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I offer a little-used personal filter.

It is fully functional and clean.

Technical data MaVoTec Nitrox Clean Filter RSV:
- is used after the compressor
- Filter capacity 0.3 liters
- Air passage up to 500 l/min
- Service life filter cartridge at 100 l/min = 10 hours
- Input DIN 5/8" female - Output DIN 5/8" male
- 300 bar version
- integrated check valve with vent screw
- incl. filter cartridge
(Filter construction: felt disc - XeoDry (special dryer) - felt disc - activated carbon - XeoDry)
- Manufacturer Maximator / MaVoTec

NP: 289EUR


63526 Erlensee

A BAUER Mini Verticus MV5.5 (3-stage) with a MAVOTEC Nitrox filling system (constant flow) is sold here. The compressor is in top condition and has 1,940 operating hours and is fully functional and without defects. Electric three-phase motor 380V, switchable for bottle fillings 300bar and bottle fillings 200bar. With the MAVOTEC Diffuser, nitrox mixtures up to 40% O2 can be produced directly. The compressor has an air liter output of almost 200 liters/min. Filter cartridge P41 for long service life always guarantee perfect air conditions in the diving bottle. The system is first-time owned and has always been serviced with original BAUER maintenance accessories. The compressor is ideal for the use of a small to medium diving school/dive center/diving club. Here are numerous pictures that document the condition of the plant. The retail price incl. the MVOTEC Nitrox system, incl. 3 filling hoses (without oxygen bottles) VB 6.000,- EUR.

-automatic condensate automatic
-automatic pressure shutdown
-P41 filter system without securus monitoring
-Oil pressure monitoring
-380V/16A three-phase motor
-MAVOTEC Nitrox filling diffuser
-3 filling hoses (230bar/300bar)
-Operating hour counter (as of 1,939 hours)
-Original price 13.000,- Euro (VB 6.000,- EUR)

The system is not shipped by forwarding company (only self-pick-up near Kempten / Allg├Ąu) IMPORTANT: Since I am usually not reachable by phone, please send a message with your telephone number if you are interested. I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, warranty, return or exchange possible."


Gas mixing set from Mavotec.O2 Version Complete with 1/4" connection and 5/8" on bottle.Needle valve,Digimanometer,Stainless steel corrugated hose,Check valve! Completely in Pelicase.

Absolutely as good as new and top maintained. NP used to be:
Sell at a fixed price for 450,-Euro

I still have personal filters, adapters and and and from my shop resolution.
Have also equipment fins from Seac in various. Sizes.
You are welcome to email me!


Hello everyone
I would like to disconnect from my Mavotec overflow hose.
The oxygen overload unit consists of a check valve, 150cm steel shaft hose, vent screw, pressure gauge oxygenclean class 1.0 class DIN G 3/4 200 bar connections, needle valve control.
Price: please ask for offers


Argon set 1.5 liters with 1 stage and hose as well as the attachment 130.-EUR
5 spools with carabiners each 33 meters DIR 75.-EUR
Reel DiveRite 60 meters 40.-EUR Original price 119.-EUR
Reel Scubapro 70 meters 50.-EUR Original price 139.-EUR
Reel BestDivers 100 meters 60.-EUR Original price 169.-EUR
Suunto Eon with SK7 new service 110.-EUR
new filter for Mavotec personal filter 15.-EUR
Bauer Junior 2 2x Filter OVP 20.-EUR
Poseidon bags 2 pieces per 10.-EUR
Posedion Cyklon NEW with 210 hose and spare parts 90.-EUR
Poseidon Cyklon 1 Step 40.-EUR
2 lamps one Cressi both together for 30.-EUR
Sailor buoy 5.-EUR
6 MD and 4 inflator hoses srh good condition different lengths together 50.-EUR
2 x DIN valve NEW together 70.-EUR
4 x Rigging Mounting Rings Gun Haylycon 30.-EUR
Apeks Nackholder 10.-EUR
Bauer Tools 10.-EUR
INT Adapter NEW 5.-EUR
Hammerhead Sailor 20.-EUR

or all together for 600.-EUR



Double 2*7 liters, 300 bar, each 10.3 kilos, CE, Breathing Gas now with the new, extremely smooth-running 300 bar Halcyon valves, oxygenclean, DIN G5/8, with rubberknobs and wide shut-off bridge (185mm).

Smooth running is achieved by a special design and higher manufacturing precision. A special sub spindle - an advantage for every diver who wants to operate his valves himself (valve drill!).

Stainless steel clamp set (wide distance), the device has filled the same output as the heavy D 12.

Private sale / No warranty / No T├ťV
No rust in the fl. / Slight traces of use
O2 Clean always filled with Mavotec filter.
Handover by arrangement also possible in Hemmoor.
Bought in 2009 and always dipped with feet. will be sent with if desired.
Price 420 Euo incl. shipping.


Hello, I am looking for a MAVOTEC refill hose Digital. Please offer everything...



Gasblender/Gasmischseminar am 01.03.2008 und am 05.04.2008!!!!!!

Hallo Taucher,

am 01.03 und am 05.04.2008 finden bei uns im Haus wieder Gasblender / Gasmischseminare statt.

Beginn ist am Samstag jeweils um 9 Uhr und das Ende wird so gegen 17 Uhr sein.

Nat├╝rlich ist f├╝r angemessene Verpflegung gesorgt :-))

Der Gasblender kostet 185,-- Euro

Sachkundenachweis f├╝r das gewerbliche F├╝llen zzgl. 50,-- Euro

Alle Preise incl. Mwst

Schulungsunterlagen und Zertifikate von der Firma MaVoTec.
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