Dive Light

Offer Dive Light 3 UK Dive Lights - C8 eLED Plus + UK SL4 + UK Q40 mini

Sell my unused dive light C8 eLED Plus from Underwater Kinetics and add 2 more used working dive lights (SL40 and Q40 mini).

Price: 40EUR

Features UK C8 eLED Plus:
•Lamp: high-intensity white LED x 2
•Brightness: 170 lumens (High), 60 Lumens (Low)
•Battery: 8 x Alcaline Type C (LR14) - not included
•Burning time: 10h (air), 4 h (water)
•depth: 150m
•Materials: ABS / Polycarbonate
•Housing with pistol grip

Private sale - no return - no guarantee!
The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Payment via PayPal and shipping possible for a fee.


Phone: 01732956987