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Offer my Dräger FGT/D1 for sale.The device currently runs in mccr mode, i.e. with adjustable cmf, oxygen booster and diluentbooster and triple O2 monitoring,it is a biscaya Wing from Poseidon installed and has two four liter bottles with TÜV up to 8.18 as gas supply.As bailout serves an Autoair 2, the whole thing is on a long rebreather backplate incl. V-weight.
The device is very reliable and is delivered due to time constraints.
It can also be converted to the original semi-closed state without any problems, just as you like.
VHB 1600,-EUR

Dräger Ray Inflator VB 45EUR

Sell a used original Dräger Inflator for the Dräger Ray. As far as I know, the original inflator for the Ray is not available as a spare part!
It was removed and replaced by an Autoair inflator. Cleaned and tested for function of .

Rebreather Inspiration Classic, year of construction 2004

• Carrying handle stainless steel
• Buddy AutoAir as bailout
• ADV (not mounted on device)
• Weight bags
• Various spare parts kits (O-rings, maintenance kits)
• 2x 3l bottle

Overhaul of the electronics 2009: new controllers, cable set coax, low
power Downstream solenoid, sealed battery compartment. Supporting documents are available
Factory service of Elektronik 09/2012.
Sensors new at the beginning of 2012

Since overhaul 2009 7 hours in use (unfortunately too little time)
VHB: 2.500 EUR


-------- Buddy-Jacket Service -------

Wir bieten den Service für Ihr Buddy-Jacket von A.P.Valves!
- Ersatzteile fast alle lagernd
- AutoAir Service Station
- zuverlässiger Service

* Kein Versand nach GB notwendig (ausser bei Garantiebeurteilung).
* Service erfolgt in Deutschland.
* Ersatzteile ab 0,65 Euro
* Kostenvoranschlag möglich

Servicewüste Deutschland? - Nicht bei uns!

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