Dive Computer/Watch

Offer Dive Computer/Watch Ratio Idive Color Deep including wireless transmitter VB 579€

I offer a very well preserved dive computer Ratio Idive Color Deep including transmitter. Date of purchase was 18.12.2021, since then only 48 dives completed with it. Original packaging, as well as proof of purchase from the manufacturer available. Purchase price at that time was 700EUR as a Christmas offer. Current price is about 900EUR

The computer has all the functions you need (air, nitrox, trimix, 3 air mixtures, compass etc.) If that's not enough, you can buy a software upgrade directly from Ratio for currently 149EUR and update the Deep to the Tech+ model with 10 air mixtures. Further information please read directly from the manufacturer's website:


Price: 579EUR incl. transmitter (VB)