Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit Dry suit Subgear Extender size 54/XL, underwear + Weezle socks + gloves, only 10 dives!

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots welded on by the dealer. Underwearers are Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S / M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar in accordance with the manufacturer. It was never entered without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.