Offer Regulator APEKS DIR REGULATOR SET DS4 / XTX 50 incl. Accessories

This regulator set is completely redesigned by the diving center BlueWaterDiver in Regensburg and has so far 65TGs on it.
For the complete revision, only oxygen-compatible grease was used. Thus, the controller set is fully oxygen-compatible/pure! The measurement protocols and replaced parts are included.
The set consists of:
- 2x First stage Apeks DS4, DIN connection
- 2x Second Stage Apeks XTX50
- 1x medium pressure hose, 210cm length (main controller "Long Hose")
- 1x medium pressure hose, 70 cm length (backup controller)
- 1x inflator hose approx. 50cm
- 1x DIR Zone Finimeter 200bar, approx. 55mm diameter incl. approx. 60cm high pressure hose
- 2x stainless steel carabiner 90mm for attaching the main machine and finimeter
- 1x neck rubber for backup control (bungee chord 4mm)

- 2x Revision Kit 1st Level (DS4)
- 2x Revision Kit 2nd Level (XTX50)
- 1x hook key for 2nd level
- 1x oxygen compatible lubricant Christo Lube MCG 111 approx. 30g
- 1x regulator bag Aqualung Red Line 50

Set price: 600EUR