Offer Photo/Video Offer Sealux CF5 camera body plus Nikon DA-30 sports viewfinder

For the nostalgics and lovers of analog underwater photography!

Sealux's CF5 case has been specially designed for the legendary Nikon F5 together with the Nikon DA-30 sports viewfinder. The Nikon F5 is the last, truly professional analog camera from Nikon before the boom in digital photography. It has all the technical possibilities that could be realized about 20 years ago in small-format photography.

The Sealux housing is the latest generation of die-cast aluminium camera housings (pressed to 10 bar). The housing has an acoustic humidity detector and is equipped with all relevant bushings, which allow creative work with the F5 under water. The case has never experienced a water intrusion during its 124 dives and has not been in use since its last maintenance at the manufacturer in 2007.

The Nikon F5 is offered used on the Internet at quite attractive conditions – but not the DA-30 sports viewfinder (real rarity!)

Ideal for situations where normal viewfinder viewing is difficult or impossible, this viewfinder makes the uncompromising use of a Nikon F5 in an underwater housing possible. It can be exchanged for the F5's default viewfinder in seconds. The delivery is made with rubber eyecup.

The DA-30 allows three-D matrix, center-weighted and spot measurement.

Price for the Sealux case plus DA-30 sports viewfinder: 250 EUR (VB)

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