Offer Regulator 3x Atomic Aquatics T2 Automatic Pulmonary Regulator Octopus 3 Series Console with Finimeter, Depth Gauge and Compass as well as Inflator Tube

All lung machines / regulators / diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED and READY TO USE! A smoke- animal- and allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Grüß Gott and a wonderful good day I wish :-)

3x for cold water & nitrox as well as for TEK dives / sidemount BEST suited & several times internationally awarded & in very good condition ATOMIC AQUATICS T2 lung machines / regulator incl. swivel / swivel joint on the second stage! T2 as a complete set with a T1 Octopus, a NEUwertigen 3er konsole (finimeter, depth gauge & compass) & NEUwertiger inflator hose for ONLY 999 EUR per set.

It will be cheaper in price if you want to do without some things on the set because you do not need it or do not want it...

2x the same set with a B2, Z1 Octo and 360 BAR Fini I have for 599 EUR per set.

IMMEDIATELY ready for use! Miscellaneous of small parts or accessories I like to give :-)

Personal pick-up or delivery in the greater Munich area or DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you for your interest and thank you for your email :-)

Of course, the configuration can be mounted with mounting according to standards of scuba diving, according to DIR, according to TEK & also according to sidemount

Atomic Aquatics T2 or T2X = The best regulators ever designed! Divers and industry experts have confirmed this bold claim. The T2x is designed for the best performance, the best corrosion resistance & the best look on the market... POINT. The ultra-light T2x is the perfect regulator for on the go, especially for remote dive destinations where every extra pound of travel weight can't be repaired. T2x Atomic Aquatics regulators were the first to design & manufacture a regulator made entirely of titanium. This exotic material was chosen for its absolute corrosion resistance in salt water, its hardness, & its amazing lightness. The components of the first & second stage are made of solid titanium, which is lightweight & corrosion-free. All T2 regulators have a comfort ball joint made of solid titanium.

A new, high air delivery design of the second stage facilitates breathing at any depth – from shallow spots to the deepest sea gorges. Front cover with metal accents, adjustment knob & AFC cover The first stage is factory sealed to prevent the ingress of silt & sand. Atomic Aquatics first-stage high-flow pistons with Jet Seat System T2.

First stage: The components of the first stage are made of a solid titanium piece that is lightweight & corrosion-free. Icing protection factory First stage Connections: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel head T2.

Second stage: Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice (Titanium) Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC) Control knob for manual adjustment of the second stage in special situations The Atomic Comfort swivel joint is standard! Elliptical exhalation valve A custom-fit, comfortable silicone mouthpiece with fixed bite warts Front cover, control knob & AFC cover with design metal applications 2 years / 300 dives Maintenance interval Limited 30 years warranty - regardless of proof of maintenance The combined weight of the Atomic T2x First and Second Stage is less than 1 kg.

THANK YOU very much and always good air :-)

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