Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit SF Tech SF-Tech Dry Suit Drysuit Neoprene Kevlar Pro Trocki

Sell used dry suit of the Swiss premium manufacturer SFTech.

Original price around 4.200 Euro

Has fit at 1.73m and 63kg for leg length 82cm.

Would describe the size as MTall

A few centimeters and kilos more or less is also possible ;-)


- Full kevlar

- Kevlar Socks

- Neoprene neck cuff

- OMS silicone sleeve sleeves

- Plastic zipper

- Leg pocket left and right

- Pee valve left

The Santi heating valve and the glove system according to photo are not included.

Pick-up, if necessary meeting region Attersee possible.

Shipping only insured! approx. 20EURuro


The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty. The exclusion does not apply to claims for damages arising from grossly negligent or intentional breach of obligations of the seller.

Simbach am Inn