Dive Gear

Offer diving equipment Various diving suits, fins, gloves

Sell the following diving suits (size 48/50, height 176 cm, weight 76 kg)

1 Marlin 7 mm suit 2-piece with vest and hood, black-yellow, as new, unused, custom-made, original price Euro 1.200,00, VB Euro 600,00

1 CressiSub 3 mm tropical suit 2-piece, jacket without hood and Long John without sleeves, light blue, very good condition, VB Euro 150,00

1 tropical overall, 3 mm, long sleeve, custom-made, very comfortable, light blue, VB Euro 180,00

1 JWL suit 7 mm, 2 pieces, jacket with hood and Long John without sleeves, dark blue, VB Euro 80,00

1 x Fins Scubapro, heavy but superdinger, size 41/43, VB Euro 50,00

2 x Gloves Tropen and 5mm, Scubapro and JWL, together VB Euro 25,00

Shipping is possible, but I would prefer pick-up in Munich.