euro

13403 Berlin

Sell. Cressi Regulator , Cressi 5mm Suit XXL +Schorty , Aqua Lung Jaket Pro QD i3 Gr L, Cressi Fins X-XL. Mares mask, diving comuter Tusa Imprex, footlings.

13403 Berlin

Hello everyone
I sell all my diving equipment.

I have prepared a list here.

I am happy to answer questions and of course I also send photos:

1.) Regulator Oceanic with two 1st steps (FDX10,2XDelta4, Alpha 8 Octopus,FiniTopLine52mm) 250,00 EUR
2.) Dry suit Oceanic Comfort 3, size 52, 15 TG only fresh water, back zip 200,00 EUR
3.) Underwear Uebbys Fleece Size M 50,00 EUR
4.) Polaris XT50 Wing complete 280,00 EUR
5.) 12L compressed air bottle short, double valve T├╝v until 10/2014-Poseidon carrying handle 120,00 EUR
6.) 10L compressed air bottle short, double valve T├╝v until 10/2014-Poseidon carrying handle 100,00 EUR
7.) Gloves waterproof G1,5mm size S hardly worn 40,00 EUR
8.) Gloves Crux Size L 15,00 EUR
9.) Gloves Q-Flex Glove 3000 Size M royalnavy 5,00 EUR
10.) Atomic SPLITFIN Size L Reefred with Spring Straps 70,00 EUR
11.) Mares raptor, size R, yellow/black with spring straps 40,00 EUR
12.) Compass Sailor Sup with Retractor 30,00 EUR
13.) Dive light MBSub 14,4 Volt MC 1,9AH, 3 levels adjustable, lamp head ODL/15 GU 5,3k/W 50,00 EUR
14.) Hood WaterProof, 5/7 mm size S 30,00 EUR
15.) Mask Tusa , Visio Tri-EX cobalt blue 40,00 EUR
16. ) Seac SUB Icaro universal bag, leg pocket 10,00 EUR
17.) wetsuit, body&hood Oceanic Size 48 10,00 EUR
18.) Lead belt, Supgear, 4 gr. bags size m 8,00 EUR
19.) Buoy mares 8,00 EUR
20.) Nitro Adapter Din/M26 5,00 EUR
21.) Lead soft lead 3x2 kilo and 4x 1 kilo per kilo, lead pieces for clamping 2x1kg 5,00 EUR

Since it is a private sale, there is no guarantee and no returns.

The equipment can be visited in Wesel.

Greetings also Wesel


Serene Tusa blue NEW EUR 50,00
Serene Tusa Lilac NEW EUR 50,00
Tusa Titanum S NEW EUR 15,00

All together EUR 100,00
Also send individually to ├ľ, D and S

Since this is a private sale, no warranty, guarantee or return possible.

Dobersberg / AUSTRIA

Offer a controller set from APEKS. Consisting of 1st stage DST, 2nd stage ATX40, Octo AT20, Fini Tusa 0-400 bar and inflator hose. Revision was carried out in the summer of 2013 and has been hanging around ever since.
Price: 290EUR VB

34311 Naumburg (Hessen)

Sell the following dive items

1 X Suunto Cobra incl compass for 230.-

1 X treble Light MX 6 Silverline with new battery for 80.-

1 X Magnum XL dive light with new battery for 140.-

1 X Tusa Platina Lead Integrated Jacket for 120.-

1 X pulmonary automata Oceanic Delta plus Alpha Octopus for 80.-

1 X Pulmonary automaton Scubapro MK20 + S600 + octopus R190 for 120.-(Revision 2013)

1 X Finimeter Polaris up to 400 bar for 30.-

1 X Apeks CTX 100 second stage for 80.-

Various Seaway Nexus first and second stages(Nexus)COLD WATER SET

Since private sale there is no guarantee, warranty or return!


APEKS regulator set, e.B. for use as a stage or more:

- First stage DS 4, DIN, with protective cap. - Octopus XTX 40, with magnetic holder. - Finimeter: Tusa SCA-110T 400 bar, New. - Inflator hose. - Trocky or second inflator hose. - APEKS vending machine bag.

The set is as good as new and has a value of about 400 EUR, but I only want to have 260,00 EUR for it.

96355 Tettau


have a pair of device fins to give away! (Or for a small donation... :-) )

TUSA Cetus alpha-Symmetric.

Size S.


Sell Split-Fins Tusa Xpert zoom size M-ML for EUR 25,- incl. shipping.



sell my regulator from Tusa.
Unfortunately, I can't say what kind of model this is.
Was used very little (about 35 TG)

The mouthpiece on the main breathing regulator is a "custom-made" and would have to be replaced.

Since the regulator was not used for some time, I sell it as "currently not submersible". It is mandatory to carry out the revision before the first TG.

Price VB!!!

The controller can be viewed beforehand.

When shipping, postage is added. Pick-up preferred.

93346 Ihrlerstein


got a Tusa TC on my birthday because I already have one, I would like to offer a completely new Tusa 650 Elements TC here.

I would sell it against a bid with the price we will already agree :-)


Tusa Selene Gr L, New Generation. The article is new and has never seen water.

These are remnants from a business task.

About Jacket:
The BCJ-9300C Selene II is an updated and new model from our bestseller BCJ-9100 Selene.

The BCJ-9300C is designed exclusively for female divers and convinces with a comfortable seat and high technology equipment.


- ultimate stabilization and carrying system

- soft edges and a polished shoulder strap, as well as a padded back area ensure a comfortable fit

- Advanced lead shedding system (A.W.L.S.) for women

- 2 large zippered pockets

- 2 small accessory pockets

- Stainless steel release for attaching the knife holder (TC-752)

- O.P.E.V. Overpressure Quick Drain Valve System

- 840 Denier Nylon

- height-adjustable chest strap

- height-adjustable back carrier for optimal adjustment of the jacket

- 3 quick outlets (O.P.E.V. + 2)

- Delivery with the new A.P.A. system

- Size: XS, S, M, L

Angle Adjuster:

- A new peculiarity; the angle adjuster on the neck allows to determine the position of the shoulder straps

- Even women with narrow shoulders can be sure that the jacket does not fall off the shoulders, also the put on and take off is easier

- Lead charging system (A.W.L.S.)

- Advanced lead discharge system with buckle technology

- The insertion of lead cartridges is simplified compared to conventional immersion equipment

- The lead pockets can be easily pulled in an emergency, unintentional pulling is no longer possible for your own safety

High chest strap:

- A high chest webbing in the upper part of the shoulder straps reduces the pressure in the chest area.

High cut:

- The side parts of the outer shell have a high cutting line that allows soft hip movements. This increases comfort.

Product weight incl. packaging approx.: 4.00 kg

Make me a fair offer