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I sell my XDeep NX Ultralite aluminum backplate in size L because I have no use for it anymore. It weighs just 625 grams, ideal if you want to screw together a trip BP/W.

There are slight mounting traces (see pictures), but these are unavoidable with aluminum.

Price 70EUR plus shipping of your choice.

The Spring Straps are new and unused.
They're too big for me, so I swapped them for smaller ones...
The original wire bracket is bent, so I have attached these stainless steel plates for assembly.
Works great.
The length of the spiral 26cm.

Price: 20 Euro
Can be picked up in Essen or sent from 2.70 euros


Phone: 4915161615272

Sell a lead bag for sidemount jacket, the bag is size L and can hold up to 16 KG of lead
Since private sale does not guarantee or return

Price 50,- EUR

Sell my sidemount set.

Jacket is new.

1 first stage is also new.

Hoses are new.

Swivel is new.

At the 2 first stage and both 2 stages, the service is made.

The set includes:

1x DST

1x XTX50 new

2x ATX100

2x Finimeter (on request with corresponding cover)

2x flex hose new

2x 5th port new

2x inflator hose new

1x Xdeep Jacket new

Private sale therefore no guarantee no warranty and no return


Sell an almost new Zen Deluxe Wing (1 time freshwater dipped in Dive4Life).

The Wing was purchased in mid-December 2019 as a Christmas present.

Only two advertising inserts were removed, as everything was fixed there.
But they are loose if you want to reseal them.

In addition, the lead bags M - 2x3kg (never used).

Complete price 490EUR. Internet prices currently from (569EUR Jacket + 85EUR Bleitschen).
The Polaris 12l steel bottle with double valve is optionally available in a package for 200EUR (TÜV until 04/2022 - even dipped only once).

Pick-up & shipping possible. Zip code 53797.


XDeep Black BT for sale in very good condition!
I hadn't had any problems with the BT so far and only sell it because I bought a new toy.
The BT can be upgraded.
The display has been protected with a protective film (you can see it at the corners)

280 Euro incl. shipping


Offer yourself my Xdeep Staelth 2.0 here.

Harness is completely ready for diving and configured with 8mm bungee single loops.
Sell it because of switching to The Xdeep Tec System.

The complete set with XL lead system, 2 lead bags and lamp tank holder I give for
390EUR incl. postage from (Current original price at Scubatech 519EUR)

If necessary, I only sell the bubble and build the Tec bubble on my harness.
I give the bubble for 250EUR (original price 319EUR at Scubatech)

If you take the set completely, you will get a pouch. It was once in the lake and is therefore new.
Has here ... Pouch.html
45EUR plus postage.


Xdeep Stealh 2.0 for Sidemount.


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