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Offer Scuba Travel Divers - Week in Denmark

Next summer we are planning a summer camp for divers who want to explore Lillebælt - Denmark for a week. Lillebælt (Little Bellt) is Denmark's most beautiful body of water. We have local divers and marine biologists who will know and show all the best diver places and ensure safety. The price 530 Euro includes: Food & Logie, RIP and bottle filling. It is possible to rent a complete diving equipment. If the family should join us, we have a beginner's course OWD and AOWD. Or if you want it to be over the water, we also have kayak etc. We live in the old boarding school - Højskolen Snoghøj, which looks like a monastery. But isn't it ;) If you have otherwise good ideas.. feel free to write me an e-mail. We are open to many things, and we can still plan a lot :) LG HC

7000 Fredericia -DK

Phone: 004561726665 Visit Scenekunsthøjskolen Snoghøj