Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit Hollis FX-100 Biodry Dry Suit + Checkup

Sell here my Hollis FX-100 Biodry dry suit, size LG. Made in USA. Very suitable for divers between approx. 1.78 and 1.85 cm and 80 to approx. 95 kg.

The suit has latex sleeves on the neck and arms (neck slightly trimmed, arm cuffs trimmed because of checkup system & comfort), a diagonal front zip (you can get in and out yourself...), knee pads, suspender belts and 2 leg pockets with Velcro (with metal ring inside, for clean attachment of reels etc). Above the sealing zipper, another zipper is attached for protection. The suit material is unwoven nylon material bonded with a flexible polyurethane laminate - very cut-resistant compared to other trilamin suits.

Meanwhile, due to the processing and the cut resistance also very popular with Cavedivern.

Only made 15 TG with it, the suit looks fantastic. After each TG, he was treated and cared for like a raw egg.

Included in the price is the almost new checkup system incl. gloves (all also 15 TG, of course tight; Size: for normal men's hands) and underwear gloves, thick underwear socks of the brand Beaver with Thinsulate (2 TG, size 44) as well as a care pen for the zippers and talcum powder (unscented, for Trockis).

Original price suit: EUR 1500

Checkup system & gloves: all EUR 80

together for EUR 1100

Bregenz / AT