Offer Miscellaneous Calendar "Adventure Ocean", 2019

As every year I would like to recommend the 70x50 cm glossy calendar ADVENTURE OCEAN by David Hettich!

Prices and graduation as usual: 1 for 30 EUR, 3 to 9 pieces in a package 20 EUR each, and 10 pieces for 185 EUR, each including collective shipping in D.

Here is the link to look ahead: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0trwnn30p8gp0q3/kalender_abenteuer_ozean2019_web.pdf?dl=0

IMPORTANT === I need your order - especially the one for SWITZERLAND - please by 25 November (for shipping in the same month).  The shipping days in December are then the 10th-13th of December.

Please send an informal order with delivery and billing address to uli.erfurth@gmx.de.