Offer Photo/Video Sealux Super Wide Angle Camcorder Chassis for Sony FDR-AX700, NX80, or Z90

Sealux underwater camcorder housing including plan port and wide-angle lens (110°)
for Sony 4K camcorder FDR-AX700, NX80 or Z90

The Sealux housing is made of a seawater-resistant aluminum alloy (pressure-resistant up to 90 m depth) and has been designed for the camcorder mentioned above.

All relevant camera functions can be controlled via the partly electronic, partly manual transmissions of the housing. This also applies to the 10 different "Picture Profiles" of the camcorder (including S-LOG2 and 3 as well as HLG (= Hybrid Log Gamma) to maximize the dynamic range in the post-processing of the video material.

The housing is also equipped with a swivelling close-up lens inside, which even allows macro scenes to be rotated with the wide-angle lens attached. This ensures maximum flexibility during the dive with regard to the potential motifs (from whale sharks to nudibranchs). Furthermore, the white balance can be massively supported by means of a URPRO color correction filter located inside the housing. By the way, manual white balance (a MUST in professional UW videography if you value native colorfast scenes) can be done with a single touch of a button. In addition, the housing is equipped with an optical and acoustic humidity detector as well as a microphone for recording the underwater sounds.

The case has an M6 port on the top, as well as a connection socket (optional) for the HDMI cable for connecting an external 5-inch HDMI monitor (not included in the accessories). The housing even allows the mounting of the large Sony FV-100 battery. Neither for the change of the battery nor the SD cards the camcorder has to be removed from the case.

In addition, I mounted the housing with three ball head connections for attaching lamp arms. The control unit mounted above the monitor window for the central regulation of any lamps mounted is not part of this offer.

The housing, including the wide-angle attachment, was purchased from Sealux in March 2020 and has only been used during two short breaks since that time (due to Corona). Therefore, and due to intensive care after each dive, the condition of the facility is to be described as as new.

The purchase price at that time was 4,938 EUR (original invoice available).

My asking price for the complete package: 2.200,00 EUR

An FDR-AX700 camcorder is not part of this offer, but can also be purchased in its original packaging and with accessories at very attractive conditions if you are interested. The camcorder was previously only used in combination with the Seelux housing and is therefore also in absolutely mint and well-kept condition.

In conclusion, the Sony FDR-AX700 in this Sealux case can achieve results of exceptional quality.

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