Dive Gear

Offer Dive Gear Diving equipment complete

Offer diving equipment complete

Everything has to be revised

has been lying clean, dry and packed in the cellar for a good 5 years

Health reasons force me to give up my passion.

Size 56

would like to have 700,00 EUR for everything together

Visit and pick-up 86720 Nördlingen

Balance Comfort Men 5,5mm Hood

Balance Comfort Men 7mm Steamer

Balance Comfort Men 5,5mm Vest Tunic

Bali Tropic Men

Pro QD i3 XL black/red

Legend LX Supreme ACD Din + Octopus LX

Viper Air

VYTEC/D9 Transmitter

Blue Line Roller Bag

Bottle 12l filled!

Signal indicator with flashlight and hand guide

Fins, 2 x feet gr.43, weights and much more