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Offer Dive Job Marine biologist / biologist (m/f/d) - wanted Croatia Island Krk / IRTDA-MARE-VIVUM.EU

You love diving and snorkeling, the sea and the people and everything that has to do with it? You have a good feeling for your fellow human beings and like to mediate unforgettable experiences by bringing people closer to nature, the sea and fascination?

At our Marine Biology Station IRTDA – Mare Vivum Krk you will teach our guests & staff with a lot of passion as a speaker and take care of the programs and courses entrusted to you, their organization. Advise our guests about the possibilities of active holidays in combination with further training or you will be employed as a biologist or marine biologist on one of our safaris in the Croatian Adriatic. At the same time, you have the opportunity to train yourself or actively develop new programs. You have the opportunity to convey the fire that burns in you for the sea and nature to our guests and visitors in inconcessible experiences. For your work and for diving, you have excellent equipment, competent colleagues, entry by an experienced team at your disposal.

Living and working where others go on holiday – your everyday life as a marine biologist, biologist or divemaster with us as a team.
For us, "living and working where others go on holiday" is a fact. As a marine biologist you will work in the most beautiful holiday area in the Mediterranean. The Croatian Adriatic on one of the most beautiful islands of the island of Krk. We are all about the sea. We create unique memories that guests will remember fondly at any time.

You can expect responsibility and breathtaking nature in your work.

With your warmth and charisma, you will captivate our guests and inspire them to participate in one of our breathtaking experiences and program. You are responsible for bringing an attractive and varied program closer to our visitors in combination with understanding of the sea and sensitivity, which gives you and you pleasure. During working hours, you always have everything in your area in view and under control. As a marine biologist/ biologist, you are a role model for the people entrusted to you in your programs and always perform your duties properly and pay attention to compliance with the required safety.

For your new job as a marine biologist, you should bring the following:
    • Ability to work in a team and team spirit (no lone fighters)

    • Collegial behaviour towards all colleagues

    • Friendliness towards all parties involved, helpfulness

    • Physical fitness (above all we need good swimmers and snorkelers or divers)

    • Well-groomed appearance

    • Leadership skills as a speaker

    • Self-initiative and curiosity to learn and do something new

    • Perseverance in stressful situations and at peak capacity utilization in the company

    • Flexibility: since we work with people, plans can sometimes change at short notice and you have to be able to react to this situation.

    • Be able to independently carry out the tasks assigned to him with a maximum of responsibility

    • Category B or 3 driving licence with driving experience

    • Fluent in German as well as advanced knowledge of English and/or Italian

    • Good and safe interaction with adolescents and adults

    • Good rhetoric skills for the lectures

We want you as marine biology and have a lot to offer you and a lot to do with you

As a marine biologist / biologist you can experience many exciting things underwater as well as overwater and discover yourself again and again. Among other things, you will...

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