Dive Gear

Offer Dive Gear RON PSCR Rebreather with D12 and D8

RON with carbon base
Kirch BOV
Cooper Hoses
Switch Block
7 x QC 6 couplings
Hoses (5 x MD for stage + 2x for switch block)
Connection adapter with cable for PPO2 monitor (PPO2 monitor is not included)
Double 12 and Double 8 with frame and barrier bridge (bottles do not have a current TÜV).
Double 12 is still filled with TMX 18/45 and Double 8 with TMX 21/35.

Various spare parts (exhalation membrane BOV, filter for lime containers, O-rings, screws, pre-bent stainless steel pipe for bridge, spare hoses for connecting switch block to PSCR, etc.)

The device worked perfectly during the last dive, but has been in the garage for a long time now. The buyer assures to have a revision carried out before use and to use the rebreather only with appropriate training.

Only collection possible (Mülheim a.d.R.).

It is a private sale without guarantee, warranty or possibility of return. The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.

for sale for a total of 3.550 EUR

A separate sale of the PSCR without frame/bottles/accessories would be possible (PSCR+BOV+switch block 1,800 EUR). However, I do not sell frames/bottles/accessories separately until the PSCR is sold.