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  • Scubapro tropical diving overall Pyroflex made of 1,5 mm neoprene and fleece, Size: 54: 75 EUR
  • Mares Classic NG Boat 5 mm Gr. 43 (10), unworn: 20 EUR
  • Tusa F├╝ssling Gr. 43: 15 EUR
  • MARES Trihood 5mm, size L: 15 EUR
  • CAMARO Titanium hood 0.5 mm: 15 EUR
  • CAMARO Titanium Socks 2.5 mm: 10 EUR
  • MERO socks high, size M, approx. 2 mm: 10 EUR
  • SCUBATEC Tropical Gloves Diving Gloves 2mm Size 9/L: 8 EUR
  • Scubapro BCD GO with AIR 2 Inflator / Octopus, size L, with 2 trimming pockets: 50 EUR
  • Diving mask Mares X-VISION - Liquidskin - Double glass mask black, storage box: 25 EUR
  • Diving mask Oceanic Accent single glass mask, extremely large field of view, neoprene tape, box: 18 EUR
  • Scubapro diving knife: 15 EUR
  • Arteesol DryBag 30l: 15 EUR
  • Mares Cruise Scooter, both suitcase/bag with wheels and backpack (approx. 130 l, 47x32x81 cm, approx. 2.9 kg) with padded shoulder straps, fin compartment outside with drainage system, front pocket, easy to fold and stow, hardly used: 65 EUR
  • Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Elite, backpack (~ 110l, approx. 39x39x74 cm, approx. 0.5 kg weight), foldable into a small bag with handle, adjustable shoulder straps, hardly used: 25 EUR
  • 8 carabiners/hooks: 20 EUR
  • 2 reef hooks: 25 EUR
  • 2 DIN/INT adapter: 25 EUR

Some articles have been tagged to avoid confusion.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty / liability for material defects.

Prices are pick-up prices ÔÇô for shipping within Germany, the shipping costs per package are 5.49 (up to 2kg) or 6.99 EUR (up to 5kg) and 9.49 EUR (5-10kg).


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Mares Infinity women

Size 3

3 mm Freediving / Apnea Suit

two fingernail cuts on the legs from the dressing and at the end of the zipper (neoprene glue Aquasure I give - I did not want to stick!!)

PayPal via friends and family

Shipping upon assumption of costs

also looks at my other ads

If you have any questions, please contact us

Private Sale

Bad Kreuznach

Sell here a Mares MR42T first stage with a Mares Proton 2nd stage. With a DIR Fini.

Controller is functional, but should be revised!

Price 150EUR VHB. Shipping possible.


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The ideal Christmas present - brand new MARES regulator complete set

Are you still looking for a Christmas present?

This MR Abyss 52X / Abyss Octopus / Loop with inflator hose (jacket) was never used and was assembled by a specialist dealer with Abyss Octopus including inflator hose.

Price: EUR 460,- (shipping within Germany is possible)

Since this is a private sale: no guarantee / warranty / return or else.

The ideal Christmas gift - brand new MARES regulator complete set

Are you still looking for a Christmas present?

This MR Abyss 52X / Abyss Octopus / Loop with inflator hose (jacket) was never used and was mounted by the dealer with Abyss Octopus incl. inflator hose.

Price: 460,- EUR (shipping within Germany possible)

Since it is a private sale: no guarantee / warranty / return or anything else.

Hi Sell diving equipment as I can't dive anymore

Waterproof hood 7mm XXL - 35EUR

Mares XR hood 7mm XXL - 30EUR

Shorty / Ice Vest by SEAC 7mm 3Xl - 80EUR ( new never been in the water )

Underwear vest SEAC 2mm with 5mm hood XXL - 95EUR

Fins APEKS Large - 100EUR (used 2 times in the pool)

SCUBAPRO Jacket / BCD HYDROS PRO XL/XXL - 750EUR ( 2 times immersed in the lake / with color kit yellow, can be rebuilt to black )

More pictures on request

Prices excl. shipping

Shipping by arrangement


Size Small

The Mares fins Super are stable and hold many many dives, the spare fin band is good when you need it, but it is rather unlikely. One fin was replaced because the original one was lost .... And so you are always very easy to recognize.

Used good condition Price 20 EUR

Shipping possible 6,90 EUR DHL

Exclusion of warranty

Best regards,


Offer a regulator from Mares.
It is the MR22T first stage with Mares Abyss 2nd stage and inflator hose
Age approx. 5 years, 20 dives
Revision is recommended
Shipping possible or handover at Lake Constance

No guarantee or warranty or anything else as private sale

Make a fair offer


An almost complete diving equipment with everything you need is sold.

1 Scubapro BCD
1 Overall Oneflex, 7mm, Hybrid 6mm vest
1 Mares Puck Pro dive computer
1 Lead weights
1 Scubapro fins
1 gloves, booties ( size 40)

The equipment has been little used and that's why I give it away.
The things always hung on the hanger and were covered.
Smoke and pet free household.
If you are interested, simply contact us


This diving suit has only about 12 dives behind it and has only come into contact with salt water, fresh water and neoprene shampoo. It has been stored and maintained in accordance with regulations. Is a bit older but completely intact. Only slight traces of abrasion on the front. Price 150 Euro plus shipping.

I sell here a wetsuit from the company Mares in size 2. I bought the wetsuit used myself but unfortunately it is too small for me so I sell it on. The hood is of course included

If you are interested, please contact us at 0176/44457527(please only under this number or by mail) :) Price: 80EUR. the price is negotiable. Since I want to get rid of suit as soon as possible please contact us

I offer a fully functional Octopus from the company Beuchat from 2019, as I have switched to Mares!

The octopus has about 20 dives behind it.

As you can see in the pictures, the Tiptop is fine.

Cost 30 Euro!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Offer a Mares wetsuit for women in size 3. This corresponds to a 34 / 36 or XS - S.

It was immersed in fresh water about 25 times.

It's too small for me.

The hood is also included.

Small defects of the suit. These can be found in the pictures. Otherwise it is flawless.

Private sale therefore no warranty or return.

Price 50 Euro.


A BCD Mares Dragon SLS system lead-integrated size M is offered.

For further details see Mare's homepage:

The special feature is the movable air bubble, which makes buoyancy child's play.

Top maintained and fully functional. Has only been dived indoors once.

With invoice and manufacturer's warranty.

This is a private sale to the exclusion of liability for material defects.

Price: 325EUR VB (shipping possible)

Moin together,

I sell here the following used regulator with 1st and 2nd stage because of hobby task.

This is an inflator hose.
Everything was cleaned and dried after each dive.

The controller should be revised before the next use.

Price: VB 170EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Both shipping and collection in L├╝neburg are possible.

This sale is a private sale. It is made to the exclusion of any warranty and guarantee. A return or an exchange is excluded.


Moin together,

I sell here the following used regulator with 1st and 2nd stage because of hobby task.

There is a Scubapro finimeter and depth gauge, as well as an inflator hose.
Everything was cleaned and dried after each dive.

The controller should be revised before the next use.

Price: VB 190EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Both shipping and collection in L├╝neburg are possible.

This sale is a private sale. It is made to the exclusion of any warranty and guarantee. A return or an exchange is excluded.


Was a special model of Mares. Suitable as an octopus. Last revision Feb. 2018. But then no longer in the water. Private sale therefore no guarantee



Offer a very well preserved buoyancy vest from the company Mares. Model Hybrid Pure MRS+, size XS/S. The vest was rarely used. The condition is like new. Operating instructions etc. are also available. If you are interested, please write to us. Have numerous other diving items on offer, as I give up the hobby. Private purchase, therefore no return and guarantee or warranty.

Since I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, I sell my complete diving equipment. The equipment is in good condition. The last maintenance was carried out in 09.2020 by the dive shop in Dresden. Not dived since.

  • Dry suit Waterproof Gr.L (neck cuff should be renewed) incl. glove system
  • Underwear Waterproof Gr.ML
  • Mares Semi-Dry Diving Suit Gr.5W
  • Underwear Scubapro Gr.XL
  • Jacket Scubapro XForce Gr.XL
  • Compressed air cylinders 12 L short and 15 L
  • Complete controller set from Mares, 2 first stages
  • Dive computer Mares incl transmitter
  • Dive Computer Mares Puck
  • Hartenberger lamps need new batteries
  • 13Kg lead plastic coated
  • Fins, mask, hoods, gloves, small stuff, box etc.

For most equipment stands, the original invoices are available. The equipment was only immersed in fresh water. About 150 dives.

Just make me a realistic offer.


New hood Mares XR in size L.
With venting system and collar.
Was with my suit, but is unfortunately too small for me.

Shipping is possible, buyer bears the shipping costs.
Payment in cash on collection or by PayPal or bank transfer possible.

offer almost new shoe fins - Mares plana avanti hp
Blue - in size 42/43.

Private sale without guarantee & return

23.- EURuro incl. Shipping Germany
PayPal no problem

Women's Size S Original Price EUR990 -> new never dived with it ... UK EUR900

The XR3 neoprene grille has been redesigned with the new high-density neoprene, which offers strength and a high fit. Neoprene drysuit enthusiasts will find this product to be the ultimate in features. Designed to be warm where you need it and sturdy in the places with the greatest friction. It has a neoprene collar for better circulation and latex wrists to avoid annoying infiltrations. The feet are stored in a comfortable and warm boot, which also allows us to walk comfortably. A practical drainage pocket and wide, elastic suspenders make it the ideal product for you.

The main features of the XR3 neoprene grid are:
- New super flexible 4mm high density neoprene - strong but elastic
- Comfortable, wide, elastic, pre-formed and adjustable shoulder straps
- 4 mm neoprene collar
- Latex wrists
- New improved design redefined and size tested for maximum flexibility
- Large zippered pocket on the right leg
- New Kevlar/xr reinforcements for knee, shoulder and back protection
- Waterproof zipper at the back - loading and unloading valves exclusively for the Mares xr line
- Waterproof closure around the neck (Velcro) and complete insulation from the hood to prevent the ingress of water
- New smooth 4 mm waterproof hood
- New, more robust mat pocket

Sell here 2x Mares mr22t First steps and 2x Mares Abyss Second steps Including finimeter, inflator hose, 210cm hose and 64 cm backup controller hose. The set is still dipped so works perfectly nevertheless I recommend the new owner to make a revision. If you have any questions or have more pictures, feel free to write



Phone: 01623493150

Diving gear, individual or complete

Bora Bora wetsuit, size 50/52, jacket with hood, 5mm + pants 5mm, assembled 10mm, EU: 80,--

Jacket, Scubapro, same size, EU: 80,--

Fins, Mares, adjustable, EU;: 35,--

Diving shoes, Camaro Neoprene, Gr. 42, 15,--

Gloves, Size L, Camaro Neoprene Titanium Metallite, EU: 10,--

Breathing control, Scubapro G 250+octopus+console with depth gauge, pressure display, compass, EU: 150,--

If you are interested: Tel: 030 4329792 Peter Rupsch. or


Phone: 0304329792


I offer here my Mares Jacket, which has served me well many dives. I dived about 50 dives with it and mostly in Slazwasser. The jacket is in very good condition, has always been cared for and has at most a few traces of use on the hard plastic.

Price: 195,00EUR

Payment by PayPal, but transfer is also possible.



Phone: +4917641806297

Hello I offer a diving equipment here. It was only used 1 time for 45 min and is almost as good as new. Purchased in November 2020.I would like to sell them as a complete set. Suit, hood, fins, boots and gloves can also be purchased separately.

The prices listed are the original prices and I am happy to negotiate.

Computer Galileo Hud with transmitter 899EUR

Controller set 1st stage MK17Evo with2. Stage G260 and octopus R195 529 EUR

Jacket Hydros X men 685EUR

Bottle 12l, 232 BAR Monovalve 329 EUR

Fins Mares Avanti Quattro 119 EUR

Gloves Everflex 39EUR

Boots Heavy Duty 6,5mm 64EUR

Lead weights 10 Kg. Approx. 80EUR

Suit Nova Scotia 7,5mm Semi-dry with hood 529EUR

Mask Zoom Evo 50EUR

Lamp and knife can be given with agreement.

T├ťV certificate and declaration of conformity are available.

The basis for negotiations for everything together should be EUR 2500.

Pick up and pay on site would be nice.

To sizes of the things and other, I am happy to answer all questions

Greeting Rico


Sell a Mares Pure Mrs+ dive jacket here. It is a wing jacket. It has been little dived and is really in very good condition.
Valves, occasions etc were treated well and the jacket was also stored well/dry.

I liked to use it in cold water but also on vacation. Now it is to be sold due to a different equipment.

The laws on private sale apply.
Shipping would also be possible for an extra charge.

Mares fin bands with ABS buckles, used.

10 Euro incl. shipping


A complete and intact diving equipment is sold here, due to non-use.
Since it's great equipment, it's too bad not to use it often enough!

As can be seen in the pictures, this consists of the following components:
- Jacket Aqua Lung Pro QD I3 SeaQuest Size L
- 2x weight pockets matching the jacket
- Apeks lung automaton XTX200 with Octopus XTX50 incl. Mares Puck air
- Wetsuit by SubGear DAEMOn Gr. 54
- Dry suit Camaro STINGRAY PRO 7mm
- Camaro DIVING Suit Semi Dry 7mm Gr. 54
- TriBord Suit Size 44
- AquaLung Shoes 6.5mm Size 36
- Fins AquaLung X-Shot Gr. L
- 3x bottle (2x small / 1x large)
- various weights
- incl. practical travel / transport bag (trolley)

In case there are problems with determining the size, I am about 1.96cm tall and weigh about 90kg.

The complete equipment is functional and was cleaned at any time after a dive and dried properly before it came into the suitcase.

The bottles must be inspected by the T├ťV before the next use and a revision of the lung machine is also due.

Visits and fittings would of course be feasible.
More pictures are also available on request.

If you are interested, just contact us!

ebay Classifieds:

I'm currently selling at #eBayKleinanzeigen.

I sell my mask from the brand Mares with the prescription 1.0

The mask was worn only once.

Price : 50 Euro plus shipping costs

Private sale without guarantee and right of return


Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
Take a look at the other ads.
Ad price for complete acceptance
Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household

ÔÇó 1 x diving mask Mariner Mares yellow 9,-
ÔÇó 1 x diving mask Cressi blue 11,-
ÔÇó 2 x diving masks without name each 3,-

No warranty and return since privately sold.

42489 W├╝lfrath

Phone: 0173/3867025

I offer here a mares Polar Fit dry suit in S including bag.

The cuffs were shortened only slightly (70kg at 180).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


47475 Kamp Lintfort

I offer here my Poseidon XStream Deep MK3 set, consisting of:

1x 1st stage XStream Deep MK3

1x 2nd stage XStream Deep MK3

1x Polaris Finimeter

1x neckband

1x inflator hose

1x mares regulator pocket

Since the regulator has been lying unused in the basement for about three years, I strongly recommend carrying out a revision before the first use.


47475 Kamp Lintfort

1 men's diving suit/neoprene cached on both sides, brand "Bora Bora", 3 mm, size XL/52, with rice slippers front, sleeves, calves.

In very good shape. A few traces of use.

I am 185 cm tall and weigh about 89 kg fits like a glove! -- 50,00 EUR

1 weight strap with pockets - Scubapro -- 10,00 EUR

1 feet - size 45 - Oceanic -- 10,00 EUR

1 raft Mares Mod. Plana Avanti quattro abs - size XL/45+ - color blue/black -- 20,00 EUR

1 knee pad -- 4,00 EUR

1 special diving hanger - Scubapro -- 5,00 EUR

1 diving travel bag can also be used as a backpack - Mero Aquatex -- 5,00 EUR

All parts can be sold individually or as a complete package for 95,00 EUR.

Shipping costs by arrangement or self-collection possible.

No return or exchange possible.

Limburg an der Lahn

Diving Suit Mares Evolution 5+5 Set Men Size 5

The set was only worn for 10 dives. Traces of use are visible in the photos, except for 1-2 peelings on the seams as new. Set consists of: Hood long one-piece and shorty can be combined to go diving even in colder waters. Size 5 the previous owner wears dress size M.

If you have any questions, please go for it. Price VHB

79807 Lottstetten

Phone: 0041762610915


I offer here as good as new device fins from Mares in XL color blue.

Price 60 EUR VHB

Payment: Prepayment, pick-up



Sell my Mares Trocki Techfit size L.
It has always been neatly maintained and is dense. Arm cuffs latex renewed. Neck cuff has been replaced with a neoprene neck cuff. Feet on the Trocki make extra boots unnecessary.

There is also an underwear from Subapro.

Everything was always stored hanging.

VB: 650EUR

Shipping possible

Private sale. No guarantee.
Selling to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Phone: 015204879736

Complete diving equipment consisting of:

  • Dry suit Nothern Diver Cortex, XL, with shoes in size 47/48 and carrying bag, 300 EUR
  • Hood, wool gloves and neoprene gloves, 50 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Saros XL, thick version, 150 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Nova, thin version, 150 EUR
  • Jacket Mares Dragon AT, 150 EUR
  • 4 x 1 kilo and 4 x 2.5 kilos lead, 95 EUR
  • Regulator 1st and 2nd stage Sherwood Brut/Brut with octopus, finimeter and bag, 150
  • Dive computer Mares Puck, 100 EUR
  • Diving compass Suunto. 50 EUR
  • Buoy Sub Gear with cord reel, 12 EUR
  • 15 liter compressed air cylinder long version, new, unused, 200 EUR

All together in a package: 1.350 EUR

Have various articles about,

Mares Jacket Gr. L

Oceanic 7mm wet suit with ice vest, zippers i.O.

Kallweit Neoprentrocki Gr. L with urinal valve, zipper is top, arm and neck cuffs need to be renewed.

Seac Sub Diving Case,

Two slider pockets

Kallweit three-finger gloves

Bare three-finger gloves

Cressi thin diving gloves

Waterprof Gloves

Just everything together


Can be visited

Pick-up only

28876 Oyten

Mares Flexa 3mm Size 5L

New-light soiling due to storage, otherwise completely intact.

80EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

80999 M├╝nchen

Phone: +49 89 818 946 47 Visit DCP - DiveCenterParadise

Mares LOOP 2nd level

Unused/new- since it only served as an exhibit.

50EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

80999 M├╝nchen

Phone: +49 89 818 946 47 Visit DCP - DiveCenterParadise

If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new.

Information from the manufacturer:
Mares Prestige 15X Comfort Sparset - limited special series - red inflator hose
Whether you are diving on holiday or in local waters. With the Prestige 15X regulator set from Mares, you will enjoy every dive. The patented mesh grid design on the front cover reduces the water pressure on the large membrane and reduces the increased flow of air. Thus, even with flow dives, it is not necessary to reduce the performance of the second stage.
Diaphragm-controlled, balanced first stage DIN 300 bar - can also be connected to 200 bar cylinder valves
2 high pressure connections 7/16"
4 medium pressure connections 3/8" - for inflator hose, second stage and octopus
Optimized arrangement of the connections for more range of motion
Total weight first and second stage is only 920 g
Weight of the octopus incl. tube is 340 g
The set will of course be shipped completely assembled and checked!
scope of delivery
Regulator Mares Prestige 15X incl. 1st and 2nd stage and MiFlex hose - special series in red
Octopus Mares Prestige with long MiFlex hose
Pressure gauge
MiFlex inflator hose (74 cm) in red
Regulator pocket for transport


I offer here my Mares regulator set consisting of Mares Abyss, Mares prestige Octopus and the Mares 52X.

The asur├╝stung is barely submerged and in very good condition.
If desired, other items of diving equipment can also be purchased.

price 250EUR VHB

For more detailed information, I am happy to be reached by phone or e-mail.


Phone: 017670632433

I offer here my Mares BOLT-SLS in size L.

The asur├╝stung is barely submerged and in very good condition.
If desired, other items of diving equipment can also be purchased.

price 200EUR VHB

For more detailed information, I am happy to be reached by phone or e-mail.


Phone: 017670632433

Sell here my Mares diving suit in size 5. It has hardly been worn.

Price: 250EURVB

Bad Frankenhausen

We , 2 women offer complete well-maintained diving equipment for 2 people (size 42 )+ 2 underwater photo cases Lumix and Rollei

1 Diving Suit "Aqualung Iceland Comfort" Size 44, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 Diving Suit with Ice Vest / Shorty T-20r "Water Proof",Size 42, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 diving shoes "Water Proof", size 39, with firm outsole, 5mm

1 Diving Gloves "Scubapro", Size M

1 Diving Gloves "Mares", Size M

1 Tarier Vest "Seac Sub", Size M

1 Tarier vest " Cressi", size M

1 diving fins for diving shoes "Mares"

1 diving fins for diving shoes " Cressi"

1 submersible belt without lead

1 diving belt with weights (7 kilos)

2 lead pockets without lead

6 lead (1.5 kilos), 3 lead (1 kilo), 2 lead (2 kilos) " Seacsub, Softlead" :

1 Diving and rescue buoy (signal buoy for divers)

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Favor S"

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Geteko"

1 regulator advantage set with octopus and finimeter "Apeks ATX 50"

1 Finimeter "Sailor Scub"

1 underwater photo housing Lumix , suitable for camera Lumix-Panasonic DMW-MCFS5 incl. operating instructions

1 underwater photo housing Rollei with matching camera Rollei Bullet HD and accessories, incl. operating instructions

The purchase price of the entire equipment was approx. 3600.00 Euro.

The entire diving equipment has only about 20-25 dives on the hump. For various reasons, we don't dive anymore. We really think this is a pity and would like to pass on the complete well-maintained diving equipment to those interested.

So, get started and book diving course / diving holiday immediately. Beforehand, a few services (checking and replacing seals, changing batteries, etc.) should be made for your own safety.

Our price presentation: 1250,00 Euro, VB , individual can also be sold

On request: to Jutta and Andrea :

60486 Frankfurt

Buoy in good condition

So far only once tested, but already bought used

8EUR plus shipping


Phone: 015233861267