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Last-Minute Offers Liveaboards Egypt August/September:

15.-22.08.13 Excellence, Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone, 1069 EUR
15.-22.08.13 Sea Serpent, St. Johns, 847 EUR
15.-22.08.13 Contessa Mia, Daedalus-Zabarghad-Rocky, 1074 EUR
15.-22.08.13 Dreams, North, 627 EUR
15.-22.08.13 Obsession, Brothers-Salem Express, 914 EUR
16.-23.08.13 Miss Nouran, Brothers-Elphinstone, 844 EUR
22.-29.08.13 Miss Nouran, North Tiran, 687 EUR
22.-29.08.13 Contessa Mia, St. Johns, 907 EUR
22.-29.08.13 Obsession, Brothers-Salem Express, 914 EUR
22.-29.08.13 Sea Serpent, North, 727 EUR
22.-29.08.13 Longimanus, Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone, 795 EUR
29.08.-05.09.13 Sea Serpent, North, 727 EUR
29.08.–05.09.13 Obsession, Brothers-Salem Express, 914 EUR
29.08.-05.09.13 Contessa Mia, Daedalus-Rocky-Zabarghad, 1014 EUR
29.08.-05.09.13 Excellence, St. Johns, 947 EUR
29.08.–05.09.13 Longimanus, Daedalus-Rocky-Zabarghad, 795 EUR
05.09.-12.09.13 Miss Nouran, Brothers-Elphinstone, 871 EUR
12.09.-19.09.13 Miss Nouran, Brothers-Elphinstone, 884 EUR

Buddy Special MY Thunderbird & Firebird
Valid only for all new bookings of the safaris with departure from 27.06. to 05.09.2013.
When booking from 2 persons, the 2nd person receives a 20% discount on the safari price.
The only exceptions to this are the Kids Safaris.

Services in each case:
- Transfer airport – boat – airport or hotel-boat-hotel (except Felo, Soul, Dominator)
- 1/2 double cabin
- 3-4 dives per day
- Full board
- Soft drinks
- Dive guide, bottle and lead
- Nitrox for free (except Dreams, Longimanus, Princess Basma)
- Visa (except Felo, Soul, Dominator, Longimanus)
- Diving permit, taxes & fees (also port fee), except Felo, Soul and Dominator, Longimanus

Of course, we issue a travel price protection certificate. We are happy to book flights at daily updated prices.
All offers valid while available, prices per person, group discounts on request

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