Offer Regulator various Miflex; Fini hose; inflator hose; Pleated hose

Hello, sell various Miflex hoses here. All brand new and unused. Were once intended for an upside-down project on my D12. Price per piece.

1x Miflex Fini HD-Hose, Heavy Duty carbon, 100cm 7/16M x 7/16F: a 25Euro
1x Miflex Fini HD hose, Heavy Duty carbon, 90cm 7/16M x 7/16F: 25Euro
1x Miflex Inflator red, 55cm, 3/8M x Quick release: 25Euro
1x pleated hose, DirZone, 60cm, 22x22mm: 25Euro

The hoses are fully functional and ready for immediate use. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN.


Phone: 03925288942