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Sell an aluminum stage bottle from MES for diving.

Size: 80 cuft or 11.1 L
Age: 06/19
TÜV: until 02/22
Valve: G5/8 (normal valve)

The valve has only been overhauled and is very smooth. The bottle has some scratches, which you hardly see with the Dirty Beast. Was only used as a bailout stage in Openwater. That's why the bottle has only a few fillings, a few cycles.

Shipping is possible, but the bottle must be made unpressurized. The costs shall be borne by the buyer. PayPal is available.

Price: 210 EUR VB

Location: 96465 Neustadt bei Coburg

Neustadt bei Coburg

Bag for stage bottle, fits for about 2.7L O2 bottle

VHB-Price: 37,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Sell 7l aluminum stage bottle plus rigging kit.
As new only 5 TG!

Price: 165,- EUR

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return

Nähe Düsseldorf

Sell a new 7 l aluminum bottle with certificate, TÜV until 10/17 . When picked up, the oxygen remains in it about 120bar, on shipment it is drained.
Price incl. shipping : 167EUR
for pick-up: 160EUR