Offer Tanks/Weight Aircon double valves and miscellaneous G3/4 O2 oxygen

I offer some valves and various other parts of Aircon, all with G3/4 thread, which is used for O2 - and was used by me on the rebreather for the oxygen. Advantage here: Two separately lockable outlets, so I was able to connect a separate O2 controller to the CCR, which I could open if necessary and close the CCR-O2 supply at the same time.

Overall, I offer:

3x Aircon cross valves with G3/4 connection incl. blind screw and M25/2 bottle thread, each 55 EUR

2x bridges (presumably Aircon, can no longer recognize the lettering) with G3/4 female thread, each 20 EUR

2x Aircon G3/4 SL valve with blind screw and M25/2 bottle thread. Only 1 is shown, but there are 2 available, each: 40 EUR

This means that at least one bridge configuration can be built from this:

- 2x cross valves + 1 x bridge. Unit prices: 2x 55 EUR + 1 x 20 EUR = 130 EUR. In set: 105 EUR

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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