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Offer here a used complete package for beginners in the underwater video world with an action cam.

It has normal signs of use.

The following is included in the set:

1.Hugyfot housing diving depth up to max 200 meters suitable for Gopro Hero 3.3+ and 4th, with red filter for better colors underwater.

The front cover as protection for the red filter is unfortunately broken off and no longer available. But if it is not a problem, it can still be used normally.

incl. a VGA monitor with built-in battery, 1 replacement O-ring charging cable and original bag from Hugyfot

Extension arms incl. buoyancy body, thus the complete set gets a wingspan of 86 cm! The set still has negative downforce

If you really want to balance neutrally, you can still buy buoyancy bodies, there are on the Internet.

2 lamps, LED Fit and Flare, diving depth up to 100 meters, triple dimmable, spot, red light for night dives and ultraviolet light for Fluo dives

all charging cables, 2x 2 batteries for the lamps

1. Gopro 4 Silver + Replacement Battery

With the complete set I was about 1st year ago the last time in the water and it was tight!

VB 500,00EUR + Insured shipping (will be added at the end of purchase) or collection by appointment

If you have any further questions, just let us know

Private sale , no guarantee , no return



Hello, I am a passionate collector of old film cameras (until 1980) and cameras (SLR until 1995) and now also have some old exhibits from the underwater sector and am looking for literature and individual parts about Hugyfot (SLR 1980) and Subal Miniflex N (for Nikon F 801).

Here I am grateful for hints and offers.


Sell my Nikon setup, comes with Hugyfot housing, ports and extension rings. 2 cameras where one has hardly any triggers. Of course, spare O Rings as well.



Hugyfot External 7" HD monitor with connection cable and ballmount and accessories.

  • Housing milled from seawater-resistant aluminium.
  • Black anodized and Teflon coated.
  • Secure rotary lock.
  • Depth rating 200m.
  • 7-inch HDMI monitor.
  • Pushbuttons for screen adjustment.
  • Large removable sun hood.
  • 1 lithium battery pack (8h battery life).
  • Dual O-ring sealing system.

- Bought the monitor in November. I've never been in the water with it.
- In the meantime I switched to SONY DSLR camera and the monitor has become too big for me.

Basis for negotiation 1100,00 EUR


Phone: 00436642307935

I offer a very well preserved and maintained underwater housing with ports and accessories from Hugyfot.

No water intrusion or leaks. Minimal traces of use of a more cosmetic nature.

Including DSLR Nikon D90 Body. Here the shutter release button must be replaced. I take care of nikon original.

If not desired (camera or repair) then CHF 200.00 discount.

Original price:

Hugyfot complete: approx. EUR 4'600 / CHF 5'200

Nikon D90 Body: EUR 660 / CHF 748

VB: EUR 1,590 / CHF 1,800


Hugyfot underwater housing for and with DSLR Nikon D90

Hugyfot manufacturing

The HFN-D90 housing is made of a solid block of AlMgSi1 high-strength aluminum. Each housing is ground by hand,

sandblasted and provided with a hard anodization and Teflon coating. The housing can withstand a pressure of 100 m.

Camera control

All camera controls of the Nikon D90 are accessible (on/off, shutter, shutter speed, aperture, program selection, main selection, push buttons, lens shutter release).

Default Chassis Configuration

- HugyCheck system

- 1 Nikonos 5-pin connector

- 2 optical outputs (for 2 fiber optic cables - cable not included)

- 1 rigid aluminum handle with mounting ball

- soft neoprene grip for one-handed photography (right side)

- Gear drive for manual zoom or focusing

- Standard searcher

- Hugyfot bayonet lock for port mounting

- Hugyfot quick release mechanism

- Large window for the rear color LCD screen

- small window for the top screen

- Mounting ball on the top of the housing

Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 200 x 130 mm

Weight (without camera): 2.8 Kg (Neutral in water)

Color (anodized): black

Diving depth: 100m

CH-8820 W├Ądenswil/ZH

sell from a discount used, well-kept underwater housing for Canon EOS 40D with HUGYFOT Fisheye lens (think it's plastic)

Incl. vacuum pump and handle. As shown.


Private sale

No PayPal

Price + Shipping

Optionally, the matching Canon EOS 40D Body with EF-S 10-22mm lens (1:3.5-4.5) can be purchased. Purchase of the camera only in conjunction with underwater housing.

Special price when buying camera and housing = 700EUR + shipping


Complete professional DSLR underwater photo system.
Consisting of NIkon D70s with wide angle lens, Hugyfot underwater housing with leak detector (has never seen water from the inside) Domeport (with neo protection) suitable for wide angle, unused (never in water) Nikonos SB 102 flash with pilot light slave funntion, TTL manual steps etc, lightning cable, lightning arm and stay for the arm.Charger 2 batteries, all associated cables, operating instructions
The ideal and cost-effective introduction to digital SLR underwater photography.Impeccable condition!
Asking price is 550EUR plus shipping
Private sale no guarantee no return


Sell a GoPro camera system with Hugyfot housing and TillyTec lamp system.
GoPro Black Edition 3*
TillyTec lamp system MPL 4500 LED video light / reflector, battery short
Hugyfot housing up to 100m, with external screen, incl. charging units and various cables and explorer case.
2 years OLD, all functional, no 20 dives performed.
Original price EUR 2200,-
VHB 1400,-


Search Hugyfot housing for the Nikon D610 or conversion of the existing housing from D90 to D610.


For sale because of system changeover:
Product: Everything can also be purchased individually!!!!
Hugyfot Canon 7D Mark UW housing: NP:2.350,00 EUR VB:1000,00 EUR
INON 45┬░ Viewfinder for Hugyfot: NP: 590,00 EUR VB: 370,00 EUR SOLD!
HUGYFOT Extension Ring 45mm: NP: 150,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Focus/Zoomgear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Silicone Gear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Flat port Acrylic-L70/D100 : NP: 210,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Hugyfot Vacuum Check Pump: NP: 170,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Wide Angle Port Acrylic-L50/D128: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Fisheye Port Acrylic-L 25/D174: NP: 500,00 EUR VB: 250,00 EUR
md-lightsnake Adapter duo NEW: NP: 60,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR SOLD!
md-snoot, mikedive light former : NP: 88,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR
Isotta Quick Clamp: 4 pcs NP: 200,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Inon MR 130 Hugyfot Port with M67Connection
for e.B. Subseec: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
Inon Z 240 Type 3: 2 pieces NP: 1270,00 EUR VB: 635,00 EUR SOLD!
Sea&Sea Sync Cord N Double Cable / : NP: 189,95 EUR VB: 90,00 EUR
Sea&Sea Spiral Cable 5pin Synccord NEW: NP: 85,95 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
Subsee +10 Macro Attachment Lens: NP: 235,00 EUR VB: 120,00 EUR SOLD
Together new price NP total over 7000, - EUR

In addition, there are various spare parts such as O-rings, 2x hot shoe for Canon, neoprene sleeves, 2 flash arms with buoyancy bodies from Mike Dive, housing alarm batteries, silicone grease...... Etc.
Who wants to have the complete system VB: 3000,00Euro
Suitable for macro, super macro and wide angle.
You can also contact me by phone or Whats App: 01774235538
I look forward to your fair offers
Axel B.


It is for sale a very good used UW photo set:

- Nikon D80 (about 9000 triggers) incl. memory card 4GB
- various accessories for Nikon D80:
-- Charger + Cable
-- 2x battery
-- Video cable
-- Manual + Quick Start Guide
-- Carrying strap
- Fisheye lens Tokina ATX 3.5-4.5/10-17 DX AF
- Macro lens Nikon AF D 60/2.8 MIKRO NIKKOR
- Housing Hugyfot D80 (HFN-D80) with Nikonos V flash socket / manual CD
- Hugycheck (leak detector, pressure sensor and locking sensor with LED) installed in the housing / incl. associated vacuum pump + batteries.
- Synchronous cable Sea&Sea (suitable for Nikonos flash socket) for connecting e.B. Inon Z240. Matching silicone grease.
- Planport FLP-6.607 (suitable for the macro lens)
- Port Extension EXT-6.430 (20 mm)
- Large fisheye dome port FEP-6.608 suitable for the fisheye (incl. protective cover)
- Zoom ring (suitable for the Tokina)
- 4 x sealing ring for ports incl. matching silicone grease
- 2 x sealing ring for the housing

The camera works flawlessly and shows only the usual traces of use. The lenses are also completely functional and the optics in perfect condition.
The housing is 100% tight, lightning electronics and leak detector "Hugycheck" (warns BEFORE the dive of leaking housing!) work flawlessly, as do the control buttons and wheels. The ports are also fine. Both Dome and Planport have slight scratches, which are not visually noticeable in the photos.

Sample photos
Close-up/macro shots

The set can also be inspected / tested and picked up in Hamburg.

Price: VHB 2200 EUR


Hello everyone

I am looking for my Hugyfot Arius case (F90x),
a Nikon hot shoe plug ( SC 117 )
with cable !
(Also the Platiene)
Maybe someone knows where they still exist!

Greetings from Upper Bavaria,



Hugyfot housing for Nikon F4 with many accessories, as well as F4 for sale. if interested, more details.
all in objection-free state


INON 45┬░ angle finder for Hugyfot for sale

The angle viewfinder was hardly used, I just prefer the normal viewfinder

NP 599.00

New VB 380,00

If you are interested, I can visit: to reach



Hugyfot underwater housing for Canon 400D, handle right and left, HugyCheck System
Heinrich's eTTL converter board
Planport L90/D100 Kit
Port extension 40mm, suitable for Canon 100mm macro
Large Fisheye Domport L25/D174 Kit
Port extension 20mm
Zoom ring L=55mm, suitable for Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye
Zoom ring L=75mm, suitable for Sigma 17-70mm
SAGA ADLH-AB-OM-67 Flip Adapter for Attachment Lens M67
Sync Cord 1x Nikonos on 1x Sea&Sea

The housing has 2 sockets, Nikonos V + HugyCheck valve.
In addition, there is a longer, stable lightning cable on the hotshoe, with red/ green LED's for Hugycheck.
Modified base plate so that the battery of the Hugycheck and the camera can be changed even with the camera installed.
Everything in perfect condition, with signs of use.
Replacement value, excluding conversions, over EUR4000

The Hugyfot set is available for EUR2100
More pictures on request.

Camera incl. lenses are also available:
Canon Body 400D & Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-3.5
Canon EF100mm f/2.8 USM Macro 1:1
Tokina ATX 10-17 DX AF f/3.5-4.5 Fisheye
Sync Y-Cord 1x Nikonos on 2x Sea&Sea
Make me an offer...

Location Switzerland, please inquire about shipping costs.


For sale is a Hugyfot case from the original Hugyfot period, i.e. before the company was sold by the company founder.

The case is the Atlantis case for the Nikon F50. As can be seen in the pictures, the camera is also part of the offer as well as the Nikkor AF 35-80 mm f/4-5.6D lens. Everything is in working condition and was maintained by me at the beginning of this year (bushings disassembled, cleaned and greased). The case also passed the test dive afterwards perfectly. The housing has a leak detector and a Nikonos flash socket.

Scope of delivery:
- Hugyfot Atlantis case
- Nikon F 50 with lens and lens ring
- Matching port to the lens
- Neoprene port protection
- Replacement O-ring
- Hexagon socket key
- Original instruction manual for the housing

Shipping is possible.

VB 180 EUR


Hello dear diving friends and UW picture designers
I separate myself from my reserve UW photo equipment here. It is too bad not to lie around used and packed at home. She finally has to kneel back into the water. But since My main system is so reliable and does not really need the reserve system, someone else should have fun with it.
For sale are the following listed items
Detailed list with new prices at that time:
pos Product Stk Sum
1 INON Dome Port Protector 2 Set 1 x = EUR 689
2 HUGYFOT Canon Eos450D/500D case 1 x = EUR 2.055
3 DIGI&DIVE Port Converter INON 1 x = EUR 150
4 Inon Dome Cover 170 1 x = EUR 20
5 INON Z-240 Type 3 underwater flash 2 x = EUR 1.078
6 INON Strobe Cover 2 x = EUR 40
7 INON Optical D Cable L 2 x = EUR 160
8 U.L.C.S. DSLR Ball Arm Set AIR 2 x = EUR 290
9 10 Bar B&J Ball Flash Arm 20 Aluminum 2 x = EUR 36
10 H2o-Tools B&J bracket made of aluminium 6 x = EUR 131
11 synchronous cable 1x Nikonos to 2x 1 x = EUR185
12 Heinrichs eTTL Converter Board 1 x = EUR250
13 flash socket Nikonos 5 sprung 1 x = EUR115
16 Various small and spare parts

At that time total original price: EUR 5199,-
For newcomers to DSLR UW photography, this set is a good start. Both the Canon 450D and the Canon 500 D fit into the housing and all functions can be operated. I myself used the 500D in the housing and was thus able to use the advantage of filming. I have flashed only with optical fiber optic cables manually it exists with this set but also the possibility to flash in eTTL mode e.B. good in macro photography.
I imagine a total price in the form of 2499, - EUR. But this is a VB so I am happy to make suggestions


Sell the sensational Huggyfot underwater housing for the Nikon D7000. A swivelling angle viewfinder has been added to the housing. Dome port and intermediate ring complete the system. Furthermore, this includes an Inox z240 flash and a corresponding flash arm. The camera and a Sigma lens 17-70 Macro HSM are also included. The whole thing (housing and camera) is almost exactly one year old and has hardly been dived (in total 15 TG). Original price compl. 6500EUR for a total of 4500 VHB


Foto - Special - Preise!

Hugyfot UW-Geh├Ąuse f├╝r Nikon F50 nur 1099,- DM

Sea & Sea UW-Blitz SY 300 nur 2299,- DM

Sea & Sea UW-Geh├Ąuse + Kamera SX 1000 nur 2499,- DM


Phone: 0341 / 3916584 Visit Tauchshop Florian


UW-Kamera & Geh├Ąuse SX 1000 mit Zoom 28 - 70 mm, neu komplett nur 2599,-
Hugyfot UW-Geh├Ąuse f├╝r Nikon F50, neu nur 1250,- DM.
UW-Blitz YS 300 TTL MM2 gelb, neu VB nur 2099,- DM
UW-Kamera-System MM2 incl. Blitz YS 60, neu nur 1699,- DM
UW-Kamera-System MX10 incl. Blitz YS 40A, neu nur 999,- DM
PC-Interface f├╝r SUUNTO EON & Solution alpha, neu nur 150,- DM
PC-Interface f├╝r Aqualung "U.S. Divers" Matrix Master, neu nur 120,- DM


Phone: 0341 / 3916584 Visit Tauchshop Florian