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For lovers of historical diving equipment:

I sell my first buoyancy aid, a Sailor Sub Buoyancy Vest, newly bought in 1992 (!)

The good piece seems to be even tight after a provisional test with rinsing water in a tub. The valves also work. Nevertheless, I sell the vest as a decoration / exhibition item without warranty / warranty.

Update: The vest has been inflated in the corner for 48 hours and is as plump as at the beginning. Seems to be still dense.

The emergency bottle (0.5l) is no longer available. The connection is closed with a blind plug. On the back, in the area of the buoyancy bottle holder, my name with Edding is attached. But that's pretty faded over the years.

30 Euro plus shipping


Dr├Ąger Dolphin plenty of accessories... EUR 999.-
The device spent the years from 2009 to 2016 on dry land, then I overhauled it and dived it 3 times. Now Sleeping Beauty has fallen asleep again and the rest of the junk is also waiting for the next holiday with me. Okay, I understood....

I used to use the device for training and private dives in Germany and the Canary Islands.

It is configured as far as "standard" and has 32, 50 and 60 nozzles.

The bottles no longer have a T├ťV. The 5l has a Dr├Ąger double valve. This allows you to connect a nitrox machine as a 2nd bailout and in case of doubt you can get to the gas in the bottle. The small vest bottle is oxygen-approved and also has an M 24x2 valve. Was once intended for a 2nd constant-flow with O2. However, the 2nd dosage is still missing. The original valve is included. The jacket dates back to the Atlantis era and has a holder for the bottle, as you could dive the Atlantis with a vest bottle.

The 2l bailout bottle has a sailor's vending machine and a rotatable connection that guides the MD hose close to the device. Spaghetti was yesterday...

The obligatory 6 kg of lead is also available.

In the kalkkanistrer there is still enough for a filling with the reduction.

Also the pictured box with spare parts and adapters. Also a connection shaft Scubapro MK 20 on M 24x2.

The computer can be operated radio-controlled with the pressure transmitter on the bottle and then displays according to mixture, diving depth and saturation the actual remaining dive time until the reserve pressure is reached and the suerstoff saturation or you dive it with the Dolphin to monitor the oxygen partial pressure. Then it is mounted between the device and the breathing tube. Before the dive also gladly taken again and again to check the mixture.To compensate for the exhalation hose there is a spacer. The battery of the computer still does it, the ones in the transmitters should be done and the oxygen sensors have it behind them.

The device can be viewed here in Hemmoor. If you are interested, please contact us by phone: Diego Ahrens 0170 / 58 38 892. Sometimes I read my emails, but on the phone it's somehow faster...

Exchange, if necessary with value compensation, for a travelable compressor / gasoline engine is possible.

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Buddy New Commando buoyancy jacket in size L.
It is the newer version, i.e. the version after 2006 (Buddy New Commando). The lead bags are included, the emergency bottle is not available.
The jacket was purchased in May 2013, 62 dives were made in fresh and salt water. Technically and visually, the jacket is in very good condition.
We are a non-smoking household.
In terms of price, I thought of 299EUR.
Price is negotiable.
If you have any questions, please email.


Sell my buoyancy jacket Buddy Commando of the English diving forge A.P. vAlves.
It is the newer version, i.e. the version after 2006 (Buddy New Commando). The lead bags are included, the emergency bottle is not available.
The jacket was purchased in May 2013, 62 dives were made in fresh and salt water. Technically and visually, the jacket is in very good condition.
We are a non-smoking household.
In terms of price, I have thought of 320EUR, or makes me a suggestion.
If you have any questions, please email.


Hi, we clean up before moving. Therefore, also look at my other ads ;-)

Retaining plate for attachment Battery tank or pony bottle from Hartenberger "new"
incl. 2 clamps for the tank
incl. 1x tension strap from AP Valves

Original price 99,-EUR + the tension strap.
I would give both together for 75, - EUR.


AP Valves Buddy Tekwing, very good condition, technically flawless.
- 26 l buoyancy, still compact - you don't have a truck tire on your back
- robust, double-shell construction, the very high processing quality of AP Valves should be known
- Shoulder strap adjustment by means of metal buckles (only length adjustment, no opening as with the ADV possible)
- Crotch strap
- Backplate adjustable in length for optimal fit
- APV200 Inflator
- prepared for mounting a 0.5l emergency bottle
- one of the most flexible wings on the market: from the single 7l to the double 12 you get all the bottles that the hobby cellar has to offer.
- incl. spacer blocks for double 7 and double 10 devices
Rest: Look at the manufacturer's page.

Price 190,- plus shipping


I offer a 4-liter exchange bottle (200 bar). The bottle is ideal as a pony bottle or for training in the swimming pool, as it is very light and handy.

The bottle was professionally overhauled last summer: new valve, new paint, T├ťV (valid until 02/2016)

The bottle is sold without net and stand.

VB: 100 Euro


0.47 liter compressed air emergency bottle for diving jacket or vest with T├ťV until 04.14 German brand Seemann Sub. High steel quality, very well maintained with Froschmann valve DIN 200 Bar new T├ťV until 2014 (see photo)

Packaging and insured shipping: EUR 6.90 bottle will be shipped empty for security! VB 55,- plus shipping

Berlin Kreuzberg

Sell Buddy Commando from A.P. Valves. With emergency bottle and inflator regulator in size XXL. Was bought used by me. I now have much less bioprene on my body. Therefore, it is unfortunately too big for me.

FP: 155,- incl. shipping


Hello divers,

I offer here an AP Valves Buddy Jacket Slimeline Size M.

The double-shell construction is unparalleled in its robustness and workmanship.
It is not for nothing that A.P.Valves gives a lifetime warranty for the first owner on this processing.

The color is signal pink and thus an overlooked is almost impossible :-)
The jacket is very well maintained and tight.

There is an AUTO AIR ( full-fledged vest machine ) and an EMERGENCY BOTTLE ( for emergency ascent and breathing from the jacket ).

Here are some more data:

- ADV Jacket double-shell

- Material 1100 Condura

- Comfort-Fit system allows precise adjustment to shoulder, waist and backplate

- AP Valve's emergency bottle

- Upgradable for double unit (modification not included)

- Color: Signal Pink

- Quick drain: 2

For 120, - Euro plus shipping I give it away.



Jacket DR├äGER NAUTILUS mit Air2 und Notflasche. Baugleich A.P.Valves Buddy. Ein Jacket f├╝r den Taucher der gerne eine Notflasche mitf├╝hren m├Âchte und der keinen zus├Ątzlichen Octopusschlauch haben m├Âchte (denn der ist im Inflator untergebracht), leicht ausgebleicht, ohne Inflatorschlauch, Flaschen-T├ťV abgelaufen

Zustand: neu, ungebraucht, Abverkauf
Farbe: blau/pink
Gr. L
empf.VK 860,00, jetzt f├╝r nur 289,00 Euro + Versand zu haben

- 2 Schnellabl├Ąsse (rechts oben und links unten)
- Hardpack
- Doppelschalige Bauweise
- 2 Tasche m. Klett
- Brustgurt
- Bauchgurt
- 3 Schlauchf├╝hrungsklett
- ca.16,5l Auftrieb
- Tragegriff im Hardpack
- 4 Plastik-D-Ringe f├╝r mehrere Befestigungsm├Âglichkeiten
- 1 Flaschengurt m. Schnellverschluss

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