Dive Computer/Watch

Offer Dive Computer/Watch divecomputer.eu Version 3.0/4.1

Since I dive almost exclusively CCR, I sell my divecomputer.eu here.
Device has just been updated from the factory and has not been dived afterwards.

Hardware 3.0
Software 4.1

In divecomputer.eu, all modes are already unlocked.
The purchase of upgrades is not necessary.

The following 6 software modes are integrated in the standard:
- Apnea mode
- extended bottomtimer with ratio decoration
- OC Recreational Mode
- OC Trimix technical mode
- OC 100% Bühlmann mode
- CCR Trimix technical fixed setpoint

Mode decompression calculation:
Bühlmann ZHL16C with gradient factors is a widely recognized method for decompression calculation.
Up to 3 CCR diluent gases and up to 7 OC decorative gases can be used.
Up to 4 stop timers support in bottom timer mode with ratio decoration.

Price: EUR280,-
incl. shipping

Private sale, return and warranty excluded