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Offer Dive Gear Scubapro Diving Compass - Model FS-2

I sell my new diving compass from Scubapro - model FS-2.

The FS-2 is a robust and accurate instrument for precise underwater navigation. Even for beginners, navigation is child's play. The compass can be used in the northern as well as in the southern hemisphere.
The magnet is mounted floating under the compass rose. The FS-2 allows an inclination of up to 35° and still shows the direction exactly - unique.

- Oil-filled, pressure-stable housing made of polycarbonate plastic
- Fluorescent, lockable ring
- Side viewing window for direction control and exact bearing

Price 45,00EUR VB

Shipping and PayPal are possible.
This is a private sale without guarantee and return.

49661 Cloppenburg (Niedersachsen)