Offer Photo/Video Aquatica Accessory Set

Aquatica Housing Camera Accessories

1) Aquatica 18426 AF/MF Flat Macro Port

2) Aquatica 18407 9.25" Mega Dome

3) Aquatica 20054 Aqua View Finder 180 degrees

4) Aquatica Port Extensions

a) wide lense 18497 Extension Ring 54.5 mm

b) macro 100 mm 18453 Extension Ring

5) Lens rings

a) Focus ring EF 100mm macro

b) Zoom ring EF 16- 35mm

c) Focus ring EF 16-35mm

The entire accessory set is available. The equipment is sold to finance a new setup.

All parts are used but in perfect condition. Only the Glass Dome has a small scratch, which is NOT visible in wide-angle shots, hence the price discount. The value of all accessories amounts to 5300 euros.

Price: 3170 Euro

Burg Spreewald