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Dear Divers!

Warmest Greetings...

I am looking for the job opportunities for Divemaster position in South - East Asia, or Mexico as well, Caribbean Sea, Europe. As a Diver, my career starts since 2013 in Maldives. During that time, I was working in travel agency. In addition, I have experience a travel agent in Thailand, Malaysia. I could help with Russian market & CIS countries at the travel desk at your dive center.

I love to drive the cars & bikes and I have international Driving License. Recently, I was working at Villa College in Marine Studies Faculty in Male (Maldives) as a Manager. However, would like to shift more into the sea.

I just finished my Divemaster training in Russia. I really strive to develop my Divemaster skills to become a professional Instructor in the future. As I spent a lot of time in Thailand before I can speak Thai basic, English fluently (spoken & writing), and Russian native. Learning German language but very beginning.

I am looking for the place where I can earn something to provide for myself necessary things and gain valuable experience as a Divemaster.

I will appreciate any possibilities or advices from your side.

Thank you & looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ps/: CV upon request. Mail: irina.tatarenko85@gmail.com

Best Regards,



Telefon: 89803899369