Dive Compressor

Offer Dive Compressor Mixing panel for Nitrox/Trimix mixtures

Incl. three 300 bar (stands on the hose) hoses and adapter for helium u oxygen storage bottle.
Custom-made, was built into an Explorer Case and can be easily "taken along".
Outer Mase Explorer Case: (WxHxD) approx. 51x22x43 cm. The oily solution in the pressure gauge, which indicates the filling pressure of the helium storage bottle, is partially slightly clouded, but the pressure gauge can still be read. The original price was about 1000 euros. The panel hasn't been used lately that I haven't had time to dive. Shipping with assumption of the shipping costs (17,00 Euro within D) possible. Private sale: no guarantee or return. Please ask questions in advance. More pictures on request
Price: FP 510 Euro

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