Offer Miscellaneous Dive center on La Palma, Canary Islands - takeover/purchase/lease

Living and working under palm trees in the Canary Islands

The volcanic activity on La Palma has come to an end and life and work on the green island is beginning to normalize. There are again direct flights to the island and all institutions are working to make Isla Bonita a first-class tourist destination again. The "fresh" volcano will become another attraction. So it will soon go up rapidly.

After a two-year break, we can now think again about putting our dive center in Los Cancajos on the Isla Bonita La Palma for sale or lease. The base is ready for takeover with immediate effect. What is missing is only a diligent and committed diving instructor who wants to realize his lifelong dream "living and working under palm trees" far away from Germany. An active partnership with a later takeover would also be conceivable, for which only a small equity capital would be required for the start-up.

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Hotel Area: https://m.heliview.de/?v=r2946&autoPlay=true

General Information about La Palma and diving: http://la-palma-tauchen.de/

To the tourist urbanization Los Cancajos: http://la-palma-tauchen.de/Informationen/LosCancajos.htm

To the house reef and the dive sites within walking distance: http://la-palma-tauchen.de/Tauchen/Tauchspots/Los_Canjacos-Osten/Cancajos.htm

Further details and information are welcome by phone or e-mail and of course during a personal visit!