Offer Miscellaneous UW dive site map of chalk lake Hemmoor

The dive site card set "Kreidesee Hemmoor" consists of 2 printed polystyrene plates with the dimensions of 183 x 127 x 1 mm. One map shows the sea sketch, the other map shows the vibrator.

In one corner there is a hole with a diameter of 5mm, so the cards can be connected to the supplied stainless steel wire rope loop.

The marking of the cards is carried out in the direct printing process, which means that the font is waterproof attached to the polystyrene plate. The back of the cards is white, you can label them with a common pencil and delete them with an eraser.

The price of the card set is 12, - Euro (plus 1,55 Euro shipping)

59387 Ascheberg

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