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  • Offered is a barely used buoyancy jacket from Scubapro (16 dives)
  • thus still very good as new
  • Lightweight, robust and easy to use, equipped with many practical details, the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket is just right for the start of diving. The outer material of the Scubapro X-Force Jacket is made of very durable 1000Denier Cordura, and the inner material is flexible 420D nylon. The straps of the Scubapro Buoyancy Jacket X-One are made of very tear-resistant nylon fabric, D-rings made of stainless steel ÔÇô the Scubapro X-One and buckles made of sturdy plastic to withstand frequent use.

Practical with the Scubapro X-One Jacket is also the sophisticated cut that ensures a very good fit, and the well-padded areas such as back area and hip belt, which guarantee high wearing comfort.

Even divers who do not want to do without their lead strap or just have to wear a lead harness / want to wear the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket, because the Scubapro X-One you get without lead bags - these can optionally be purchased in our online dive shop, for divers who are looking for a Scubapro dive jacket with integrated lead. The lead pockets fit easily into the side openings on the jacket, and are easily attached with the practical quick release buckles.

Further equipment can be attached to the Scubapro buoyancy jacket X-One stainless steel D-rings of the Scubapro diving jacket or stowed in the large side pockets with zipper. The diver's knife will find a secure place on the specially designed dive knife holder on the left side pocket of the Scubapro X-One Jacket.

Thanks to the easily adjustable straps and the adjustable, compensating abdominal belt, you can perfectly customize the fit of the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket.

With its good fit, robust material and ease of use, the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket is the ideal entry-level jacket or rental jacket for dive centers.

The uncomplicated design of the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket with practical features such as integrated octopus holder and reflective details convince at first glance


BRAND NEW in size XL, ORIGINAL PACKAGING, WITH LABELS AND IMMEDIATELY READY FOR USE as it should be :-) Or exchange for Atomic BC2 :-)

All lung machines, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted and tried out on a filled 12 Lt bottle.

A smoke-, animal- & allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

1x BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL PACKAGING, PROVIDED with LABELS, in size XL, in red / black for ONLY 1099 EUR without inflator, or 1199 with stainless steel inflator, 1299 EUR with SS1 vest machine stainless steel in red or 1399 EUR with SS1 vest machine titanium in silver (from previous ownership) incl. vers. Shipping within Germany for sale.

Or as hardly used above (ONLY 15 TG) in Pure Black at the same conditions as above :-) I don't care if I dive with Red Black or Pure Black...

The Atomic Aquatics BC1 is specifically designed to create the MOST ROBUST and DURABLE performance buoyancy jacket in the world.

The BC1 redefines BCD design. Every detail has been revised. Every material and every component has been reinvented. The new Atomic BC1 is designed for divers who demand the absolute best on the market.

1. Exclusive laminated & coated waterproof fabric

The special matte finish looks and feels like no other BCD. The strong, double-laminated, polyurethane-coated fabric is incredibly robust and water-repellent like a raincoat.

2. Ratchet CAM-LOK Tank Band

This exclusive Atomic design is the easiest to use tank strap and works similarly to ski and snowboard bindings. Easily adapts to a variety of tank sizes.

3. Patented EZ-LOK lead discharge system

A remarkably user-friendly design. Each bag holds up to 10 lbs of hard or soft weights, slides gently into pockets, and locks with a soothing "SNAP." Can be released with a simple jerk on the handle.

4. Quilted back pad & adjustable lumbar pad

Uniquely elegant and functional, the diver can adjust the most comfortable fit. The BC1 carrying handle is hidden behind the back cushion.

5. Sand-resistant pocket zippers

The self-sealing zipper prevents sand and protection from getting caught in the teeth.

6. Titanium-coated stainless steel D-rings

adapted stainless steel D-rings with Titanium PVD coating - corrosion resistant and strategically placed.

7. Trim Lead Bags

Each bag holds up to 5 lbs. For an improved diving profile.

8. Non-slip Tank Pad

In combination with the CAM-LOK tank belt, the rigid shaped tank pad and backpack provide ultimate tank safety with CNC-machined stainless steel elements molded on the frame

9. "Dry Glide" outlets

Low friction made of 316 stainless steel.

10. High-Peformance Inflator

Special D-rings made of 316 stainless steel with

Titanium PVD coating

Backpack quilted with rhombic pattern

Adjustable back cushion

Non-slip bottle cushion with CNC-milled stainless steel fittings

Sand resistant zippers

316 Stainless steel cable pull Dry Glide with low friction resistance for drain valve in two places

Patent-pending non-floating pull button

Two non-disposable 2.25-kilo trim bleaches

with high-quality Stainless Steel - RED Inflator, interior made of high-quality stainless steel with associated inflator hose

Best lead system on the market, absoluteLY NEW DEVELOPMENT

A tragecomfort that is not comparable to any other jacket.

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)


Thank you for your interest and THANK YOU for contacting us :-)

A good purchase, always good air and TIPP-TOPP dives I wish :-)

85221 Dachau

Sell absolutely new Finnsub-Wing in perfect condition. Purchased in March 2022 from German specialist retailers, since then only dived in fresh water on two occasions (approx. 10 TG) NP: 690 euros for 520 euros

The wing systems of the Czech manufacturer FINNSUB are very popular with technical divers due to their extremely high quality.

The Wing can of course be viewed in M├╝nster and checked for function. Below is the product description.

The "Fly 17D Comfort" Wing in donut shape gives the diver all the advantages of a tech jacket with the comfort that advanced recreational divers desire.
Ideal for larger mono bottles such as 15 or 18 liters or smaller double bottle configurations such as D7 or D8.5.

FLY Wing - powered by FINNSUB for recreational divers who prefer the philosophy and style of technical diving and jackets for tech divers who do not want to compromise.

The design of the wing bubble "FLY 17D": The "Fly 17D" is specially designed for the use of individual bottles up to a volume of 18 liters. For this reason, the quick drain is located outside the axis (center), otherwise it would come into contact with the diving tank.
Thanks to the special bottle support, which is incorporated directly into the bladder, there is no need for a special single bottle adapter. Together with the two bottle attachments, the bottle sits bomb-proof on the jacket. The shape of the bladder is a so-called donut shape. Due to its compactness, it ensures low water resistance, but at the same time offers a large buoyancy of 18 kg.
To ensure that the "Fly 17D" retains its function even in the most adverse diving conditions, a high-strength Cordura material with a thread thickness of 2000 deniers was processed. The inner bubble consists of either a high-strength polyurethane film or a 500 Cordura material.
Due to the special shoulder strap adjustment made of metal, the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted at any time. A breakage, even under extreme loads, as with usual buckles made of plastic, is not possible. A crotch belt made of soft webbing ensures a comfortable fit even on longer scooter rides. In order to attach enough equipment to the harness, the "Fly Comfort Harness" is equipped with a total of seven stainless steel D-rings, which are held in position by means of a web slider.
The two lead bags each hold up to five kilos of lead and are equipped with a stable rapid discharge system. On the outside there is a rigid D-ring. Optionally, the left lead bag is also available with a special holder for a battery tank of the Finn Light lamps.
The complete system complies with European standards and is certified according to EN 1809.
FINNSUB Fly 17D Features:
Wing Bubble: FLY 17 Donut
Double-shell wing approx. 18 kilos buoyancy ÔÇô ideal for mono bottles from 12 to 18 litres
Color: Black
Outer material: Cordura with 2000 denier
Inner material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (500 deniers),
High-quality inflator with a pleated hose length of 50 centimeters
Stainless steel backplate, approx. 2.7 Kg


Phone: 01637662037

The jacket was once used in fresh water and is in top condition! The manual and CD are also included. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If something is not good enough to recognize, then I also like to send more pictures. I would like to sell it for 390EUR.

Insured shipping is also possible against assumption of shipping costs.

Here is some information about the jacket from a report by

"In the family of 10 Scubapro Jackets, the X-FORCE ranks second in terms of buoyancy volume. And at the recommended retail price, it is about 100 euros cheaper than the flagship X-BLACK. The target group is defined by demanding divers who want to use a high-quality jacket with a comfort character in all lakes and seas.

With the X-FORCE, a number of thoughts were put into optimizing wearing comfort, water conditioning and equipment. For example, there is no too much pocket or D-rings. Two large pockets on the left and right provide the necessary space for signal buoy with spool, spare mask and backup lamp. Two standard D-rings each made of anodized aluminum on the shoulder straps and below the lead inserts can secure equipment. However, we would have liked the lower D-rings to be offset 10 centimeters backwards in order to be able to hang a stage bottle with decorative gas at a better angle on the jacket. Many recreational diving computers now offer the calculation of several decorative gases, but this detail is still lacking ÔÇô across markets.
Two smaller D-rings above the pockets could be used for hose holders, whereby practical hose inserts are integrated on both sides for the classic optopus, as nothing hangs uncontrollably away from the diver.
Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, eyelets are prepared on both sides to attach a knife.
With the QR (quick release) lead bags, users are offered one of the best and most uncomplicated systems for quickly inserting and securing the weights. The removal is really only intentional and just as fast. The inserts are designed for 5 kilograms of lead each. Rear trim bleaches hold 2 kilograms each. Their position was chosen in such a way that even with a heavily filled bladder, there is no feeling of pressure on the body.
The shoulder straps are provided with a non-slip lamination, which should optimize the fit. The chest strap is stretchy but not height-adjustable. A small pocket with zipper is inserted in the waist belt. In a wide range, the belts can be individually adjusted. The back and lumbar area are padded, as are the neck and neck.
With 2.4 l/sec. the balanced power inflator fills the newly designed 3D bubble. Their higher volume in the lower back improves trim. Three quick drains plus a vent button on the inflator attachment socket allow buoyancy in any position of the body.
The stretcher is designed for mono bottles with a maximum volume of 18 l (sizes M-XXL). A universally shaped anti-slip insert in the stretcher fixes bottles of different volumes, held by the bottle strap with Super RCA closure made of stainless steel. The bottle strap pleases, you do without the usual plastic buckle with braided strap. This system would be good for all sports diving jackets. You can't connect a jacket to the tank in a more straightforward way.
As an outer material, proven 500 Cordura was used, which is known as robust and durable, and flexible 420 D nylon was chosen as the inner material. The test jacket of size M weighs just under 4 kilograms.


Thumbs up, the X-FORCE harvested from our experienced test diver even before the jump into the water. The quick and bomb-proof adjustment of the bottle strap with the Super RCA closure made of stainless steel was just as impressive as the placement of the lead pockets in the ready-to-dive system. What turns out to be fiddly to tedious for many products in the competition is child's play with Scubapro's QR System, even with gloves.
The adjustment of the belts is just as easy.
The water position during the dive and on the surface is impeccable. The X-FORCE sits like a glove, the upholstery...

I sell a lot of equipment for diving because of my hobby.

Bottles, 10s and 12s, Oxi suitcases, various booties, a jacket, fins, gloves, lamp, buoys, lead, pulmonary machines, 2 dry suits, various underwear, swimsuits, lots of small stuff. In short, everything that accumulates in a diving experience

Price: Make a serious proposal. We will certainly come to an agreement.

Only pick-up, no shipping.

Private sale, therefore exclusion of any liability for material defects or warranty. No return, no guarantee or revocation.


I sell a lot of equipment for diving because of my hobby.

Bottles, 10s and 12s, Oxi suitcases, various booties, a jacket, fins, gloves, lamp, buoys, lead, pulmonary machines, 2 dry suits, various underwear, swimsuits, lots of small stuff. In short, everything that accumulates in a diving experience

Price: Make a serious proposal. We will certainly come to an agreement.

Only pick-up, no shipping.

Private sale, therefore exclusion of any liability for material defects or warranty. No return, no guarantee or revocation.


Since I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, I sell my complete diving equipment. The equipment is in good condition. The last maintenance was carried out in 09.2020 by the dive shop in Dresden. Not dived since.

  • Dry suit Waterproof Gr.L (neck cuff should be renewed) incl. glove system
  • Underwear Waterproof Gr.ML
  • Mares Semi-Dry Diving Suit Gr.5W
  • Underwear Scubapro Gr.XL
  • Jacket Scubapro XForce Gr.XL
  • Compressed air cylinders 12 L short and 15 L
  • Complete controller set from Mares, 2 first stages
  • Dive computer Mares incl transmitter
  • Dive Computer Mares Puck
  • Hartenberger lamps need new batteries
  • 13Kg lead plastic coated
  • Fins, mask, hoods, gloves, small stuff, box etc.

For most equipment stands, the original invoices are available. The equipment was only immersed in fresh water. About 150 dives.

Just make me a realistic offer.


Offer self-cast lead as shown in the picture. It is about 14.5 kg. To be sure here I expect only about 13 kg because not all plates are 100% the same.
To 2 kg and 500 grams of pieces. Times something more / less.
Pick up in 57223 Kreuztal

price 80EUR

Condition: very good, fully functional. 10x used

Sale because of hobby task.


removable weight at the front of the lead pockets.

Reinforced back carrier, as well as thick foam padding offer greater wearing comfort.

Adjustable chest strap, of which the right side is elastic, offers additional flexibility.

Pull quick release valves, rear bottom, front top right and in the inflator.

Ergonomically shaped shoulder area with rotatable quick-release buckles (exclusive to Sea Quest) for unsurpassed fit.

Additional padding of the shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

2 large outer pockets with zippers and zip pull line.

Large D-rings for adjusting the shoulder straps, even with the thickest gloves.

Two lead pockets (without lead)

Weight: 3-4 kg

Pockets: two on the sides with zipper

Quick drains: 3

Tension straps: 1 and one carrying and catching loop

D-rings: 6 made of stainless steel, 2 made of robust plastic

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee or warranty Can also be shipped.

Price: EUR 90,00


Well preserved and well maintained buoyancy jacket by Cressi. Normal signs of use. All brackets and pockets in order. Lead bags are easy to use up to 10kg of lead.

No guarantee or warranty and return by me as it is a private sale.


Phone: 01633922440

Complete diving equipment consisting of:

  • Dry suit Nothern Diver Cortex, XL, with shoes in size 47/48 and carrying bag, 300 EUR
  • Hood, wool gloves and neoprene gloves, 50 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Saros XL, thick version, 150 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Nova, thin version, 150 EUR
  • Jacket Mares Dragon AT, 150 EUR
  • 4 x 1 kilo and 4 x 2.5 kilos lead, 95 EUR
  • Regulator 1st and 2nd stage Sherwood Brut/Brut with octopus, finimeter and bag, 150
  • Dive computer Mares Puck, 100 EUR
  • Diving compass Suunto. 50 EUR
  • Buoy Sub Gear with cord reel, 12 EUR
  • 15 liter compressed air cylinder long version, new, unused, 200 EUR

All together in a package: 1.350 EUR

If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new. Size XL

Information from the manufacturer:
A jacket with an integrated weight system does not have to cost the world
But you will be at home at the dive sites of the world. With its just 2,550 g in size M, the Start Pro 2 from the renowned Italian producer Cressi is an ideal companion for dives on holiday. Of course, the jacket can also be used for use in domestic waters.
Many divers appreciate the very good fit and easy handling.
Material: Inside Cordura 500 - light and soft, Outside: Cordura 1000 - particularly abrasion-resistant and stable
2 lead pockets with quick release system and safety buckle (lead not included)
2 large pockets with zipper
Well-padded back carrier
3 air drain valves
Various retaining rings made of lightweight and solid plastic
Adjustable chest strap
Adjustable grief waistband with Velcro fastener and safety buckle
Lift: XS(13.3 kg), S(14.3 kg), M(15.3 kg), L(17.3 kg), XL(20.4 kg)

scope of delivery
Cressi Dive Jacket Strat Pro 2
Inflator and inflator hose


Buoyancy jacket from Aqualung in size SM/MD incl. inflator hose and user manual on CD for sale due to circumstances. The Zuma is a travel jacket and very light. The buoyancy bubble is on the back, it has integrated lead pockets (without lead) with click system. The colour is grey/olive green. Can be worn perfectly and also packed. Very suitable for beginners.

It would only be used for 3 dives. Nevertheless, no guarantees are given. The price is 130,00 EUR


We , 2 women offer complete well-maintained diving equipment for 2 people (size 42 )+ 2 underwater photo cases Lumix and Rollei

1 Diving Suit "Aqualung Iceland Comfort" Size 44, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 Diving Suit with Ice Vest / Shorty T-20r "Water Proof",Size 42, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 diving shoes "Water Proof", size 39, with firm outsole, 5mm

1 Diving Gloves "Scubapro", Size M

1 Diving Gloves "Mares", Size M

1 Tarier Vest "Seac Sub", Size M

1 Tarier vest " Cressi", size M

1 diving fins for diving shoes "Mares"

1 diving fins for diving shoes " Cressi"

1 submersible belt without lead

1 diving belt with weights (7 kilos)

2 lead pockets without lead

6 lead (1.5 kilos), 3 lead (1 kilo), 2 lead (2 kilos) " Seacsub, Softlead" :

1 Diving and rescue buoy (signal buoy for divers)

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Favor S"

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Geteko"

1 regulator advantage set with octopus and finimeter "Apeks ATX 50"

1 Finimeter "Sailor Scub"

1 underwater photo housing Lumix , suitable for camera Lumix-Panasonic DMW-MCFS5 incl. operating instructions

1 underwater photo housing Rollei with matching camera Rollei Bullet HD and accessories, incl. operating instructions

The purchase price of the entire equipment was approx. 3600.00 Euro.

The entire diving equipment has only about 20-25 dives on the hump. For various reasons, we don't dive anymore. We really think this is a pity and would like to pass on the complete well-maintained diving equipment to those interested.

So, get started and book diving course / diving holiday immediately. Beforehand, a few services (checking and replacing seals, changing batteries, etc.) should be made for your own safety.

Our price presentation: 1250,00 Euro, VB , individual can also be sold

On request: to Jutta and Andrea :

60486 Frankfurt

Sell my D8.5 from 2011 from 1st hand from Polaris. T├ťV has expired.


Pick-up at Lake Constance (Konsganz, Wallhausen or ├ťberlingen) by appointment.

Optionally there is the suitable BarTec rail with 6kg lead for 95EUR extra.

I offer a whole collection of diving equipment here.

Consisting of:

ScubaPro Glide 2000 Tarrier vest
Aqua Lung Regulator
Neoprene Gloves
Neoprene diving shoes
Belt without lead

I am happy to accept realistic price proposals.

Shipping is of course possible at an additional cost.

Since private sale no guarantee and redemption.

Price: 250 Euro VB


DiverTug Scooter DT24

Sold is a DT24 scooter used by DiverTug with plenty of accessories.

The scooter has only been in fresh water. Hardly any signs of use and fully functional.

Year of construction 2018 little used only 20 dives

Accessories: Bag for accessories, lead, petroleum jelly 125 ml, charger, charging adapter and towcord with Boltsnap

Price: 1800,00 Euro

Shipping possible if costs are covered

Private sale no return or guarantee.


Phone: 051731046

Offer extra width clamps for a D12 incl the appropriate lead (5.4kg)

price 50EUR + shipping

OFFER diving equipment for 2 in good condition, without snorkel set, consisting of:

1 Buoyany Jacket Gr.M (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead)

1 buoyanc jacket size XL (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead) incl. diving knife made of titanium

1 diving case (mares - limited edition|metal), holds 2 compl. Equipment, without bottle

2 cold water regulators SL 200-24, complete, but in need of revision

2 dive computers VEO 100 NX (Oceanic) with original packaging (operating instructions, keys), possibly new battery required

2 rescue buoys

2 bracket adapters

1 diving suit size 42 (Polaris), 5 mm

1 diving suit size 54 (Polaris), 5 mm

as a complete package for sale for 800, - EUR for self-collection


Sell my Finnsub Fly Side Jacket. Was bought about 3 years ago on the boat and has about 40 TG. It is equipped with a 3mm backplate.

There are 6 pockets for lead (always 2 equal size) attached. These can hold 2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 2x3kg. In addition, 2x 5kg can be attached to the backplate.
New price are currently 770EUR
Would like to have another 300EUR VHB.


Sell a lead bag for sidemount jacket, the bag is size L and can hold up to 16 KG of lead
Since private sale does not guarantee or return

Price 50,- EUR

The comfort of a backplate even when diving indoors?

Or with other TGs with a mono bottle?

This system offers just that, with a plastic backplate and mono bottle holder

Absolutely recommended to enjoy the free front even when mono diving.
Four lead pockets are part of the backplate (I add 4 kg of lead)

350 EUR

T├Ânisvorst / NRW

Sell my diving equipment (New)

Used 1 time **

Since I can't upload all the pictures,

I can also add them on request.

Diving goggles Cressi

Hood Mares

Diving suit Cressi am about 184 cm tall **

Diving gloves Aqualung XL**

Jacket by Cressi flying controll system

Diving shoes Mares

Diving fins Cressi **

Kink hose from Cressi **

Aqualung Legend LX SUP. ACD+Octopus regulator **with original stuff and 1 free service included (Hartenberger K├Âln

Sunto Diving Computer **

6kg self-cast lead (lead pockets on jacket) **

Pressure gauge

200bar bottle t├╝v expired !!!! **

1,200EUR VB

Bergisch Gladbach 51469 Hand

Phone: 1739502463

Sell here a Scubapro T-Force Jacket in size S, top condition, incl. inflator hose and signal whistle.

The jacket should cost 150EUR VB incl. shipping!!! This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return!!!

Chest strap: yes with stimulus closure pocket

D-rings: 4 large and 2 small stainless steel

Number of quick outlets: 2

volume size S: 16 liters

Trim lead: Yes

Measure of lead per bag: 5 KG lead integrated

Inflator System: Normal

Type: ADV

Color: Black

Manufacturer's specifications: The T-Force Jacket stands for the classic, reliable and easy-to-use buoyancy jacket of the new T-Line. It is perfect for recreational divers and advanced divers looking for a modern jacket in the upper middle class. The T-Sport has the patented SCUBAPRO weight system and many other design and comfort features of the T-Black.

  • Modern ADV Jacket for discerning recreational divers
  • Patented weight system with quick drop capability
  • Ideal weight distribution due to Trimbletan ash (for 1.5 kg lead)
  • Very abrasion-resistant and comfortable 500 Denier Cordura material
  • High Performance SCUBAPRO Drain Valves & Balanced Inflator
  • Adjustable chest strap and elastic waist belt
  • UV and salt water resistant Cordura color design
  • Elastic zippered side pockets
  • Crimped stainless steel D-rings
  • Super RCA bottle holder

NRW Essen

Phone: 01716561887

Offer here a new unused ADV jacket.

Hing as a spare jacket in the basement was never used.

Without integrated lead size XL pickup preferred, shipping upon assumption of costs.

No return and no guarantee


Diving lamp "Variolight" with power charger and neoprene protection

Since we no longer dive for health reasons, we offer this dive light for sale.

The Variolight is very bright and ideal for dives in dark or murky waters (see photos)

The magnetic rotary switch is made of black polyamide.

The lamp is adjustable to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. In addition, it also has an SOS signal function.

The lamp can be equipped with bulbs from 10 to 50 watts. It has an electronic deep discharge protection.

An SMC Power Charger is part of the lamp and allows maximum charging power.

The lamp is used. Technically, it is fully functional. The battery keeps the voltage for two years or more when not in use.

The weight of the lamp is 4.5 KG. This saves lead during dives. The lamp can be hooked to the diving jacket closure.

Asking price: VB 100,00EUR .

Due to the weight, 10,50EUR shipping costs are added.

Self-collection is also possible.

PayPal, bank transfer, cash payment

A second Variolight is also for sale for 150.00EUR.

This can only be switched with the magnetic switch "On - Off". Otherwise, it has the same data.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Still have different lead for sale, for double appliances and also single .... if you are interested, just contact us .... all together 100 Euro plus shipping


I ÔÖé´ŞĆ sell my jacket plus the compass because of too many hobbies.

The jacket is 2 years old

Original price was 490EUR

I did 40 dives with the jacket.

Size M

jacket+ compass 180EUR

The compass has been used 3 times

If you want you can have soft lead (6-8kg)

In my opinion, the price is very fair.

I hope it comes into good hands

Phone: 01703486930

Hi I would like to exchange my D8 300bar incl. lead for a D12 and V weight.

Bottles T├╝v has just expired 09.2019 well preserved.

If anyone is interested please come with picture from near Cologne.

seac sub MUSE wingjacket for diving including lead pockets, lead integrated, new in size M with 18.5 kg buoyancy for 220EUR


Consisting of Diverite Transpack and Halcyon Eclipse, knives, dive rite lead bags and 12 kg of lead plates.

great wing for single tanks, of course also convertable to double tank. No damage, cracks or the like.

Best components, put on and off



Phone: 01715157480

Hello everyone

Have here a rarely used diving equipment in very good condition. Unfortunately now for sale, since the time for this hobby is missing.

She was about 40 times only in Lake Constance in the water and every year at the service (regulator and bottle according to t├╝v stamp)

Available in the set are:

2x MR22T

2x Mares Abyss

1x 3 console and one pressure indicator

1x cobalt Atomic dive computer

1x Jacket by Hog

1x dry suit (I am 1.89m tall)

1x 7mm semi-dry suit ( the same applies here )

1 pair of fins

1 bottle 15L

And lots of accessories (knives, buoys, small parts, hoses, lead, hoses)

sell all items individually

please inquire about prices­čśő

Price complete: VB:1650EUR

Contact also under the number 01716587358

All without guarantee and warranty.

Purchased as seen


search jacket for belly size

since I got bissl belly and my jacket now has the lead more sideways I tilt very easily to since

therefore I am looking for a bigger one that the weights come forward more

I offer wg. hobby task a diving jacket Seaquest Pro XLT Gr. XL. integr. Lead bags. Only immersed in fresh water about 20TG, very good condition. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


I offer wg. hobby task a dive jacket Seaquest Pro QD i3 Gr. L. integr. Lead bags.i3 inflator unit - intuitive operation. Leverage upwards: Ascend. Leverage down: Descend. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). very good condition. incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


I offer wg. hobby task a regulator Apeks Flight incl. Flight octopus and regulator bag. Used, very good condition, a diving holiday max. 30TG. My price 249,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, ABC, div. neoprene etc.


For health reasons, which no longer allow me to technically dive, I sell my beloved rEvo Micro Expedition from March 2018 here. The Rebi comes with the heavy 300bar bottles and a standard stand from the company Kent Tooling from England, which allows me to dive without lead (with my summer underwear). As a computer I have the Shearwater NERD2. In order to be prepared for this year's season, I have replaced all O2 sensors (3x about 1 month and 2x 4 months old). I have completed about 50 TG with the device. For further questions and pictures please PN! Price 9100EUR VHB


VB 260,00 EUR

15 freshwater dives
Size SM
(carried by 165 cm, 58kg)

The LIBRA is a lead-integrated wing jacket for high quality standards especially for women.
For divers who prefer to have the buoyancing bladder on their back in a streamlined manner.
Colours: Black/Silver
Sure LockÔäó II integrated lead pockets
Low profile flat drain valves
Tri-Load system made of stainless steel
rotatable buckles
foldable side pocket

More information on Aqualung Homepage

Shipping possible !
Also note my other sales !!!


Phone: 017640498511

I offer here a complete equipment for diving.
In the package are:
Long neoprene
Short neoprene (see photos)
Vending machine (must be revised)
Lead (approx. 3kg)
Lead belt
Jacket (large M/L)
Waterproof duffel bag
Mask and snorkel
All things are used but completely intact. For this I also give a dive computer. If you are seriously interested, I like to take even more photos. Only collection or "delivery" (room Aachen, Cologne, st Wendel)
Shipping is possible but pig expensive and must therefore be taken over.



Offer lead bags for attachment to mono bottle

for the absorption of up to 2x 2 kg standard lead

Condition: unused / as good as new

Price: 25 EUR incl. shipping in D (without islands)

Private sale, therefore no return, warranty, guarantee.

Hello, here I have a new Mares Pro Diver lead belt with a length of 1300mm. The strap has 5 integrated pockets (for lead) which can be closed with Velcro. Sturdy metal closure.

Since this is a private sale, I give no guarantee or warranty on the item and a return is also excluded. All information has been provided to the best of our knowledge and belief. Shipping plus shipping costs possible.


Unfortunately, the time has come. For reasons of age, we are going to sell our diving school in Croatia for the 2020 season.

The diving school has existed since 1980 and has given us a full existence.

There is no other center on the island


Boats 1. 12 persons 225 hp

Boat 2. 8 persons 225 hp , a T4 with flatbed, 2 compressors (450 Lmin) ,

38 bottles almost all with double valves, base has about 80m┬▓ area, berths directly in front of the base 5m, a small kitchen and toilet with urinal and much more

Equipment For 25 divers Mares, Scupapro 300 KG Lead

Living on the base

An HP that is very highly listed on Google

All papers available for a d.o.o , Long lease agreements for you base and nature reserve,

Cooperation with 2 camps and 2 hotels

Plenty of boots and shore dive sites

SSI Center

90000 EUR VB

for more information please write under the following email

23286 bozava

Since we have to give up our beloved hobby "diving", we sell our diving equipment for a lady, 1.65 cm tall, size S-M and for the gentleman (fins, feet, ...) as well as all the accessories.

For sale is:
1 x Camaro WOMEN'S diving suit with ice vest and hood, 2 x 7 mm, NP. 600 EUR
1 x Camaro WOMEN WETSuit, Size S, 2 mm, NP. 80
1 x Dive Jacket MARES Maritim, Size S; NP: 299 EUR

1 x Diving mask
1 x Snorkel
1 x Fins
1 x Feet

Other items, diving utensils and books to hand in: the unit price is VHB

several diving masks see pictures, NP. between 60 and 80 EUR
several snorkels, NP. 25 EUR
several FINS, Gr. L / XL, NP. per couple around 150 EUR
1 x Feet, Gr.M (39/40)
1 x Feet, Size L
1 x Destination card, NP. 13 EUR
1 x Inserts for Padi logbook, original welded, NP. 7 EUR
2 Scubapro Beach Bag snorkel bags, 30 EUR/pc,
1 x Underwater writing board for the wrist, NP 35 EUR
1 x Signal buoy 1 m, NP. 32 EUR
1 x Carabiner, NP. 12 EUR
1 x Sprial cable with carabiner, NP: 31 EUR
1 x Signal Shaker (Underwater Signal),NP. 30 EUR
1 x Inflator hose, NP. 25
1 x Mounting Kit Professional, NP. 59
1 x Diver's stamp, NP. 18 EUR
1 x Dive light joystick hE with battery. Charger and description, NP. 60 EUR/pcs.

PADI - Rescue Diver Manual , Sales: 24 EUR
PADI - Adventures in diving manuel - Take the next step, VK: 10 EUR
PADI - Go Dive. Open Water Diver Manual. Experience new adventures. Start your apprenticeship today, UK: 25 EUR

Various number of soft lead bags and lead pieces brand "seac sub". To deliver a total of 22 kg.
Original price 1 kg = 17 EUR, 2 Kg = 25 EUR
NOW: 11 EUR / kilo
All lead together for 200,00 EUR

All things are in a very neat condition.

In the case of retail sales, negotiation basis.
If you want to buy everything together: total price :-)

Only to self-collectors.
We are private sellers and only sell items from our private ownership. An exchange or a return is generally not possible! We exclude a warranty ! Brand names are used exclusively to indicate the quality of the products offered

Steinhagen, Westfalen

Currently we are 14 participants who have booked a full charter on the 20-seat Blue Pearl. We are looking for enthusiastic, relaxed divers who have the time and desire to join us.

We are looking for you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are the tour dates:

Diving ship:
MY Blue Pearl (see below for more information)

06 to 13/06/2019

Driving area / Route:
Red Sea, North - Tiran (see below for more information)

Port from/ to:

Prerequisite: AOWD or equivalent and at least 20 dives


  1. Services:
    Accommodation in half double cabin, transfer from/to Hurghada airport - to the ship at tour start Hurghada. If the airport does not match the port of departure, the transfer costs EUR 10,-- surcharge per person/route

  2. Meals:
    Full board, drinks such as water, coffee, tea and soft drinks in bottles are available free of charge

  3. Additional costs per person, payable on board:
    EUR 30,-- entry visa, alcoholic beverages, soda, tonic and other canned drinks, course fees, rental (upon pre-order), tips for the crew

  4. Diving:
    3-4 dives daily, bottle, lead, guide. Divers with Nitrox Brevet dive on the MY Blue Pearl Nitrox for free, in case of technical problems/failure of the Nitrox system is not entitled to reimbursement!

The ship:

About the MY Blue Pearl: (Texts and pictures from BluePlanetLiveaboards)

Even from the outside, the Blue Pearl makes a fantastic impression and at the latest when entering the salon even 'routine safari hares' can no longer get out of the traffic jam. Too nice to be true? By no means. Why should divers spend the best time of your year spartan? It can also be done differently ÔÇô enjoy and pamper.

The Blue Pearl was built in November 2003, with a length of 36 m and a width of 8 m.

The Blue Pearl routes run from north to south. The most famous and sought-after dive sites, such as the classic North and Wreck Tours, to St. Johns, Marine Parks, Brothers, Daedalus, Zabargad and Rocky are served.

10 cabins up to a maximum of 20 guests. The ship offers 8 twin cabins and 2 double-bed upper deck master cabins, all with private bathroom and air conditioning. Blue Pearl offers a comfortable living and dining area with TV, DVD and CD player. Outside there are 2 spacious sun decks, partly shady upholstered, and enough space to relax. 2 stairs lead to a large diving platform with a charging station for your diving lamp and camera batteries.

Included in your tour are three freshly prepared meals a day, selected snacks between dives, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee. On the ship you can also buy local wines, beer, mixed and diet drinks.

Upon arrival, you will be led on board and you will receive your boat briefing while dinner is being prepared.

The next morning after breakfast, the MY Blue Pearl sets sail at about 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. The exact departure time is in the hands of the Coast Guard.

Weekly schedule at the MY Blue Pearl:
Day 1 - 2 to 3 dives
Day 2 to 5 - up to 4 dives (no Marine Park)
Day 2 to 5 - up to 3 dives (Marine Park)
Day 6 - 2 dives

With Blue Planet Liveaboards there are a few limitations and some recommendations on dives depending on the qualification:

North and Wrecks ÔÇô 20 dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent (recommended)

St. John's ÔÇô 30 dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent (recommended)

Marine parks such as Brothers, Daedalus, Rocky and Zabargad require at least 50 dives and Advanced Open Water or equivalent.

On the MY Blue Planet you dive "NITROX FOR FREE".

The route:

The route of the North Tiran Tour is probably the most classic of all the liveaboard routes offered in the Red Sea.

North and Tiran Tour is similar to the North and Wreck Safari it allows into the Strait of Tiran, insight into some of the most notorious wrecks. Fascinating reefs and steep walls await the diver here. Tiran is located in the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and consists of four main reefs, which are...

Phone: 0511-76351553 Visit Tauchschule tauchmalab

Waterproof Draco Dry Suit, Women Size M. Only about 50 dives (one season) have been made with the suit and therefore it is in top condition. As a comparison regarding the size, I am 174cm and weigh 65 kg and there is still space, the Kevlarboots have size 42/43. The suit is made of robust 3.5mm crushed neoprene and additionally reinforced on the knees, shoulders and buttocks. The gas-tight back zipper is covered and protected by a second, overlying zipper. The leg pockets offer plenty of space to store. The matching hood (5/7mm) is included in the price. On request, underwear, lead, open water fins and diving knives are also available for a small surcharge.
For the suit I would like to have 450, 00 Euro


Sell Polaris dip lead. Lead shrink-wrapped in the plastic bag, i.e. environmentally friendly.

Denomination: 10x 2kg, 6x 1kg

Also sold individually: 2kg bag 16EUR, 1kg bag 8EUR

Shipping extra - pick up ok!


Moin, I am looking for a variable V-weight with 8 KG lead or a V-Weight 8 kilos for a D 12.

Best regards


Practically unused Mares machines (DIN connection), which should be revised before reusing
Stage 1: MR12 dfc Rebel (DFC = Dynamic Flow Control, a system developed by Mares in the 1st stage. Minimizes medium pressure drop during the inhalation phase. Thus, regardless of the breathing performance, a consistently high respiratory comfort is achieved, while otherwise in other 1st stages a drop in the mean pressure is recorded)
Stage 2: Axis / Rebel
Octopus: Rebel
Computer (hose integrated): ORCA Delphi (user manual for computers available)

Price with ORCA: 195.- CHF

It is a private sale, so no guarantee, warranty or return.
Questions are gladly answered. Further detailed photos can be provided on request.

Other diving utensils:
* 2 wetsuits (1 ladies, 1 men)
* Lead


Phone: +41317555188