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This dive center is an absolute beauty! When you enter it, it really has that wow factor! The place is huge and has endless possibilities.

The dive center, located in the lively town of Los Llanos de Aridane, is a thriving dive center where divers of varying levels enjoy nature above and below water all year round. Many visitors also come for snorkeling, take a taster dive or complete a diving course.

The dive sites are easily accessible and since the volcanic eruption in 2021 , new dive sites have emerged that can still be discovered. Almost all dive sites are accessible from the shore, with an easy entry and thus suitable for young and old, experienced and inexperienced divers. There are also a number of dive sites with slightly more difficult entry, which is a challenge for experienced divers.

And boat dives are offered, for diving at the new lava delta and on the - inaccessible from land - steep northwest coast with many small caves and tunnels.

We are also close to the port of Tazacorte, from where boat trips are organized. This is also a unique experience with views of the new volcano, the new lava deltas and special cave dive sites: La Cueva del Diablo, Cueva de Aqua Dulce and Cueva Colorada.

In the last 15 years we have built up a very large customer base with different nationalities, mainly Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Spaniards, but also from Switzerland, Austria, England and France. La Palma is very special, many divers like to come back every year. The mild climate and the special underwater world make La Palma a unique diving destination.

After 15 years, it's time for us to go back to family and start a new career.

More information about the dive center can be found on our website or write an email:

Price: EUR 155.000

Casa de Buceo - duikhuis La Palma
Calle Conrado Hernadez 4b
Los Llanos de Aridane
La Palma - Canary Islands - Spain


Phone: 663326520 Visit Casa de Buceo - duikhuis La Palma


I sell here a Sea&Sea Sea Arm 8 - Double Ball Arm for underwater photography. There are two pieces available, each length M.

30 Euro VB Price per piece!

The arms were intended for a setup that was never in use, so the arms are new. One package has been opened, the other is closed.

Original price per arm: 47,95 Euro
Product Ref: SS-22113
EAN: 4960436221133
Length: 222.7 mm
Weight: 83.8 g
Material: Construction: corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (anodized body)
Condition: NEW

Also pay attention to my other ads (more parts, cheaper in the set)
Shipping (books/goods shipment 2 Euro, parcel 4 Euro, package 5 Euro) or pick-up in Mannheim.

Since private sale, no warranty.
No warranty or return

Hello, I am selling my OSTC 2C here. The computer has 259 dives on the clock and works perfectly. It can calculate up to 5 gases OC/CC with and without gradient factors. Included is a transport case and a USB charging cable. As you can see in the pictures, he has a few scratches. These do not interfere with diving at all and do not affect the computer. PayPal & shipping possible! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Price: 300EUR


Phone: +4915158885921

Hello everyone

I sell my wetsuit:

Mares Flexa 5.4.3

Color: Black/Red

Size 3 (M)

About 3 years

always stored dry and dark. Thoroughly cleaned after diving.

No guarantee, no warranty and no right of exchange.

150 Euro VB

Only to self-collectors or shipping costs by buyer.

Bornheim near Cologne/ Bonn

By, Tobi


I sell here a new and unused interchangeable head for lamps of the Light &Motion Gobe series. This lamp head is not used, in original packaging and includes new O-ring and lubricant.

GoBe Focus LED head red light in a perfect wavelength with a 60┬░ light angle. The GoBe Focus red light LED head allows a discreet view at night during animal observation and underwater photography, especially during night dives.

- 60┬░ beam
- 165 lumens red light - certified according to FL-1 standard
- Fits on the Gobe Standard body or the Gobe+ body
- Best CREE LEDs
- Self-developed reflectors optimize the light for maximum efficiency and balanced distribution

Condition: New

Asking price: 35 Euro

Private sale. Shipping possible, or pick-up in Mannheim

I would like to sell a dry suit and the matching underwear (BARE Hi-Loft Polarwear Extreme, extra display). Unfortunately, it was only used a few times, as diving is put on ice for health reasons. Since the Trocki is almost like new, it would be too bad not to use it. It was worn only 5 times. Slight traces of use. The Trocki can also be tried on with me.

I offer a BARE X-Mission Tech Dry (black-red):
ÔÇó Size S
ÔÇó Shoe size 37.5
ÔÇó Latex arm cuffs 14cm
ÔÇó Neck cuff made of neoprene 31cm
ÔÇó I fit easily into the boots with thick socks
ÔÇó Original price was 1.899,00 Euro
ÔÇó All documents and the inflator hose would be available
ÔÇó My size: 1,65cm Weight: 55kg Shoe size: 37/38

Price: 1000 Euro VB

59368 Werne


I offer my Mola Mola Thermoflex+ diving underwear in size M.

Size M
3x worn
Original price 411EUR

Price 350 VHB

Inspection and fitting possible.
Shipping against assumption of costs.

No return!
No exchange!
No guarantee !

Very elastic, one-piece underwear recommended for diving in cold water with a temperature of 4 ┬░C to 14 ┬░C.

The application of two layers of material provides excellent thermal insulation and breathability. Our unique way of manufacturing guarantees exceptional elasticity in all directions, which means the greatest possible movement possibilities for the diver's arms and legs. Thanks to the flat seams and the soft fleece layer on the inside of the fabric, the underwear can be applied directly to the skin.

In the THERMOFLEXX + model, a breathable layer, the innovative insulation Climashield┬« ApexÔäó, has been applied to ensure thermal comfort for the parts of the body most exposed to the sensation of cold. The additionally isolated zones are the chest, kidney area and thighs.
The Climashield┬« ApexÔäó lining is stretchable in all directions, which means that the underwear maintains perfect elasticity and does not restrict movements.

The inner layer of the undercoat is made of high-quality fleece fabric, which is characterized by very good heat-insulating properties.
Thanks to its dense structure, it offers perfect wind and cold protection, and preserves a dry and warm microclimate of the skin.
It has water-repellent properties, i.e. it does not absorb more moisture than 1% of its weight, which is why the fabric is always dry and feels gentle.
Microscopic air chambers in the fabric structure create thermal insulation and maintain body heat.
The sweat formed during the effort is absorbed through the inside of the fabric and released to the outside, leaving the skin dry and breathing naturally.
The yarn is particularly resistant and tear-resistant, which ensures a longevity of the clothing.
The addition of polyamide fibers improves the elasticity of the fabric and reduces air permeability towards the body.

The polyester outer layer in the "easy on-easy off" version makes it easy to put on and take off the dry suit.
The outer layer of the undercoat is a fast-drying, robust, wrinkle-resistant, very elastic and soft material.
It does not wrinkle and tolerates frequent washing well.

elastic in all directions
elastic and flat seams
YKK two-way zipper
Chest pocket with zipper
Socket for heating vest
Bushings for P-Valve
elastic thumb loops
elastic foot rubbers

Inner layer: polyester, polyamide, elastane; Grammage 420 g/m2
Warmer Climashield┬« ApexÔäó 6.0; Grammage 200 g/m2
Outer layer: polyester microfilament; Grammage 292 gr/m2

Lohr am Main

Living and working under palm trees in the Canary Islands

The volcanic activity on La Palma has come to an end and life and work on the green island is beginning to normalize. There are again direct flights to the island and all institutions are working to make Isla Bonita a first-class tourist destination again. The "fresh" volcano will become another attraction. So it will soon go up rapidly.

After a two-year break, we can now think again about putting our dive center in Los Cancajos on the Isla Bonita La Palma for sale or lease. The base is ready for takeover with immediate effect. What is missing is only a diligent and committed diving instructor who wants to realize his lifelong dream "living and working under palm trees" far away from Germany. An active partnership with a later takeover would also be conceivable, for which only a small equity capital would be required for the start-up.

Learn more

Hotel Area:

General Information about La Palma and diving:

To the tourist urbanization Los Cancajos:

To the house reef and the dive sites within walking distance:

Further details and information are welcome by phone or e-mail and of course during a personal visit!


All lung machines, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

A smoke-, animal- & allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

1x VERY GOOD LED lamp from the magazine TAUCHEN (former original price 199 EUR) incl. mounting spiral / clip and 8 mono / C batteries I would like to sell for ONLY 79 EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAP in Germany

Thank you for your interest and thank you for contacting us :-)

A good purchase, always good air and TIPP-TOPP dives I wish :-)

85221 Dachau

TIP-TOPP, CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED & READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE! A smoke, animal & allergy free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

I sell 1x dived WHITES Fusion boots diving feet in size size size 13/14 = 48/49+- for ONLY 55 EUR at pick up / meeting or ONLY 59 EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

These feet are too big for me, hence my sales intentions...

Whites Fusion Boots diving feet are the perfect complement to the Whites Fusion dry suit.

ÔÇó Flat profile to fit into standard device fins.
ÔÇó Fit reduces excess air in the feet, resulting in better
Buoyancy control.
ÔÇó High freedom of movement leads to less fatigue when diving.
ÔÇó Streamlined design results in less water resistance and saves
ÔÇó Quick and easy entry and exit.
ÔÇó Feet can be easily exchanged by the user.

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-) I often travel all over Bavaria for work.

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you :-D I appreciate your interest and your contact :-)

Always good air, tip-top dives and safe ascents I wish :-D

85221 Dachau

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.



Suit in trilaminate (nylon butyl) with a leg pocket (size 110), neoprene neck cuff size L; hood XXL; suspenders inside; solid boots size 49. (Info: I am 1.97 m tall)

This suit finally offers you the opportunity to put on and take off completely independently. The large and wide-opening front pouch is arranged above the waist and thus also offers you a large slip to the arms without having to "bend". Furthermore, the zipper is mounted in a position where you cause the slightest movement when diving, so you are no longer restricted in freedom of movement by the stiff zipper.

Underwear Saros consists of layers connected with quilted seams: outer layer nylon, middle layer warmflex┬ę and inner layer of polar fleece. The different coating systems of the Warmflex┬ę material ensure variable insulation and are therefore suitable for different temperature ranges. Foot loops, elastic band in the waist area, trouser pockets, wind collar. Well suited for temperatures up to 5┬░ degrees. Plastic buckle on the belt would have to be renewed. Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 700EUR Complete


450EUR Shipping possible

Features of the HYDROS PRO
- Resistant: Gel harness made of patented, injection-molded monprene® is very resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Velcro and zippers are completely dispensed with
- Immediately dry: Stores hardly any water, light and dry after diving - ideal for travel
- Modular design / "BC-4-Life": Add weights, straps and pockets and much more as needed
- Easy to repair: Virtually any component, including buckles, can be replaced without any sewing work
- Ergonomic 3D design: Adapts to the body shape of the diver for maximum comfort; Body grip gel prevents the jacket from shifting or slipping up
- Torso Flex Zone: Automatic adjustment to the diver's back length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement
- Two-component backplate: Provides the highest level of stability and comfort
- The belt system for a mono bottle allows easy installation
- Articulated shoulder straps: This allows the straps to adapt to the shape of the body and thus ensure a perfect fit
- Lightweight: Modern material ensures low weight
- Neutral buoyancy: The HYDROS PRO has virtually no buoyancy
- Cross-flow duct: Reduces air pockets for improved maneuverability and easier draining from any body position
- 2-stage inflating: A three-piece bungee strap system controls air distribution to ensure a compact shape underwater and high lifting capacity at the surface
- Weight system: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles provide a fixed position for easy, one-handed operation
- Multi-mount matrix: Multiple mounting points and D-rings, for secure attachment of accessories
- Intelligent package design: shoulder and chest straps can be folded into the air bubble, making for a very compact package for easy transport and storage

Hello community!

Now that I got the fourth TC for my birthday, I want to part with this device. It is simply too good to leave it unused in the drawer for years.

The device is absolutely reliable and offers modes for freediving, sports and technical diving. Ideal backup device for all skill levels.

The most important features are the compactness, the simple intuitive operation and the excellent readability, especially in minimal visibility.

The device can be synchronized with the Deepblu app to create an interactive dive log.

What I personally like quite well: You can save the dive logs with photos and videos, so you can link the corresponding recording to the respective depth course in the diagram with one click.

You can optionally share the Tauchprot okolle with the worldwide Communty, but you don't have to, you can also save the things in personal mode by simply not sharing them.

The TC measures all important dive data:

  • Decompression, saturation and desaturation calculations for standard air and nitrox dives

  • Decompression algorithm according to B├╝hlmann ZHL 16C model

  • Three levels of adjustable safety factors: Conservative, Normal or Progressive

  • Nitrox diving between 21% and 40%

  • Dive plan function for planning dives

  • Freediving mode, specially designed for apnea/freediving, six freediving-specific depth alarms

  • Bottom timer setting with current depth gauge and total running time as well as resettable stage time and average depth

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Dive logbook stores all important data of up to 200 dives

  • Wireless synchronization via Bluetooth to upload and save dive data to the Deepblu Mobile App

  • Free Wireless Firmware Upgrades (OTA)

  • 2.2-inch LCD screen with high contrast and low-pixel EBTN technology

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with magnetic USB port

  • Built-in clock and calendar

  • Ability to customize settings by syncing COSMIQ+ with the Deepblu mobile app

For all technical specialists (something from the manual (copied):

Operating Modes: Watch Mode / Scuba Mode / Bottom Timer Mode / Freedive Mode / Log Mode / Sync Mode.
Units of measurement: Metric (meters/┬░C) or British (feet/┬░F).
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Gases: air and nitrox. Oxygen content adjustable between 21% ÔÇô 40%.
Oxygen partial pressure (PPO2): Adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.
Algorithm: Deepblu decompression algorithm based on the B├╝hlmann ZHL 16C model.
Safety factor: conservative, normal, progressive.
Altitude: Supports altitude diving over 300 m.
Battery life: 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted dive time per charge.
Battery type: Lithium-ion (rechargeable).
Charger: Standard USB.
Log memory: Up to 25 unsynchronized logs.
Data transfer: Blue Tooth 4.0.
Dive Log Software: Deepblu Mobile App for iOS/Android.
Firmware Upgrade: Free OTA firmware upgrades.
Housing material: Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate.
Lens material: Polycarbonate with 8h hardness coating.
Screen technology: Improved negative image LCD display with Black Twisted Nematic (EBTN).
Bracelet Material: 1.24mm NATO ballistic nylon bracelet with stainless steel buckles and Velcro fastener. 2. Bungee cable mount.
Dimensions: 70.6 mm (2.78 inches) ├Ś 48.6 mm (1.91 inches) ├Ś 20.9 mm (0.82 inches).
Weight approx.: 81 grams.

Scope of delivery:
2 x NATO hand strap.
Charging cable.
Storage box

About the condition:

The device is 3 years old and used but unrestrictedly in order and reliable*.

The NP is around 359, - Euro.

PRICE: 220,- Euro --> plus verse: 3,80 (only national)

But I would prefer a personal handover at any time, location...

42859 Remscheid

Phone: 017634370021

Offer an Aqualung Axiom i3 in size "LG" for trading or exchange.

I have become very fond of this jacket and have dived it about 50 times in 4 years.
It is well maintained and shows hardly any signs of use. If you want, I will be happy to send more photos or answer any questions.
If you want, you can of course also have a look at it on site in D├╝sseldorf.
You can find all the details about the jacket under

"Unfortunately" the jacket has become too big in the meantime and I would very much like to exchange it for an equivalent one in size "ML".
Of course, you can also buy it for 250EUR. We will then arrange shipping depending on the place of purchase


Offer my DX6G here. Complete with YS-3 flash, wide angle and macro flash. 1.5 years old, little used.

The Sea & Sea DX-6G is a robust all-weather sports camera combined with an underwater housing. The camera is equipped with many great features for underwater applications, including special underwater and macro modes. Equipment for many applications: e.B mountaineering, skiing, fishing and diving - with a depth of 14 m and a fall resistance of 1.6 m. The camera also works at temperatures down to -10 degrees. With housing, the camera can be used up to 55m depth. The Adventure Set also includes the Sea + Sea YS-03 flash set. The semi-transparent diffuser scatters and softens the light from the flash and also reduces the effects of overexposed images or when strong light creates shadows in the image. Since the YS-03 is designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera's built-in flash, there is no need to manually adjust the power. The YS-03 is compatible with any pre-flash camera and has a TTL flash exposure function, regardless of make. Designed for underwater photographers, the YS-03 is easy to understand. The only controller is the main switch. By simply turning the switch from OFF to TTL, you can capture beautiful, colorful images. Included: DX-6G camera, underwater housing, macro ring diffuser, USB charging cable, battery, user manual, warranty card, Sea+Sea YS-03 flash, camera rail, flexible arm, fiber optic cable, wide-angle converter lens.

Price 600EUR


Phone: 01781983353

I sell my second suit Scuba Force Explorer Gr. L, built in 2005.

The suit was dived regularly until about 2010, since then only occasionally as a second suit. It was folded lying down with open metal zip and closed over-zip in the bag kept warm and dry (not in the garage or similar).

To the equipment (from top to bottom):
The suit was subsequently made with a neorpen neck cuff (my collar width is 40 cm). equipped. However, the overhang for the hood when using a latex cuff is still available, so conversion to latex is possible.
The RV was changed in 2010.
The arm cuffs are heavy-duty latex cuffs, gr.M (?) and look like new (just replacement suit).
There is a Heser Pee Valve installed, inside a reinforcement was attached.
On the suit are feet similar to the Turbo Soles / Flex Soles attached. I have shoe size 42, fit in well with thick socks. Unfortunately, the fitter at that time shortened the feet so far that the legs of the Trockis really only fit for an inner leg length of 78-80 cm, so they are rather short. If necessary, the feet would have to be exchanged, so that more neoprene shaft remains.

Over the years, some leaks have been repaired ("patching" on the left knee outside, in the crotch, armpit inside).

I haven't been diving in cold water for about 3.5 years now and probably last dived this suit in 2016. There he was dense. Whether he still is now, I can not say.

I would prefer to pick up with fitting, so that you are sure that the suit with the changes, especially on the boots) fits (I am 178cm at 78 kg). Shipping is also possible if you are sure that this fits or you want to change it anyway.

I would give it away for 150 euros (that almost costs the Pee Valve with installation ;-) )

Bag is included, nothing else (no hose, hood or similar)


Oceanic VT3 Computer, 4 dives

  • two transmitters (!) ├á 169,-- EUR (also suitable for ATOM, VT, DataTrans and HUD-Datamask)
  • OCEANLOG V.3 Hardware (interface cable + SW)
  • therefore also ideal for sidemount diving

Complete sale and price: 539,-- EUR (VHB)

Offer, new and unused:

BC 1056 Crotch strap - 1" - Scooter ring - 5 EUR

AC2044 scissors orange - 10 EUR

GM 2051 stage strap 2 x - 7 EUR/piece

Dive Rite Bags 2 x - 5 EUR/piece

Prices for self-collector - shipping possible


Our popular dive center is located on the sunny island of Fehmarn directly on the south beach in Meeschendorf. From introductory diving and diving training to shore dives and boat trips, we offer everything as a PADI 5* Dive Center that makes the diver's heart beat faster.

You love diving and have in the period from May to min. End of August 2022 Desire and time for the sea?! Then join the team of Tauchen S├╝dstrand ÔÇô as a divemaster in training, divemaster or instructor PADI and / or boat guide! We are always interested in training young divers to become DiveProfis and finding already certified DivePros for a long-term and recurring cooperation.

In addition to a responsible and safety-conscious approach to our divers, you should have a strong sense of service. Our customers, including a large number of regular guests, appreciate the friendly atmosphere of our base.

Our website and our Facebook page give you a first impression of us


* at least 21 years old

* Instructor and Divemaster PADI in active status, experience is an advantage, but also newcomers who want to make their first experiences

* Divemaster trainees at least 18 years old should be able to show the (PADI o.a.) and at least 50 logged dives

* Car driver's license with driving experience

* Boat license SBF or SKS desired, SBF can also be completed in the course of the season with us

* valid Dive Pro dive insurance (DAN, Aquamed etc.)

* Language skills German, each additional language is a plus

* Craftsmanship and technical understanding, additional qualifications in training and / or revision are an advantage

Qualities you should bring with you:

reliable, open-minded and motivated, guest- and service-oriented, stress-resistant, team player

We offer you:

* a great summer on the sunny island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea

* a professional work in an open-minded, fun, family team with great guests

* lots of introductory diving, initial training OWD/AOWD and guiding

* Training as PADI Divemaster / Training SBF SEE possible

* Accommodation in the spacious staff - caravan and awning with kitchen

* depending on your wishes 2-5 months contract period (May-September, high season July and August)

* 1 day off per week

* DMs and TL salary and commission by arrangement, DM trainees receive training against cooperation as well as pocket money depending on the duration of the internship

We look forward to receiving your application with your diving and non-diving CV as well as a current photo to! Come to us, because diving creates joy!


Phone: 015759195023 Visit Tauchen S├╝dstrand

Since I don't come to dive too often for professional reasons and now prefer hot water diving, I offer my Backup Dry Suit Otter Skin for sale.

I bought this suit used as a backup about 4 years ago and dipped it 6x.

It is a custom-made for tall slim people.

I am 194cm, weigh 95kg and the suit fit me perfectly.

The shoe size is given as 47/48 and I always had warm feet with shoe size 46 and thick socks.

The neck cuff has already been renewed, the arm cuffs would soon be due, but are still tight.

The inner visible arm cuffs are only clamped under the glove rings and could also be glued directly to the suit by an experienced diver.

The condition of the suit is, as seen in the pictures, top.

Seams, zipper as well as the suit material without damage.

My asking price is VB 550.- incl. shipping

If you have any questions or further photos, please let us know.


Offer diving suit neoprene for warmer areas. A maximum of 10x used.
and two pairs of matching fins.
For health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.
VB 130,-- EUR

Greeting Rainer


Hello, sell a used diving suit with ice vest, maximum 10x used.

Suit and vest have a warm indoor lining so are also for diving in winter
suitable. In Hemmoor already dived at +4┬░C.

Unfortunately, for health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.

VB: 180,- EUR

Greeting Rainer


Used and undamaged fins
Size M
ÔÇó Color - completely black
ÔÇó very high quality
ÔÇó very joint-gentle diving
ÔÇó anatomically correct foot part
ÔÇó Quick-release fasteners for the heel strap
ÔÇó very comfortable footrest

VB: 150EUR

Private sale without guarantee or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


New, unused and undamaged item

Size XL

  • Special edition " smoke on the water "
  • with the highest quality Atomic Springs
  • Color - completely black
  • very high quality
  • very joint-gentle diving
  • anatomically correct foot part
  • Quick-release fasteners for the heel strap
  • very comfortable footrest

VB: 185EUR

Private sale without guarantee or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Offered here is an SF2 eCCRebreather from ScubaForce.
The device is offered as "Ready to Dive" as shown in the pictures

The Rebbi was converted to manual ads "over the shoulder" in 2017 with Manuel Ads made of metal.

The oxygen sensors are new (see pictures).
Mainly freshwater dives were carried out with the device, (about 300TG) only about 10 were in salt water. No cave dives.

Additional information:
- 1x Shearwater Predator as controller
- 2x 1st stage Atomic M1 (next maintenance in 0.5 years)

- Copper Pants & Golem Bov / Original Hoses and Bov are included.
- 2 bottles each 3 liters 300bar black paint and corresponding holder T├ťV until the end of 2023
- 1x set for calibration (black short hose)
- Scubaforce Ultimate Dive Bag

- 4.5 kg of breathing lime (Sofnoline 797)


1x Shearwater Petrel 2 as Backup Controller (Price 800EUR)

1x breathing lime (Sofnoline 797) (VB 110EUR)

You can read the exact technical data of the Rebbi on the Scubaforce page.

Non-smoker and animal free household.
I would like to point out that you need training to dive with a Rebbi.

Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unrestricted.

I exclude any material defects.

Private sale without guarantee or return.

VB 6500EUR

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


offer unused SI-Tech Showa Prodi Dry Gloves (blue) with inner glove

in size L

a simple, effective and cost-effective way to dive with dry gloves.

Private sale without guarantee & return

Price 50.- EURuro incl. shipping FRG

PayPal no problem

The diving company based in Rawai, Phuket was founded in 2014. Steady growth and a targeted, strategic realignment prompted the two owners to expand in 2019 and purchase a dive ship.

This enabled the company to position itself successfully in a niche in a new and extremely successful way. The business model includes individual diving in small groups and private settings, away from the mass diving industry that is common in Phuket. The dive ship is approved for 20 people plus 3 crew but is designed for only a maximum of 12 divers to maintain exclusivity.


  • Established PADI 5-Star diving school, which was previously run by 2 people
  • Operational dive ship with well-rehearsed and reliable crew
  • Excellent reputation (with over 240 5-star Google reviews)
  • Bilingual website ENG/DE with extensive content and top ranking in German
  • Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Large, long-standing and recurring customer base
  • Contracts with renowned tour operators
  • 20" shipping container, converted into a swimming pool with viewing window
  • Miscellaneous furniture for office and shop
  • Car (Honda CR-V) and Scooter
  • 4M Baht Thai Company with 2 Work Permits, TAT License, Phi Phi Islands National Park License, Renewed Ship License, Insurance etc.
  • More...

The heart and the key to success is the charming dive ship, which was completely overhauled by the owner in 2019. In the last two years, all necessary maintenance work has been carried out regularly and various adjustments and improvements have been made. The reliable and safe dive ship is operational on a daily basis and is in immaculate condition. No costly repairs are to be expected. On board there is a breathing air compressor, 15 diving tanks, 10 buoyancy vests in different sizes, 8 regulators, various diving suits, masks and fins. In addition to the usual boat equipment, the inventory also includes a dinghy with outboard engine, a kayak and a SUP.

3 main reasons to choose Phuket

  1. Excellent diving with an enormous abundance of fish and an impressive biodiversity. The diving operation takes place all year round, with the high season lasting between October and April. The tropical climate ensures pleasant air and water temperatures all year round.
  2. Phuket Island combines Western amenities with Thai serenity. Visitors can move freely and safely to explore the country and its people up close. In addition to diving and relaxing on dream beaches, there are countless other leisure activities that guarantee an eventful and unforgettable holiday.
  1. A popular holiday destination with easy travel thanks to direct flights from many countries of the world. The heavily frequented international airport in Phuket has excellent air traffic connections.

Recipe for success

The company and the dive operation is managed by the two owners with great personal commitment and tireless commitment. This reflects the philosophy where the experience is in the foreground and not the profit. Diving fanatics and ocean lovers, or those who want to become one, appreciate this.

During the pandemic, the owners have succeeded in maintaining the business with new, creative fields of activity, among other things. This is also to be credited to an independent and cost-effective entrepreneurial structure.

Current enlargement potential

Since the entry requirements and Covid restrictions for Phuket were relaxed, the demand for diving activities and diving courses has risen sharply right away. The offer, on the other hand, is no longer available indefinitely and a redistribution is currently taking place in Phuket. This offers unique opportunities to increase the volume including sales and profit with appropriate resources (personnel, financial resources, shop location, etc.). Another expandable...


Phone: +66979243483 Visit Aloha Diving

Sell an aluminum stage bottle from MES for diving.

Size: 80 cuft or 11.1 L
Age: 06/19
T├ťV: until 02/22
Valve: G5/8 (normal valve)

The valve has only been overhauled and is very smooth. The bottle has some scratches, which you hardly see with the Dirty Beast. Was only used as a bailout stage in Openwater. That's why the bottle has only a few fillings, a few cycles.

Shipping is possible, but the bottle must be made unpressurized. The costs shall be borne by the buyer. PayPal is available.

Price: 210 EUR VB

Location: 96465 Neustadt bei Coburg

Neustadt bei Coburg

Hanover's diving school for technical diving and scuba diving according to DIR standards.

You are an ambitious recreational diver and would like to expand your knowledge and limits and dive better/safer? You are already a technical diver looking for further training or have you had a longer break from diving? Then you've come to the right place!

In my training, I teach diving with redundant and standardized equipment, conservative gas planning, drills for emergency management, problem solving underwater and team diving. I teach lesson content and equipment configuration according to D.I.R. standard for the association PATD - Professional Association of Technical Diving.

Link to the website diving school Hannodive


Phone: 051121919105 Visit hannodive

Hello everyone

offer dry suit size Large, used, maximum 10 dives, collar and arm clothes defective,
must be renewed. Unfortunately, for health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.

I am 1.85 tall and weigh 110 kg.

Price, VB 295,00 EUR + shipping.



Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.

Price by arrangement.



Sell here my rarely used 6.5mm diving suit, as it no longer fits me. It has a small roughening on the front and left knee. Both are not detrimental to diving.
Pick up in 04808 or shipping at extra cost.

At best, they write me a WhatsApp on 017630194057

Private sale!
The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.


Sell a calendar for the year 2022 that is no longer needed here

Photo calendar exposes high gloss in DIN A3 approx. 45x30 cm

Shipping for 5.99 possible or gladly also pick-up.

Price 22 Euro

If you have any questions, please email with einfach


the thin underwear of the Glacier series MK2
by Whites Drysuites,
Size M,
On the outside, the underwear has a robust ripstop fiber,
Primaloft provides the pleasant warmth
And inside a fleece is incorporated.
Perfect for the warm season for diving!!!
The underwear is in very good condition!!!


Regio Leonberg

Offer new stainless steel reef hook with spiral cable and 2x carabiner

Private sale without guarantee & return

19.-EUR incl. Shipping Germany

PayPal's okay

Offer a little used Ratio IX3M Pro Reb because of hobby resolution The tech dive computer has only made 70 dives, it is suitable for rebreather diving and has countless extra functions. Among other things, it would be possible to analyze O2 with the additional adapter (not included). Included is the adapter for CCR Fischer Srtecker with which it is possible to read out 3 O2 sensors of a CCR. 800 Chf Vhb.

Lenzburg Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Battery tank dive light for sale because of hobby resolution. The lamp has 40w and is ideal for technical diving. A second cord for a heated underswing is mounted on the battery tank. The battery tank has 25Ah the haisse with lmape and heating underwear it lasts for almost an hour. The lamp also has a display that makes the battery level visible by means of Led.

750 Chf Vhb.

Lenzburg Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Used dive computer. Condition good, normal signs of use. Battery still needs to be replaced by buyers.

Air or nitrox decompression computer up to 50% O2, with improved display, water activation, high storage capacity, easy battery change, Nitrox adjustable 21 - 50%, graphical and numerical displays, 12 TG logbook, easy one-button operation, two different computing models (DSAT and PZ+).


- Powered by Oceanics Exclusive Dual Algorithm? - The choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL 16C data basis)

- Air or nitrox mixture up to 50% O2

- Safety Stop Countdown Timer-

- Water contact and/or manual activation by push button

- Simple one-button operation

- Access to the Last Dive display with just one push of a button (max. depth & dive time)

- 12 dives logbook

- Memory reset for dive centers and diving schools

- User replaceable battery with 8 seconds hot swap

- Now available in metric preset.



- Operating modes / possibility of use: Standard (Air / Nitrox)

- Push buttons : 1

- User interface : Click forward

- Type / mounting option : Hockey Puck Module, Wrist, 2 and 3 Gauge console compatible

- Activation: water contact or push button

- Algorithm Basis: Dual Algorithm? With the conservative factor enabled, the zero times are based on the next higher level,
starting at 920 m (3,000 ft.) Height, calculated.

- Altitude algorithm : NOAA

- O2 Limit Base : NOAA

- Fabric compartments: 12 (5 to 480 minutes)

- Automatic height adjustment (adjustment): 610 - 4 200 m

- Deep Stop: Optional, 02 Countdown Timer at 1/2 maximum depth for dives deeper than 80 ft/25m

- Decompression capacity : 10 - 60 ft (3-18 m)

- Automatic safety stop: 15 ft / 3m - 3 min

- Ascent speed range: 3.35 - 9 m/min / 6.4 - 18 m/min

- Maximum ascent speed range: 30 fpm (18m)

- User replaceable battery/battery change: Yes

- Battery type: CR2450

- Battery capacity* : 300 hours of diving

- 8-Second Hot Swap retains calculations during battery change: Yes

- Empty battery indicator (graphical): Yes

- Calendar / Clock: TIME

- Operating Depth Diving (NoRM): 330 ft / 100 m

- 24 hour countdown to flying: Yes

- Calculated desaturation time for flying: Yes

- Dive mode display: Main display up to 2 alternative displays and 1 secondary display

- High O2 alarm / warning : 300 SOTU / DOTU

- High PO2 Alarm/Warning: 1.6 Preset or user adjustable

- Logbook entries in the device Capacity: 12 DIVES

- Dive planning sequence: PUSH BUTTON 9-57 m

- Calculated desaturation time for flying: Yes

- Nitrogen compartment display: Yes

- Oxygen saturation: Numeric %

- Variable ascent rate display: Yes

- No Decompression Time Remaining Display : Yes

- Display oxygen compartments: Yes

- Setting FO2 value (%) Gas 1: air, 21-50%

- Setting Units of Measurement : Yes

- Setting time format (12/24 hours) : Yes

- Setting Time (time of day) : Yes

- Setting Maximum PO2 Alarm: Yes

- Setting FO2 50% Default : Yes

- Setting water activation on/off: Yes

No guarantee or warranty and return by me as it is a private sale.


Phone: 01633922440

Divesoft BOV bailout mouthpiece with ADV.

The slider on the Divesoft BOV can be easily moved with one hand. An automatic diluent valve (ADV) is also integrated into this model.

Diameter of the connection nozzle is 45mm.
With the BOV was dived only 5 times. After that, diving had to be stopped for health reasons.

The original price is about 1000 EUR

VB 600,-- EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty


Diving Suit Mares Evolution 5+5 Set Men Size 5

The set was only worn for 10 dives. Traces of use are visible in the photos, except for 1-2 peelings on the seams as new. Set consists of: Hood long one-piece and shorty can be combined to go diving even in colder waters. Size 5 the previous owner wears dress size M.

If you have any questions, please go for it. Price VHB

79807 Lottstetten

Phone: 0041762610915

Instructor (m/f/d) - wanted Croatia Island Krk

You love diving, the sea and the people and everything that has to do with it? You have a good feeling for your fellow human beings and like to create unforgettable experiences with a varied program? At our dive center IRTDA ÔÇô Correct Diving Krk you teach our guests & staff as a diving instructor with a lot of passion and take care of work processes, organization, sales of programs & dives, courses, material and area briefings.

At the same time, you are responsible for the guidance and motivation of guests entrusted to you. You have excellent equipment, competent colleagues, entry by an experienced team at your disposal for diving.

Living and working where others go on holiday ÔÇô your everyday life as a diving instructor at Correct Diving Krk

For us, "living and working where others go on holiday" is a fact. As a diving instructor you will work in the most beautiful holiday area in the Mediterranean. The Croatian Adriatic on one of the most beautiful islands of the island of Krk. We are all about the sea. We create unique memories that guests will remember fondly at any time.

You can expect fun, great dives and responsibility as an instructor at Correct Diving Krk

With your warmth and charisma, you as the guests captivate you and inspire them to participate in one of our diving adventures and programs. The guests feel in good hands with you and are competently advised and looked after by you in all questions. You are responsible for offering and carrying out an attractive and varied program for our guests, which gives you pleasure. During working hours, you always have everything in your area in view and under control. As a diving instructor, you are a role model for the team and always perform your duties properly and pay attention to compliance with the required safety. In addition, you will work in your job as in close cooperation with the team of eventful programs for the guests.

For your new job as a dive center manager, you should bring the following:

    • Instructor license (experience not required this you can collect with us)
    • Own diving equipment
    • Languages German (compulsory) English or Italian
    • Ability to work in a team and team spirit
    • Polite & Friendly to all involved
    • Helpfulness and being accommodating
    • Sporty and, above all, well-groomed appearance
    • Leadership qualities (course management, group leadership,)
    • Being determined to want to achieve something and also to learn something new
    • Perseverance in stressful situations
    • Flexibility because we work with people can sometimes change for a short time and you have to be able to react to this situation.
    • Be able to independently carry out the tasks assigned to him with the highest degree of responsibility.

We want you as a diving instructor and have a lot to offer you and a lot to do with you!

As a diving instructor you can experience many exciting things underwater as well as overwater and always rediscover yourself. Among other things, you will get to know and appreciate the strong sense of community as well as the open and nice colleagues. In our company, we address the employees, but also our guests with "you", which gives a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

In short ÔÇô this is what awaits you as an instructor at IRTDA Correct-Diving Krk:

    • Working with friendly, active, international and professional colleagues
    • True team cohesion
    • Secure income with sick and...

Krk Kroatien

Phone: 00385-91-7964656

Hello, sell various Miflex hoses here. All brand new and unused. Were once intended for an upside-down project on my D12. Price per piece.

1x Miflex medium pressure hose, regulator, yellow, 80cm 3/8M x 9/16F: 20Euro
2x Miflex medium pressure hose, regulator, black, 80cm 3/8M x 9/16F: 20Euro
1x APEKS medium pressure hose, regulator, black, 70cm 3/8M x 9/16F: 20Euro

The hoses are fully functional and ready for immediate use. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN.


Phone: 03925288942

Hello, sell here a steel argon bottle with 1.2L content and 200 bar operating pressure. Last T├ťV 2015. Bottle diameter 80mm; Height with valve 410mm; Weight empty approx. 1.5 Kg. Small conical Dr├Ąger valve with large hand button. Easy to use even with thick winter gloves. Used the bottle to fill the Trocki, argon was never in it, always filled up with air. Bottle is fully functional and ready to be used immediately. Attached to the jacket with argon straps. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 80 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

Hello, sell here my no longer used TEC Bachplate. Weight 4400 grams, thickness 6mm. Very high quality workmanship. All corners and edges are rounded. So nothing rubs and chafes. The plate is fully functional and ready for immediate use. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 180 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

Hello, sell a Hollis AUG 200 no Limit underwear here. The suit is in size XL. I am 183cm tall and have 95Kg and he fits me perfectly. It sits tight enough not to store too much air, but also far enough not to restrict mobility. The suit has two large side pockets, a chest pocket and is also suitable for the cold season with its fluff of 200g/m┬▓. Suit is fully functional and ready to use. Scope of delivery and condition see pictures. Fitting possible and desired by appointment. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 100 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

Hello, sell here a brand new and unused Subgear Devil diving mask. Mask comes with replacement mask tape and box. Also both new and unused. Was once intended as a replacement mask. I also dive this model as the main mask and am fully satisfied. Low volume and large field of view and low weight speak for themselves. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 45 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942