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I offer the pictured lifting bag for sale.


Pick up in Moers only.

Greetings Mike


Have the following diving equipment too verk.

As good as new Trilaminate Scubapro Evertec LT Gr.L with hood and Sitec dry diving glove system.
Vb.800EUR incl. Dispatch

1x 40cuf Stage rigged monovalve oxygen-clean
Alu Dirty Beast without T├╝v

1x 80 cuf Stage rigged monovalve oxygen-clean
Alu Dirty Beast with T├╝v 9/2018

2x 7L steel bottle 300 bar double valve without T├╝v
Vb. per piece 140EUR

Bottle pick-up in Neum├╝nster or Hemmoor

Dive computer XP 5 battery to change yourself
FP,55EUR incl. shipping

Lifting bag Polaris 31L filling with the inflator new.
FP.55EUR incl. Dispatch

Tecline Reel 130m as new
FP.85EUR incl. Dispatch

Overflow hose with pressure gauge as new
FP.65EUR incl. Dispatch

Seac Propulsion Fins with Springstraps Gr.M-L yellow/black
FP.35EUR incl. Dispatch


Sell this lifting bag semi-closed 25Kg
Buoyancy of subgear.

Price incl. shipping: 30EUR


Sell this lifting bag with about 23L buoyancy
of the brand scubaforce
Price incl. shipping: 25EUR


Offer unused storage compartment (lifting bag, buoy) for the Halcyon backplate, including stainless steel screws. DIR style.

Shipping 3,- EUR or pick-up in Kiel.


Scubaforce Lifting Bag

Good used condition
Rarely Used



AP (Ambient Pressure Diving) Side Mount Holder (FishTail)

It serves as a stage bottle attachment point, in addition, it also offers storage space for other equipment such as lift bags or buoys.

The side mount holder is a mounting method for sidemount bottles and holds them securely in position along the body axis of the diver. The fluttering or drifting outwards of the stages is prevented.
Two elastic cords allow the attachment of a buoy (SMB) or a lifting bag.

Comes from an AP Inspiration Classic rebreather.

Price: 55.- Euro + shipping

Shipping by DHL


Offer : Toolpack 1
- Neoprene feet ( 46 ) new
- Lifting bag about 60 Kg ( self-made )
- 2 Spring Straps ( new )
- 1 bottle strap

due to diving junk "shrinkage" for
80 EUR ( excluding shipping - estimated 5 EUR )

Greetings ;-)


Hello bulletin board;

I want to do Nitrox** course.
For this I need an affordable lifting bag /deckoboje who has what over?
Please to the reasonable course.!

Still stage bottles of aluminum ?
Please offer something.

Thank you very much.


Halcyon Storage Pack

In the Halcyon Storage Pak, the folded lifting bag can be optimally stowed away.

6 stainless steel fittings ÔÇô for attachment to the backplate ÔÇô included

40.- EUR + Shipping (DHL)



sell a Hollis 60lbs lifting bag incl. a 35 meter aluminum reel for 65,00 Euro plus postage.

If you are interested, there are pictures and more.



In the Halcyon Storage Pak, the folded lifting bag can be optimally stowed away.

6 stainless steel fittings ÔÇô for attachment to the backplate ÔÇô included

40.- EUR + postage


TDI Advanced Nitrox + Decompression Procedures Course

As a training course for Nitrox Diver, the Advanced Nitrox Diver course enables certification for the use of up to 100% oxygen in the respiratory gas. These "high-proof" mixtures are used in shallow dives or in circulatory devices, but especially in use as decompression gas to shorten necessary decompression stops.

4 dives are required as part of the training, which are carried out up to a maximum of 40m and within the zero time limits. The focus of the practical training is air consumption, oxygen-clean equipment, dive planning, gas analysis and change of breathing gases. Decompression techniques can be simulated, such as .B use of lifting bag and reel.
TDI believes that all dives are decompression dives. Undoubtedly, today the multitude of dive computers allow the worry-free jump into the water without thinking about dive planning. And if you stick to ascent speeds, safety stop, etc., no one wants to miss this electronic companion anymore. There are underwater but also things that you want to look at longer, or suddenly the dive computer shows a decompression stop because you have misjudged something... In any case, a well-founded education beyond the zero time limits is very beneficial to self-confidence and ability.

18 years old
Open Water Diver
Medical certificate
min. 25 dives

Course price 499,- Euro incl. certification + manual
Course date 20.6-22.6.2008 in Hemmoor or by prior arrangement

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Phone: 02364-94 93 90 Visit SILVER WAVE Tauchsportzentrum