Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit Trockentauchanzug Camaro Drynomic 7 mm Gr. 50


I sell here my Camaro drynomic dry suit in size 50 because of hobby task.

The suit was cleaned after each dive and the zipper was regularly maintained. Therefore, the suit is in good used condition.

Subsequently, a ring system with GNT gloves was installed.

The suit had a small leak at the air intake during the last dive. In addition, the latex neck cuff must be replaced, as it reacted with the temple during storage (see photo).

Price: 130EUR VB

Shipping is possible if the costs are assumed, otherwise the dry suit can also be picked up in Lüneburg.

This sale is a private sale. It is made to the exclusion of any warranty and guarantee. A return or an exchange is excluded.