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Offer Dive Suit Mola Mola Thermoflex+ Diving Underwear Size M


I offer my Mola Mola Thermoflex+ diving underwear in size M.

Size M
3x worn
Original price 411EUR

Price 350 VHB

Inspection and fitting possible.
Shipping against assumption of costs.

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Very elastic, one-piece underwear recommended for diving in cold water with a temperature of 4 °C to 14 °C.

The application of two layers of material provides excellent thermal insulation and breathability. Our unique way of manufacturing guarantees exceptional elasticity in all directions, which means the greatest possible movement possibilities for the diver's arms and legs. Thanks to the flat seams and the soft fleece layer on the inside of the fabric, the underwear can be applied directly to the skin.

In the THERMOFLEXX + model, a breathable layer, the innovative insulation Climashield® Apex™, has been applied to ensure thermal comfort for the parts of the body most exposed to the sensation of cold. The additionally isolated zones are the chest, kidney area and thighs.
The Climashield® Apex™ lining is stretchable in all directions, which means that the underwear maintains perfect elasticity and does not restrict movements.

The inner layer of the undercoat is made of high-quality fleece fabric, which is characterized by very good heat-insulating properties.
Thanks to its dense structure, it offers perfect wind and cold protection, and preserves a dry and warm microclimate of the skin.
It has water-repellent properties, i.e. it does not absorb more moisture than 1% of its weight, which is why the fabric is always dry and feels gentle.
Microscopic air chambers in the fabric structure create thermal insulation and maintain body heat.
The sweat formed during the effort is absorbed through the inside of the fabric and released to the outside, leaving the skin dry and breathing naturally.
The yarn is particularly resistant and tear-resistant, which ensures a longevity of the clothing.
The addition of polyamide fibers improves the elasticity of the fabric and reduces air permeability towards the body.

The polyester outer layer in the "easy on-easy off" version makes it easy to put on and take off the dry suit.
The outer layer of the undercoat is a fast-drying, robust, wrinkle-resistant, very elastic and soft material.
It does not wrinkle and tolerates frequent washing well.

elastic in all directions
elastic and flat seams
YKK two-way zipper
Chest pocket with zipper
Socket for heating vest
Bushings for P-Valve
elastic thumb loops
elastic foot rubbers

Inner layer: polyester, polyamide, elastane; Grammage 420 g/m2
Warmer Climashield® Apex™ 6.0; Grammage 200 g/m2
Outer layer: polyester microfilament; Grammage 292 gr/m2

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